Volume 12, Number 19 . July 20 - July 26, 1995

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Currents Section

Missives from our adoring/outraged readers.

Jeff gets wired--almost.
By Jeff Smith

The Skinny
Big Ed backstabs Steve Neely...The Constitutional Defense Council looks at seizing the Grand Canyon...Jane Williams tries another scheme to get her hands on more taxpayer dollars...More GOP money for Mayor George Miller...and much more!

Wage Rage
County Voter Registrar Larry Bahill gets in a scrap with the Livable Wage Initiative backers.
By Jim Nintzel

GOP Givaway
The Republican Congress hustles our national resources.
By Donella H. Meadows

Rocking K U?
Is legendary land speculator Don Diamond trying to squash Mayor George Miller's plans for a downtown campus?
By Jim Wright

Listen Up
The Feds want to spend big bucks to hear what you're talking about.
By Mark Barroso

City Week Section

City Week
Big doings in Tucson for the week of July 20 - July 26.

Eighth Day
The utter misery of worthless Gen X boyfriends.
By Mari Wadsworth

Cheap Thrills
Fun things to do that won't cost a fortune.

City Week Listings
Tucson's most extensive list of what's going on.

Music Section

Matthew Sweet
Sweet success.
By David Simons

Gambling on El Casino--the ballroom door are opening again.
By Michael Metzger

Quick Scans
The Wooden Ball Compilation, Buffalo Tom, Shane Macgowan and the Popes.

Club Listings
What's happening at the local hot spots for the week of July 20 - July 26.

Review Section

The work of photographer Arthur Tress has all the exuberance of a carnival.
By Margaret Regan

Flames of Passion
Theatre company Su Teatro does a fiery production of Burn This.
By Jana Rivera

Woman of the cloth.
By Margaret Regan

The westside Blue Mountain Café serves a great plate of pasta.
By M.F. Munday

Out There
Guatemala offers many wonders.
By Mari Wadsworth

Why baseball is the world's luckiest sport.
By Tom Danehy

Cinema Section

Cinema Review
Nine Months has Zak a little mixed up.
By Zachary Woodruff

Film Clips
Check out our capsule reviews packed with links to the hottest movie home pages on the Web.

Film Times
What's showing right now on local screens for the week of July 20 - July 26

Back Page Section

Real Astrology
Astrology for the week of July 20 - July 26
By Rob Brezsny

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July 20 - July 26, 1995

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