Monday, January 7, 2019

Rolling in the Dough: Vondrak Goes 3-0-1 With First Week of Playoff Picks

Posted By on Mon, Jan 7, 2019 at 3:55 PM

click to enlarge Winner, winner, chicken dinner! - KELLY RASHKA
Kelly Rashka
Winner, winner, chicken dinner!
Editor's note: Last week, we gave Tucson Weekly sales rep Tyler Vondrak a hypothetical $100 to wager on the first week of playoff games. He won three, tied on one and didn't lose a single bet. Here's his Monday update.

I couldn’t ask for a better start to a playoff run. After all the dust settled from kickers getting injured, kickers hitting not one but two bars on the goalposts, and a couple of thwarted fourth-quarter comebacks, we are sitting pretty with a 3-0-1 record.

That puts us at $175.49 in the bank. This is like a trip to Vegas when you hit on the first slot machine you put $20 bucks into. We are playing with house money now! With the spreads already up for the next round, got a great feeling about next weekend again. See you all on Friday with another round of hopeful winners.

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