April 24 - April 30, 1997


Hold The Glitter

In a city filled with wonderful glass art, a few exhibitions featuring paper and canvas stand out.
By Margaret Regan

Sweet Sorrow

August Wilson's Seven Guitars, at ATC, is a beautifully written play about human longing for love and happiness.
By Margaret Regan

Southwestern Scourge

Ever wonder why Tucson, Phoenix and Albuquerque look the way they do?
By Tom Sheridan

A Many Splintered Thing

Amy Bloom's first novel is beautiful but fragmented.
By Piers Marchant

Figure Eighties

Who could forget the decade that brought us AIDS, Milli Vanilli, teen slasher movies and a sitting president with an advanced case of Alzheimer's disease?
By James DiGiovanna

Media Mix

Floral sex organs abound during the month of April.

Smooth Move

Chef Shawn manages the short move from a trailer to a nearby bricks-and-mortar eatery with his reputation for good-tasting, healthy food unruffled.
By Rebecca Cook

Chow Scan

Chow Scan is Tucson Weekly's selective guide to Tucson restaurants. Reviews are indexed by both category and alphabet and there are over 100 restaurants reviewed, so go grab yourself a fork and dig in.


Playoff patter: putting the Cats' victory into finer focus.
By Tom Danehy

Talk Back

Tell us what's hot and what's shot on the local arts scene. We're looking for your views on visual, theatrical, dance and God only knows what else creations by the more refined souls among us.

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