March 13 - March 19, 1997


Final Reward

Dinnerware and Central Arts galleries dance with death.
By Margaret Regan

French Twist

Arizona Theatre company takes on Pierre Corneille's L'Illusion Comique.
By Margaret Regan

Bookman's Holiday

One Argentine author pays homage to literacy.
By Gregory McNamee

French Bred

So you say you want to read about a revolution?
By David Ortiz Jr.

Media Mix

Suzanne Myal shows us the whole enchilada.

Word On The Street

Valerie Richter, Margaret Tilton, Al Perry.


Although Maria's Cafe and Lizarraga's Mexican Food have been around forever, they still make delightful discoveries.
By Rebecca Cook

Chow Scan

Chow Scan is Tucson Weekly's selective guide to Tucson restaurants. Reviews are indexed by both category and alphabet and there are over 100 restaurants reviewed, so go grab yourself a fork and dig in.

Out There

...But don't get squashed flat by the 1-million-pound truck.
By Kevin Franklin


The basket Cats have entered an era of lowered expectations. Yawn.
By Tom Danehy

Review Forum

Tell us what's hot and what's shot on the local arts scene. We're looking for your views on visual, theatrical, dance and God only knows what else creations by the more refined souls among us.

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