Battle For The Board

Eight candidates try to win two seats on the Amphi School Board.
Jamie Manser


Howls of outrage and squeals of delight from our astonished fans.

Baked Apple Pie

Tucson Is The Armpit Of The Nation-Pass It On.
Jeff Smith

The Skinny

Rep. Jim Kolbe's a friend of the planet, and he'd never sell out to big-money special-interests, no sir...Crime may not pay, but it costs plenty...and a whole bunch more!

Signs Of Trouble

Amphi Board incumbents Mike Bernal and Gary Woodard campaign on the taxpayer's dime.
Jim Nintzel

A Big Gamble

Will Arizona's tightfisted Legislature fund worthwhile programs if voters scratch the lottery?
Dave Devine

A Losing Proposition

Voters should take a close look at the state lottery before they renew it.
Emil Franzi

Dollars And Democracy

Prop 200 gives voters a chance to establish publicly financed elections.
Dave Devine

Flawed Financing

The Clean Election Initiative should be washed away.
Emil Franzi

The Prop Props

Arizonans have two choices to stop legislative tampering with successful initiatives.
Dave Devine

Lots Of Initiative

How Arizonans came to have two choices on this year's ballot.
Scott Alexander

Dumb And Dumber

Why voters should dump both Prop 104 and 105.
Emil Franzi

Talk Back

Miffed at Smith? Scratch your chinny at The Skinny? Don't let things fester--get them off your chest here.

This Modern World

An off-site link to Tom Tomorrow's fabulous political cartoon.

Jim Hightower

An off-site link to the home page of Jim Hightower, whose populist musings often appear in the Weekly.

Desert Links

DesertNet's collection of some of the Southwest's best websites and resources.

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