Volume 12, Number 39 . December 7 - December 13, 1995
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Cover Story

Currents Section

Quit Your Job
Is your work truly satisfying? Are you really contributing to society. If not, have we got a plan for you!
By Ted Rall

Missives from our adoring/outraged readers.

The Skinny
Impure thoughts at Pima College...Why the digital generation can shuck their Arizona Daily Star subscriptions...The truth about northwest side traffic jams...And much more!

Gov. J. Fife Deadbeat III and our idiot legislators are squandering taxpayer money in the moronic name of states' rights.
By Jim Nintzel

Water Whitewash
The City of Tucson's pilot water recharge project approaches scandal status.
By Jim Wright

TV Reality
Those political food-fight shows give short shrift to true liberals.
By Jeff Cohen and Norman Soloman

Squeeze Play
An open letter to the Pima County supervisors who want to subsidize rich baseball owners.
By David Devine

City Week Section

City Week
Big doings in Tucson for the week of December 7 - December 13.

Eighth Day
As parents, do we back the TUSD teachers in their fight with the district?
By Hannah Glasston

Cheap Thrills
Fun things to do that won't cost a fortune.

City Week Listings
Tucson's most extensive list of what's going on.

Music Section

Lennon's Legend
A survey of books about the slain Beatle yields some useful volumes and one stinking pile of garbage.
By Greg McNamee

Caitlin von Schmidt, a singer of local note, bids farewell to the Naked Pueblo.
By Jennifer Murphy

Quick Scans
Various Xmas artists, Bill Miller, The Rolling Stones.

Club Listings
What's happening at the local hot spots for the week of December 7 - December 13.

Review Section

Flower Power
It's laugh-out-loud fun at Arizona Theatre Company's zippy production of Little Shop of Horrors.
By Jana Rivera

How you can help save Honeybee Canyon through art.
By Margaret Regan

Buddy's Grill is a comfy place where the food is hard to beat.
By M.F. Munday

Out There
Exploring the historic Patagonia area via something called an "Adventure Packet." What, no drugs?
By Kevin Franklin

Notes from The Weekly's massive Sports Desk, such as it is.
By Tom Danehy

Cinema Section

White Man's Burden
White Man's Burden features a skeleton reality so impoverished any comic-book writer would be ashamed.
By Stacey Richter

Film Clips
Check out our capsule reviews packed with links to the hottest movie home pages on the Web.

Film Times
What's showing right now on local screens for the week of December 7 - December 13

Back Page Section

Real Astrology
Astrology for the week of December 7 - December 13

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December 7 - December 13, 1995

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