Volume 12, Number 31 . October 12 - October 18, 1995
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Currents Section

Paying The Piper
It's the story that has our governor ready to sue the Phoenix New Times: How did J. Fife Symington III convince those union pension funds to lend him $8 million, anyway?
By John Dougherty

Missives from our adoring/outraged readers.

A gimp himself, our resident curmudgeon offers some observations on life pertaining to the recently paralyzed actor Christopher Reeves.
By Jeff Smith

The Skinny
Phil Gramm's local presidential campaign continues to suck...Gov. Deadbeat whines about this cruel world...Special Ed's top-secret mission for Microsoft...and much more!

Star Drips
Why you should support the CAP water initiative--an article you won't read in the morning rag.
By Rich Wiersma

Flaky Waffleman
Pima County Supervisor Mikey Boyd vents in a small space.
By Emil Franzi

Justice For All
Arizona Chief Justice Stanley Feldman says the juvenile court system isn't broken.
By Dan Huff

City Week Section

City Week
Big doings in Tucson for the week of October 12 - October 18.

Eighth Day
The Wise Woman Council
By Hannah Glasston

Cheap Thrills
Fun things to do that won't cost a fortune.

City Week Listings
Tucson's most extensive list of what's going on.

Music Section

Cuban Success Story
Arturo Sandoval's hard climb from abject poverty in Castro's workers' paradise to the near tippy-top of jazz success.
By Yvonne Ervin

The aftermath of Selena's death, as seen through Geraldo darkly.
By Michael Metzger

Quick Scans
Dog & Pony Show, Hempilation and Axiom Funk.

Club Listings
What's happening at the local hot spots for the week of October 12 - October 18.

Review Section

Quiet Horror
Artist James G. Davis peers into the heart of darkness in a new show at Etherton Gallery.
By Margaret Regan

All's Well
Arizona Theatre Company presents an enchanting production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.
By Jana Rivera

When virgin eyes first focused on a landscape beyond imagination--photography in the American West.
By Margaret Regan

B&B Cafe's latest incarnation is well worth a lingering visit.
By M. F. Munday

Out There
The irrational urge to locate and conquer the perfect mountain bike route leads our heroes to blaze part of the Arizona Trail.
By Kevin Franklin

Being the son of a die-hard California Angels fan was a real drag.
By Tom Danehy

Cinema Section

Living in Oblivion
Director-writer Tom DeCillo takes hilarious aim at independent filmmakers in Living in Oblivion.
By Zachary Woodruff

Film Clips
Check out our capsule reviews packed with links to the hottest movie home pages on the Web.

Film Times
What's showing right now on local screens for the week of October 12 - October 18

Back Page Section

Real Astrology
Astrology for the week of October 12 - October 18

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October 12 - October 18, 1995

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