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ANNIE'S BAR & GRILL. 7415 E. 22nd St. 290-8977. Saturday: Deacon.

B-52 BAR AND GRILL. 210 W. Drachman St. 620-0949. Friday/Saturday: Robin Trower.

BERKY'S BAR. 5769 E. Speedway. 296-1981. Thursday: Bloolyte. Friday/Saturday: Blue Lizards. Sunday: Tony & The Torpedoes. Monday: Toe Jam. Tuesday: Bad Newz Blues. Wednesday: Dr. Deacon.

BERKY'S ON FOURTH. 424 N. Fourth Ave. 622-0376. Thursday: Al Foul & The Shakes. Friday: Social Machine. Saturday: The Rowdies. Monday: Pork Torta, Duarte 6. Tuesday: Weird Lovemakers, Grimble Wedge.

BILLIARD CAFÉ. 6211 E. Speedway. 733-1231. Thursday: Bobby Taylor. Sunday: Sam Taylor. Wednesday: Sam Taylor.

BOONDOCKS LOUNGE. 3306 N. First Ave. 690-0991. Thursday: Hurricane with Tommy Walker. Friday: Neon Prophet. Saturday: Hurricane with Tommy Walker. Sunday: Friends of Lee Marvin.

BRANDO'S. 1310 S. Alvernon Way. 325-4401. Friday-Sunday: Borderline. Tuesday: Deacon & Wade. Wednesday: Borderline.

THE CAGE. 5851 E. Speedway. 885-3030. Thursday: Gamera Crowns, Factor.

CHICAGO BAR. 5954 E. Speedway. 748-8169. Thursday: Neon Prophet. Friday: The Rowdies. Saturday: Neon Prophet. Sunday: Leanne Savage and her Dyn-O-Mite Party Band.

Monday: Sam Taylor. Tuesday: The Rowdies. Wednesday: Neon Prophet.

Club Congress. 311 E. Congress St. 622-8848. Friday: Naked Prey, Ricky Gelb. Sunday: Edna Swap, Tenderloin.

DAISY MAE'S AT THE BARON'S. 2401 S. Wilmot Road. 745-9250. Sunday: Mondo Charlie.

EMPIRE CAFÉ & LOUNGE. 61 E. Congress St. 884-9779. Thursday: King Pleasure.

FAMOUS SAM'S. 3620 N. First Ave. 292-0314. Friday/Saturday: Scott Jeffers.

FAMOUS SAM'S. 7129 E. Golf Links Road. 296-1245. Friday/Saturday: Time Pilots.

FENDERSKIRTS. 140 S. Kolb Road. 722-1214. Saturday: The Billy Shears Band. Sunday: Danny Byrne and the Stylists.

FROG & FIRKIN. 874 E. University Blvd. 623-7507. Saturday: One Blood.

GRUB STEAK RESTAURANT AND BAR. 2851 W. Valencia Road. 578-9009. Friday: Rocket J.

HIDEOUT SALOON. 1110 S. Sherwood Village Drive. 885-6443. Friday/Saturday: Johnny & The Night Train.

JAIME'S. 536 N. Fourth Ave. 624-0233. Friday/Saturday: Sam Taylor.

O'MALLEY'S. 247 N. Fourth Ave. 623-8600. Thursday: M-80s. Friday: The Carvin Jones Band. Saturday: Bad Newz Blues.

PLAZA PUB. 20 E. Pennington St. 882-0400. Saturday: The Brothers Dupree.

THE ROCK. 136 N. Park Ave. 629-9211. Thursday: Grail K, White Chrome Splendor, Greyhound Soul. Friday: Mood Indigo. Monday: The Chadwicks, Boogie Knights.

ROCK-IT BAR AND GRILL. 5001 E. 29th St. 747-7047. Thursday: Mondo Charlie.

ROCK ISLAND CAFÉ. 6211 E. 22nd St. 747-8488. Friday/Saturday: Stool Pigeon.

SAN FRANCISCO BAR AND GRILL. 3922 N. Oracle Road. 292-2233. Friday/Saturday: Ismael Barajas.

SAN FRANCISCO BAR AND GRILL. 6548 E. Tanque Verde Road. 886-8391. Friday: Bad Newz Blues. Saturday: Blue Monks.

THE SHELTER. 4155 E. Grant Road. 326-1345. Tuesday: King Pleasure.

SOUND ADDICT. 714 N. Stone Ave. 882-5120. Saturday: Yellow Brick Road Kill, Deth or Eldona. Tuesday: 3 Studies For A Crucifixion, Harriet The Spy.

THIRD STONE. 500 N. Fourth Ave. 628-8844. Thursday: I.G.P. Friday: Beat Angels. Saturday: Satellite. Wednesday: The Blue Monks.

WINSETT PARK STAGE. Fourth Avenue between Seventh and Eighth streets. 624-5004. Thursday: Atomic Frog, Space Hardware, Zed.

WOODEN NICKEL TAVERN. 1908 S. Country Club Road. 323-8830. Friday/Saturday: ATM Band.


BOX SEATS PUB & GRILL. 8848 Tanque Verde. 760-6699. Sunday: Lisa Otey and Heather Hardy.

CAFÉ MAGRITTE. 254 E. Congress St. 884-8004. Sunday: Blue Monks.

CAFÉ SWEETWATER. 340 E. Sixth St. 622-6464. Thursday: Call for information. Friday: George Howard and The Roadhouse Hounds. Saturday: The Garth Koren Trio with Leanne Savage. Monday: Xavier Marquez and Out of Nowhere.

THE CASBAH. 628 N. Fourth Ave. 792-9910. Saturday: Sanjaya.

CHARLES RESTAURANT. 6400 E. El Dorado Circle. 296-7173. Sunday/Tuesday: Debbie Celec.

COCINA. 201 N. Court Ave. 622-0351. Thursday-Saturday: Greg Stitt.

COTTONWOOD CAFÉ. 60 N. Alvernon Way. 326-6000. Friday: The Tony Frank Four.

CUPPUCCINOS. 3400 E. Speedway. 323-7205. Wednesday: Anthony Wojtkowski, Rusty Boys.

EL CHARRO/TOMA. 311 N. Court Ave. 622-1922. Friday/Saturday: Mariachi music.

EL MARIACHI RESTAURANT. 106 W. Drachman St. 791-7793. Friday/Saturday: Cumbanchero.

ENCORE MED. 2959 N. Swan Road. 881-6611. Friday: Rafael Moreno and Descarga.

FAMOUS SAM'S. 3010 W. Valencia Road. 883-8888. Friday: Se Selan. Saturday: Picante, Lamonte. Wednesday: Lamonte.

FENDERSKIRTS. 140 S. Kolb Road. 722-1214. Sunday: Danny Byrne and the Stylists.

FRIENDS COFFEE HOUSE. 6878 E. Sunrise. 299-5703. Friday: Norman Kibble-Shane. Saturday: Tommy Tucker.

THE GROUND FLOOR COFFEE HOUSE. 7878 E. Wrightstown Road. 722-7900. Friday: Ceit Chesser. Saturday: Richard Hinsley.

LA FUENTE. 1749 N. Miracle Mile. 623-8659. Thursday-Sunday: El Mariachi de la Fuente. Monday/Tuesday: Los Armonicos.

POST TIME PUB. 2545 S. Craycroft Road. 748-7253. Thursday-Sunday/Wednesday: Super Lobo.

SAN FRANCISCO BAR AND GRILL. 3922 N. Oracle Road. 292-2233. Friday/Saturday: Ismael Barajas.

SAN FRANCISCO BAR AND GRILL. 6548 E. Tanque Verde Road. 886-8391. Friday: Bad Newz Blues. Saturday: Blue Monks.

SUITE 102. 5350 E. Broadway. 298-9719. Saturday: Mickey Greco & Company.

TUCSON MCGRAW'S CANTINA. 4110 S. Houghton Road. 885-3088. Saturday: Red Line.

VAN GOGH'S. 7895 E. Broadway. 722-5518. Saturday: Danny Byrne and the Stylists.

VENTANA GRILL. 6866 E. Sunrise Road. 299-3666. Saturday: Gerry Glombecki. Wednesday: Sal Valdivia. Friday: Steven Simbari.


BAR-M CATTLE CO. 5861 N. Oracle Road. 293-5199. Friday/Saturday: The Castin Gang. Sunday: Branded. Monday-Wednesday: The Castin Gang.

BUGGY WHEEL BAR & SALOON. 3156 E. Drexel Road. 573-0035. Friday/Saturday: The Wild Ride.

BUSHWACKER DANCEHALL AND SALOON. 4635 N. Flowing Wells Road. 887-9027. Thursday/Saturday/Sunday: Borrowed Money.

THE DEPOT. 3501 E. Ft. Lowell Road. 795-8110. Friday/Saturday: Trick Rider.

DURANGO SALOON & DANCE HALL. 1302 W. Roger Road. 888-1331. Thursday-Saturday: Taylor Made Band. Wednesday: The John Hawk Band.

EDDIE'S COCKTAILS. 8510 E. Broadway. 290-8750. Thursday: Cass Preston. Friday/Saturday/Wednesday: Skinner Brothers.

HEC AND WINK'S. 51 S. Pantano Road. 885-3350. Thursday-Saturday: High Rise. Sunday/Monday: Kaufee. Tuesday/Wednesday: Joe Tamayo.

JEFF'S PUB RESTAURANT & SPORTS BAR. 112 S. Camino Seco. 886-1001. Sunday: Mary Anne with Desert Fire.

LARIAT STEAKHOUSE & SALOON. 16666 N. Oracle Road. 825-9907. Friday/Saturday: Branded.

LI'L ABNER'S STEAKHOUSE. 8501 N. Silverbell Road. 744-2800. Friday-Saturday: Dean Armstrong and the Arizona Dancehands. Sunday: Titan Valley Warheads.

PACK 'EM INN WEST. 2740 S. Kinney Road. 883-6461. Friday/Saturday: Open Range.

ROADRUNNER RESTAURANT & LOUNGE. 5975 W. Western Way Circle. 578-0341. Friday/Saturday: Mary Anne with Desert Fire.

SWING INN LOUNGE. 1618 W. Wetmore Road. 292-2201. Thursday-Sunday: Daria and the Mezcal Band.


LAFFS COMEDY CAFFE. 2900 E. Broadway. 323-8669. Saturday- Wednesday: Tim O'Rourke.

If you would like your band, club or solo act to be listed, send all pertinent times, dates, prices and places to: Club Listings, Tucson Weekly, P.O. Box 2429, Tucson, AZ 85702. Fax listings to (520) 792-2096, or email us at Deadline to receive listings information is Friday, seven days before the Thursday publication date.

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