Tucson Weekly . Volume 12, Number 9 (May 11 - May 17, 1995

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Cancer-causing chemicals, Defense Department largess,
wasted fish...and plenty more you probably haven't heard
about but should have.
By Christine Triano


Sweet Home Alabama

Red-neck peckerwood governors, including Arizona's,
are reviving the chain gang for cinematic effect.
By Jeff Smith

The Skinny

Libertarian bad boy Sam Steiger cranks up the presses...Pima
County GOP Chair Rex Waite's tussle with Paul Marsh aide Rod Cramer...
The cash cow mooeth...The fascist has-beens back off a bit...
And much more!

Academic Stooge

UA classics professor Jon Solomon may know his Aristotle inside
and out, but he's also a whiz at Larry, Curly and Moe.
By Leo W. Banks

Stamping Out Local History

The Postal History Foundation rips down a bit of local
history in order to preserve some of its own.
By Hannah Glasston

Wildflower Confessions

Pity the poor prognosticators of desert blooms.
By Gary Paul Nabhan

The Flaky Waffleman

Part Eleven: Mikey Boyd makes an ass out of himself in print.

Pork 'n' Perks

The Arizona Legislature's move to raise the pay of county
officials is really just a way to improve the job outlook for
state political hacks.

City Week

Local doings for Thursday May 11 through Wednesday, May 17.

Eighth Day

My grandmother is my role model-a Mother's Day homage.
By Hannah Glasston

Cheap Thrills

City Week Listings

Zappa's Still Dead

But his total freak image-perhaps his greatest creation-lives on.
By Dave McElfresh


Chris Holiman is ready to pack his guitar, hit the road and
sell the music of 35 Summers to America.
By Michael Metzger

Quick Scans

The Caulfields, Bob Dylan, Monster Magnet, Drugstore

Club Listings

For the week of May 11-May 17

Abstract Pleasures

A show devoted almost entirely to the pleasures of pure
abstraction is now showing at Davis Dominguez Gallery.
By Margaret Regan

Funny Business

Arizona Theatre Company makes a bold departure from its normal
course of mainstream fare with The Convict's Return.
By Jana Rivera

Short Stuff

Short plays aren't easy to write or perform, but One-In-Ten
Theatre Company manages to pull off a series of them.
By Jana Rivera


When the big kahuna of ballet comes to town,
it's hucksterism at its most intense.
By Margaret Regan

Meat Treats

A tour of Tucson's top barbecue joints leaves our arbiter
of all that is savory satisfied and sticky with delight.
By M.F. Munday

Family Values

My Family, a tale of Mexican life in East Los Angeles,
is the type of movie that plays out better in one's memory
than in the actual theatre.
By Zachary Woodruff

Film Clips

Film Times

Local listings for the week of May 11 to May 17.

On Safari

Arizona's Buenos Aires Ranch was a stage stop in 1864,
but today it may be the last stop for endangered animals.
By Kevin Franklin

Myth Vs. Reality

Contrary to what he's always saying, our sports guy doesn't
hate baseball. Among other eye-opening tidbits.
By Tom Danehy

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