Water Works

A new exhibition at the UA Museum of Art represents an ongoing dialog between painter David Andres and photographer Ann Simmons-Myers, both of whom work the deliciously organic shapes of the sea.
Margaret Regan

Landed Legacy

Viktor Slavkin's 'Cerceau' sounds a lot like Checkov's 'Cherry Orchard' -- with introspective characters idling in a country house, and all. But the newer play is also radically different.
Margaret Regan

Burning Questions

Soon it will be time to meet El Niņo's fiery side.
Kevin Franklin

First-Rate Feast

Primo Hollywood passes muster with the toughest critics in town -- bored kids.
Rebecca Cook

Just Trying To Help

Listen up, you overpriced slugs. He's only going to tell you this stuff once.
Tom Danehy

Desert Links

DesertNet's collection of some of the Southwest's best websites and resources.

Talk Back

Tell us what's hot and what's shot on the local arts scene. We're looking for your views on visual, theatrical, dance and God only knows what else created by the more refined souls among us.

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