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Tucson Officials Spend A Boatload of Money Every Year To Fulfill Their Need To Belong.

By Dave Devine

THE CITY OF Tucson's fiscal year begins on July 1, which is also when employee pay raises go into effect. But for the disgruntled cops who constantly complain they're underpaid, City Council members said once again they just couldn't come up with the extra cash the officers wanted.

However, that lack of funds won't stop city officials from paying for memberships in all the organizations to which the city belongs. The total cost to taxpayers for memberships and associations with dues of $100 or more to which the city and its officials belong comes to almost $400,000.

Of this amount, $267,000 is paid with unrestricted monies. The balance comes from restricted funds--those federal, state and local sources of money that must be used in a particular area.

Currents Some of the more interesting memberships include:

• Tucson Water paid $10,000 to the Central Arizona Project Association. The city has belonged to this organization for more than 30 years and has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in dues. And we won't even drink the water.

• Also, Tucson Water pays $1,000 for a membership in the Southern Arizona Home Builders Association. Wonder if they'll even up the score by joining the Southwest Center for Biological Diversity in an equal amount?

• One would hope the VIP Breakfast Club serves a good meal, because the city is spending $1,200 in dues to that organization.

• The city's Information Technology Department has tentatively agreed to shell out $20,000 for two people to belong to the "Gartner Group," billed as a "nationally-known consulting organization." However, the city is now re-evaluating its membership during a free, 120-day trial period.

Here's a list of other city memberships and their costs:

City Manager'S Office

Arizona League of Cities and Towns $54,600
National League of Cities $17,000
Conference of U.S. Mayors $9,260
International City Managers Association $5,000
Comparative Performance Measurement Consortium Arizona News Service $3,960
International Association on Local Environmental Initiatives $2,750
Miscellaneous for Tucson Film Office $1,000
National Groundwater Association $800
Council for Urban Economic Development $700
Women at the Top $640
Health Care Foundation $630
Public Relations Society of America $560
VIP Breakfast Club $560
International City Managers Association $400
Arizona Association of Economic Development $350
International Downtown Association $300
Business Educational Trade Association $250
International Association of Business Communications $220
Arizona-Mexico Commission $200
American Arbitration Association $150
Rocky Mountain Public Employee Labor Relations Association $150
National Alliance of Preservation Commissions $100
Sub-Total $100,$140

City Attorney's Office

State Bar of Arizona $14,160
International Municipal Lawyers Association $2,070
Arizona State Bar $295
Tucson Defense Bar $150
Sub-Total $16,675

City Clerk's Office

International Institute of Municipal Clerks $300
Election Officers of Arizona $120
International Association of Clerks, Recorders, Election Officials and Treasurers $100
Association of Records Managers $100
Sub-Total $620

City Court

Arizona State Bar Association $1,200
Arizona Association of Court Administrators $600
Sub-Total $1,800

Community Services

National Association of Housing And Development Officials $4,200
National Community Development Association $2,000
National Association of Housing and Re-Development Officials $200
Sub-Total $6,400

Development Services

International Conference of Building Officials $250
Arizona Association for Economic Development $200
National Fire Protection Association $110
Sub-Total $560


Government Finance Officers Association $925
Arizona State Board of Accountancy $900
Association of Governmental Accountants $840
American Society of Safety Engineers $500
Public Risk Management Association $350
National Safety Council $250
American Payroll Association $200
International Accounts Payable Professionals $175
American Society for Training Development $150
Institute of Internal Auditors $135
Sub-Total $4,425

Fire Department

Southern Arizona Environmental Management Association $390
International Association of Fire Chiefs $380
International Association of Arson Investigators $250
American Society of Safety Engineers $200
National Fire Protection Association $200
Tucson Clean and Beautiful $200
Arizona Fire Mechanics Association $170
Arizona Fire and Burn Educators Association $150
Western Fire Chiefs Association $150
Sub-Total $2,090

Human Resources

Project Management Institute $9,780
Welcot (Citywide) $2,000
International Personnel Management Association $900
Native American Organizations $330
American Compensation Association $320
American Society for Quality $170
American Management Association $165
ASTD-Corporate Membership $160
Association for Quality and Participation $155
Training Directors Forum $120
Sub-Total $14,100

Information Technology

Gartner Group Membership for Director and Deputy Director $20,000
Public Technology Incorporated $15,000
National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors $480
Tucson Computer Society $150
Center for Software Excellence $100
Sub-Total $35,730


American Library Association $2,850
Urban Library Council $1,500
Arizona Library Association $750
Miscellaneous $200
Sub-Total $5,300

Mayor and Council

Miscellaneous $450
Sub-Total $450


American Institute of Architects $2,800
International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives $2,500
Building Operators Management Association $1,000
Arizona State Bar-Project Manager $900
American Lock Association $330
Association of Public Safety Communications $320
Engineering Licensing $300
Illumination Electrical Society $280
American Society of Heating, Refrigeration $410
Architectural Licensing $250
Energy Management Certification $200
American Public Works Association $160
National Council of Architects $160
American Society of Mechanical Engineers $150
American Society of Plumbing $150
Arizona Professional Engineering License $150
Construction Specification Institute $150
American Society of Civil Engineers $120
Building Industry Consulting Service International $120
Sub-Total $10,450

Parks and Recreation

Arizona Amateur Softball Association $3,870
American Zoo and Aquarium Association $3,030
Arizona Parks and Recreation Association $2,700
Arizona Heritage Alliance $1,000
United States Department of Agriculture, Animal Plant Health Service, Animal Care $500
International Society of Arborculture $350
Learn Resource Network $350
Arizona Pest Control Association $300
C & P Press $300
Public Relations Society of America $240
Occupational Safety and Health Association, Compliance Advisor $220
Tucson Convention and Visitors Bureau $200
American Alliance for Health $100
Sub-Total $13,160


National Golf Foundation $680
Golf Course Superintendents of Arizona $500
Golf Course Superintendents of America $460
United States Golf Association Golf House $400
Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System $100
Sub-Total $2,140


Pima County Real Estate Residential Council $700
Urban Land Institute $150
American Planning Association/National $120
Sub-Total $970


International Association of Chiefs of Police Net $1,600
International Association of Identification Technicians $800
Crime Scene Certification $700
VIP Breakfast Club $640
Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit Assessment $390
Arizona Law Enforcement Canine Association $300
International Association of Chiefs of Police $300
League of American Bicyclists $300
International Association of Property and Evidence $250
Police Executive Research Forum $250
Rocky Mountain Information Network $250
Latent Print Examiners Recertification $200
Public Relations Society $180
Southwest Association Forensic Scientists $180
Arizona Crime Prevention Association $160
Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police $150
Association of Firearms and Toolmark Examiners $150
Hispanic-American Police CMD $150
American Polygraph Association $130
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners $120
Association of Practitioners/Infection Control $100
International Association of Chemical Testing $100
International Association of Bomb Technicians $100
National Executive Institute Association $100
National Tactical Officers Association $100
Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Management $100
Sub-Total $7,800


Agency Membership to the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing $450
National Purchasing Institute Membership for Director and Assistant Director $400
National Institute of Governmental Purchasing-Local Chapter $260
Tucson Lithographer's Association $240
Sub-Total $1,350

Public Defender

Arizona State Bar Association $5,300
Sub-Total $5,300

Solid Waste Management

Southwest Public Recycling Association $10,000
Solid Waste Association of North America $1,910
Women at the Top $640
Environmental Industry Association $400
International City Manager's Association $260
American Institute of Certified Planners $200
American Society of Civil Engineers $200
National Recycling Coalition and Arizona Recycling Coalition $180
Greater Tucson Leadership $125
Sub-Total $13,915


American Public Transit Association $21,000
National Association of Flood & Stormwater Management Agencies $3,000
Arizona State Board of Technical Registration $2,110
American Society of Civil Engineers $1,300
Intelligent Transportation Society of America $1,000
Arizona Appraisal Licenses $950
Women in Transportation Systems $950
American Public Works Association $940
International Parking Institute $600
Highway Users Federation $600
Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance $500
American Society of Public Administration $480
Arizona Society of Professional Engineers $480
Real Estate Appraiser's License $450
National Safety Council $400
Institute of Transportation Engineers $400
Tucson Utility Contractors Association $400
American Planning Association $380
Project Management Institute $360
International Right-of-Way Association $280
American Institute of Certified Planners $270
National Society of Professional Engineers $220
American Water Resources Association $200
Arizona Floodplain Managers Association $200
Society for Human Resources Management $200
Architect's License $200
Association of Governmental Accountants $150
National Association of Purchasing Managers $150
National Institute for Certification of Engineering Technicians $140
National Society of Professional Surveyors $140
Arizona Roads & Transportation Builders Association $130
Registered Land Surveyors $130
American Congress of Survey and Mapping $110
Arizona Professional Land Surveyor $100
International Personnel Management Association $100
Sub-Total $39,020

Tucson Convention Center

International Association of Assembly Managers $1,100
International Association of Executive Managers $275
Downtown Arts and Business Alliance $250
Box Office Managers International $200
Sub-Total $1,825

Tucson Water

American Water Works Research Foundation $57,000
Western Urban Water Coalition $20,000
Central Arizona Project Association $10,000
American Water Works Association $7,500
Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies $3,850
Western Coalition of Arid States $2,200
National Association of Corrosion Engineers $1,050
University of Southern California Foundation for Cross Connection Control $1,000
Southern Arizona Home Builders Association $1,000
Tucson Underground Construction Association $1,000
Water Treatment Plant Operator $920
Professional Engineer Registrations $780
Arizona Department of Environmental Quality Operator Certification $700
Instrumentation Society of America, American Water and Pollution Control Association National Water Alliance $500
International Business Communicators $400
Water Resource Coordination Committee $350
International Ozone Association $330
American Society for Civil Engineers $320
Public Relations Society of America $300
American Chemical Society $220
American Society for Training and Development $215
American Water Resources Association $210
American Water & Pollution Control Association $200
Backflow Tester Certifications $180
American Conference of Survey and Mapping $175
American Society of Civil Engineers $175
American Planning Association $150
Water Pollution Control Federation $150
American Water Pollution Control Federation $135
Institute of Electric/Electronic Engineering $130
Professional Engineer Registration $130
Southern Arizona Environmental Management Society $120
International Personnel Management Association $105
American Chemical Society $102
Arizona Professional Land Surveyors Association $100
Association of Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration Compliance $100
Instrumentation Society of America $100
National Association of Corrosion Engineers $100
Survey Superintendent State Registration $100
Sub-Total $112,097

Grand Total $396,317 TW

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