Tucson Architectural Landmarks 2001

Tucson's architecture represents three cultures and over 2,000 years of settlement in this valley. Yet, outside the iconographic monuments used on tourist brochures, we rarely look at any other buildings. Nor do we understand the significance and unique contribution of architecture to Tucson's cultural image of itself as both a historic and contemporary city. The annual Tucson Architectural Landmarks program gives you an opportunity to change that.

Take time to visit these buildings, then choose one building in each of the two categories, historic and contemporary, that you feel deserves landmark status. Submit your ballot by Monday, September 17. The new landmark buildings will be announced in the September 27 Weekly and will be on display at Park Place during Architecture Week, September 29-October 7.

Mark your two choices on the form below, then fill in your e-mail address. This information will be used only to ensure the integrity of the balloting process, and those ballots without an e-mail address will be discarded.


San Pedro Chapel

St. Joseph's-Immaculate
Heart Academy

Second Owl's Club

Ronstadt Transit Center

Tucson Creative Dance
Center/Mettler Studios

Acacia Elementary School
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