Due to a complete lack of interest in reading, our staff has decided to forego reviewing books this week. Maybe next week the publishing world will see fit to offer something worth our while-perhaps a warm, human story about a plucky band of loveable folks who put out a small, weekly paper in a dusty corner of the world, where crime lords and land-raping developers empowered by drug money are busily hacking to death unique and irreplacable desert flora to make way for hundreds of thousands of stucco boxes. Yeah, a story loaded with action, where even the lowly blurb writers are constantly having hot, steamy sexual encounters with down-and-out supermodels who can no longer work because their breasts have grown too large and jiggle distractingly when they walk. In short, something more germaine to real life and the issues we must all face in this, the closing years of the momentous 20th century.

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