October 10 - October 16, 1996


Triple Play

Democrat Sharon Bronson and Republican Vicki Cox-Golder are gunning for controversial incumbent Ed Moore in Supervisorial District 3.
By Jim Nintzel


Are We Ignoring Bedrock American Values Of Freedom?
By Jeff Smith

The Skinny

Janos gets the boot...The Tucson Citizen kisses up to the Growth Lobby on Page One...And a Votec official speaks out about Pima County's fouled-up primary.

The Wrong People, Part II

Why Vicki Cox-Golder And Her Campaign Chairman Must Not BeGiven Countywide Power.
By Jim Nintzel


Primary Vote '96 Wasn't Very Pretty...The Voters Got Pole-Axed.
By Emil Franzi

All That Glitters...

The trouble began when Rich Hanson won COOL-FM's grand prize in the station's "Throw Momma Off The Train" promotional contest.
By Dan Huff

Currents Forum

Here's your place to vent, Tucson webheads.

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