Volume 12, Number 15 . June 22 - June 28, 1995

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Currents Section

Missives from our adoring/outraged readers.

On vacation!

The Skinny
An apology to Steve Neely...A new age SuckerQuest...John Kromko's latest flop...Joe Canchola is mentioned as a potential county supervisor...and much more!

Subsidizing The West
Some Western lawmakers are trying to milk the feds for even greater welfare bennies.
By Jim Nintzel

Creature Comfort
Why America needs the Endangered Species Act.
By Gregory McNamee

Over The Rainbow
How to get in harmony with the cosmic tuning fork and experience group orgasm--all within a day's drive of Tucson.
By Mayatea

City Week Section

City Week
Big doings in Tucson for the week of June 22 - June 28.

Eighth Day
It's hard to keep a good girl down. Even in a military academy.
By Hannah Glasston

Cheap Thrills
Fun things to do that won't cost a fortune.

Cheap Week Listings
Tucson's most extensive list of what's going on.

Music Section

Good Time
Drummer Will Clipman lives up to his percussionist's responsibilities.
By Janice Jarrett

Meditation on a friend dying young.
By Michael Metzger

Quick Scans
Sugar Blue, Merle Haggard, Ronald Muldrow, Kendra Smith.

Club Listings
Our guide to the hottest spots in the Baked Pueblo for the week of June 22 - June 28.

Review Section

And The Winner Is...
The 1995 Arizona Biennial, the latest incarnation of the Tucson Museum of Art's every-other-year juried exhibition of artists from around the state, is as eclectic and as unclassifiable as ever.
By Margaret Regan

Summer Shakespeare
Time once again for the Tucson Parks and Recreation Community theatre to make us forget that we live in a friggin' oven.
By Jana Rivera

Visions of India by phone--all the way from Troy, New York. To find out what the hell that means, click now.
By Margaret Regan

A look at the rapidly growing hobby that will undoubtedly make for a much better world.
By Mark Bryant

Out There
On a moonlit summer's night, who knows what you'll find.
By Kevin Franklin

Assessing the damage following the Great Salvation Army Disaster of '95.
By Tom Danehy

Cinema Section

Junkie's Game
The confessions are unredemptive in The Basketball Diaries.
By Zachary Woodruff

Film Clips
Check out our capsule reviews packed with links to the hottest movie home pages on the Web.

Film Times
What's showing right now on local screens for the week of June 22 - June 28

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June 22 - June 28, 1995

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