Tucson Weekly . Volume 12, Number 12 . June 1 - June 7, 1995

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Sticking Point

Ridiculous human pincushion, or just a brave soul who has finally figured out how to stop smoking? You be the judge.
By Sam Negri

Currents Section



Some thoughts on the death of longtime Arizona cowboy Bill Brophy
By Jeff Smith

The Skinny

Dinner for Dogpatch pols is on a big developer...Steve Neely's attempt to bully Raul Grijalva backfires...that bag of political dog barf Phil Hubbard...and much more!

Cattle Or Kids?

Has welfare for ranchers hurt Arizona's schools?
By J.E. Relly

The Gun Run

A special tongue-in-cheek investigation of the Arizona militia movement.
By Emil Franzi

Bitter Bargains

Teachers are upset at TUSD's latest money-saving schemes.
By Hannah Glasston

The G-Men Wore Jackboots

Hey, before we go increasing the FBI's powers in light of this militia madness, maybe we ought to recall some recent history.
By Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon

Pork 'n' Perks

The DM-50 should just take off..
By Emil Franzi

City Week Section

City Week

Big doings in the Naked Pueblo for the week of June 1-7.

Eighth Day

The road to taxpayer hell is paved with annoying speed bumps.
By Hannah Glasston

Cheap Thrills

City Week Listings

Music Section

Big Easy Does It

Despite the threat of giant rats, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival shouldn't be missed.
By Jim Nintzel


KXCI House Party, Electric Hellfire Club and more!.
By Michael Metzger

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Review Section

Savage Satire

On the far edge of weirdness, METAtheatre hits close to home.
By Jana Rivera

Alice Returns

Invisible Theatre scores yet another musical winner with A...My Name Is Still Alice.
By Jana Rivera


The Reveille Gay Men's Chorus makes its debut Friday night in a concert celebrating diversity.
By Margaret Regan


Our Chow guy probably won't be going back to Scordato's anytime soon. Unless, of course, management there decides to change just about everything.
By M.F. Munday


With Braveheart, the pretty-boy Aussie proves he can make a great flick.
By Tom Danehy



Out There

How to ease your way into the expensive, exhausting sport of mountain biking.
By Kevin Franklin


Some advice from one of the few people left in America who still believes participation in sports is a truly positive thing.
By Tom Danehy

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