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Addicted to Sex
Sexual addicts and compulsives often lead guilty, secret lives that can be helped through 12-step programs. (08/21/03)
By Miranda Jesch and Irene Messina

Where to Go for More Information

Howling Mad
Since wolves were reintroduced, some eastern Arizona ranchers claim the animals have destroyed their lives. (08/14/03)
By Leo W. Banks

Hard Workin' Women
TAMMIES winners Lisa Otey and Kathleen Williamson find that love is best of all in both life and music. (08/07/03)
By Gene Armstrong

Getting Back to Basics
As funding is chopped, the City Council tweaks its neighborhood and downtown reinvestment plan. (07/31/03)
By Chris Limberis

Bringing Downtown Back to Basics

Seeking Asylum
Marcia Rocha tried to get help for her mentally ill son. Now he's behind bars and facing assault charges. (07/24/03)
By Jim Nintzel

Loving Arms
Looking for America's gun-rights heartland? Look no further than Tucson. (07/17/03)
By Emil Franzi

Out of Bounds
Are club teams and unrealistic expectations ruining the sports experience for kids? (07/10/03)
By Tom Danehy

A Night at the Triple T
Despite business struggles, TTT still features interesting characters on a regular basis. (07/03/03)
By Chris Limberis

Metal Master
Oracle artist Jerry Parra creates works of art out of old parts and equipment. (07/03/03)
By Irene Messina

Good Books
In predominantly Mormon community St. David sits an eclectic, open-to-the-public Catholic library. (07/03/03)
By James Reel

Cowboys and Roman Columns
Despite heated disagreements, the residents of Patagonia say community comes first. (07/03/03)
By Tim Vanderpool

Up in Smoke
What's in store for Summerhaven and Mount Lemmon? (06/26/03)
By James Reel

City Hall Brawl
Can Tom knock Bob's block off? (06/19/03)
By Jim Nintzel

Rookie Season
Knocking out an incumbent is never easy. (06/19/03)
By Jim Nintzel

Cruel and Unusual
Animal cruelty cases are high priority, but tough to prosecute. (06/12/03)
By D.A. Barber

Tales of Animal Abuse
By D.A. Barber

The Trip Home
A Short Story from The Middle of the Night, a new book by Tucson resident Daniel Stolar. (06/05/03)
By Daniel Stolar

Night Writer
Talking with author Daniel Stolar. (06/05/03)
By Stacey Richter

The Birthright Stuff
Local Jews watched from Israel as the war with Iraq unfolded. (05/29/03)
By Dave Maass

Interview With a Human Shield
Gaza Strip activist Laura Kraftowitz speaks about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. (05/29/03)
By Dave Maass

The Weekly's Annual Summer Movie Preview
Zachary Woodruff gives his two cents on the season's cinematic offerings. Don't ask for a refund. (05/22/03)
By Zachary Woodruff

Now These Are Sequels
By Zachary Woodruff

Mysteries in the Mountains
A real-life Twilight Zone may exist in Southeastern Arizona near the Mexican border. (05/15/03)
By Ron Quinn

Holding the Line
TEP discusses the power line it has planned through Southern Arizona. (05/15/03)
By Irene Messina

Track Twins
Mountain View High School's Emily and Valerie McGregor are about to embark on a most excellent adventure. (05/08/03)
By Tom Danehy

The Battle Over Old Tucson
The county and two of its wealthiest residents keep fighting--with no end in sight. (05/01/03)
By Chris Limberis

Tucson's Name in Lights
Does the Old Pueblo have a future as a movie production mecca? (05/01/03)
By Chris Limberis

Free to Good Home
In the market for a concrete sculpture of brown liquid rock flowing through pipes? You might give the Tucson Department of Transportation a call. (04/24/03)
By Jim Nintzel

Everybody's A Critic
By Jim Nintzel

Big Plan On Campus
What's the UA going to look like years from now? (04/17/03)
By Dave Devine

Men Who Get Hurt
Men are often the victims of domestic violence at the hands of women. Too bad segments of society don't seem to care. (04/10/03)
By Deidre Pike

For More Information

The Joy of Independent Cinema
The Arizona International Film Festival's back--and it's cooler and weirder than ever. (04/03/03)
By James DiGiovanna

Give War a Chance!
The anti-war protesters get all the ink--but those in favor of the war are more prevalent. (03/27/03)
By Emil Franzi

Consumer Concern
Small Tucson businesses--except for those selling war-related wares--say the conflict has hurt them. (03/27/03)
By Margaret Regan

Tucson and the War Biz
Since some of Tucson's largest employers are linked to defense, the area could reap an economic windfall. (03/27/03)
By Margaret Regan

Food Not Bombs
An interview with Keith McHenry. (03/27/03)
By Jimmy Boegle

War Is Hell, But Dining Shouldn't Be
Despite a few incidents, most Tucson restaurant operators say war hasn't affected them. (03/27/03)
By Karyn Zoldan

Fear and Loafing
Despite promises of heightened security, nothing seems different in Nogales. (03/27/03)
By Tim Vanderpool

Baghdad Blowback
Will the Bush Administration's Iraq war haunt us for years to come? (03/27/03)
By Jim Nintzel

Pictures of an Exhibition
Photos from the March 20 anti-war rally in Tucson by the Iraq Pledge of Resistance. (03/27/03)

These Bills Really Blow!
Dispatches from the Draconian Legislature. (03/20/03)
By Jim Nintzel

The life of Timothy H. O'Sullivan
The story of the Irishman who helped shape American--and Arizonan--photography. (03/13/03)
By Margaret Regan

The Rant Issue
I know they have a purpose. So freaking what? (03/06/03)
By The Usual Gang of Idiots

The Toughest Job
On the Peace Corps' 42nd anniversary, Tucsonans reflect on the toughest job they ever loved. (02/27/03)
Compiled By Dave Devine

The Golden Boy
If Luke Walton were any more old school, you'd have to call him William & Mary. (02/20/03)
By Tom Danehy

Something in the Air
Beryllium has hurt more than 30 former employees of Brush Wellman. Does this beryllium pose a threat to the greater community? (02/13/03)
By Kari Redfield

Simon Donovan
One of Tucson's best-known artists is a renowned joker--but he's serious about his art. (02/06/03)
By Margaret Regan

Working and Not Making It
Trying to make ends meet in a low-wage town. (01/23/03)
By Molly McKasson

More than 1 in 4
Poverty in Tucson is on the rise again. (01/23/03)
By Dave Devine

Skirting Pain
A private investigator plies his trade turning up workers' comp cheats in Tucson. It's big business. (01/16/03)
By Tim Vanderpool

A Fresco in the Chiricahuas?
In a little stone chapel in a lost canyon, Valer Austin re-creates the Creation. (01/09/03)
By Leo W. Banks

Now Hear This
As the year draws to an end, the Tucson Weekly has turned to four critics whose opinions have shaped the history of rock ¹n¹ roll. Tucson Weekly music editor Stephen Seigel and regular contributors Gene Armstrong, Annie Holub and Linda Ray make their picks for the Top 10 albums of the year. (01/02/03)
By Stephen Seigel

The Top Albums of 2002: II
By Gene Armstrong

The Top Albums of 2002: III
By Annie Holub

The Top Albums of 2002: IV
By Linda Ray

Review 2002
A last look at the loons, losers and lowlights of the year. (12/26/02)
By Leo W. Banks and Jim Nintzel

Predictions for a new millennium
By Leo W. Banks and Jim Nintzel

You Don't Say
By Leo W. Banks and Jim Nintzel

The Dubious Political Correction Watch
By Leo W. Banks and Jim Nintzel

At War on the Border
First drug dealers, next a wave of illegal immigration, then fear of terrorists--and now the rise of vigilantism. It's just a matter of time until blood is spilled in Cochise or Santa Cruz counties. (12/19/02)
By Leo W. Banks

Shoot To Thrill
Better find cover -- the Postal Dude is coming back. (12/12/02)
By Jim Nintzel

Seeing on Mount Graham
The University of Arizona's telescopes help astronomers 'see' the universe. But the views of Mount Graham are as varied as the players in an ongoing battle for power. (12/05/02)
By Stuart Alan Becker

What's the secret behind the Doohickey?
A chapter from the new mystery novel by Pete Hautman. (11/21/02)
By Pete Hautman

Mystery Man
Pete Hautman's comic crime capers have earned reviews that put him beside modern-day masters of the genre. (11/21/02)

You Can't Keep a Good Tree Down
Mesquite, long considered a pest by Western ranchers, finds a future as fine furniture and food. (11/14/02)
By Karen Weston Gonzales

Return of the Native
American Indian Art is back in style as two big shows open here in Tucson. (11/07/02)
By Margaret Regan

Ticket of Terror
The GOP slate is a monster mash. We suggest you vote Democrat this year. (10/31/02)

Our Call On Your Call
Confused by the long list of propositions? We tell you how to vote. (10/31/02)

Come Together
Workers find common cause, but union organizing remains an uphill climb in Arizona. (10/24/02)
By Richard Bruner

Legal Brief
Establishing the National Labor Relations Board was landmark change in relations between employers and workers. (10/24/02)
By Richard Bruner

Figure $kating
Janet and Matt promise better education and health care... but the state's finances remain on thin ice. (10/17/02)
By Jim Nintzel

See Dick Run
Independent gubernatorial candidate Dick Mahoney is fond of taking moments from his opponents' past and declaring them unfit to serve in the governor's office. (10/17/02)
By Jim Nintzel

High Stakes
Handicapping the gambling propositions on the November ballot. (10/10/02)
By Jim Nintzel

Propped Up
Voters will make the decision on medical marijuana, tobacco taxes, education funding and more on November 5. (10/10/02)
By Dave Devine

Silent Treatment
Project Censored presents 10 big stories the mainstream media ignored in 2001. (10/03/02)

Reflections of a Many Gendered World
Drag is only the tip of the gender-variant iceberg. (09/19/02)
By Joni K. Mausse

The Naked Man of Tombstone
In 1891, a man known only as O Homo bared his soul, and everything else, in the old mining town. (09/12/02)
By Leo W. Banks

Culling The Herd
Your quickie guide to the September 10 primary election (09/05/02)
By Jim Nintzel

Monkey Business
Congressional District 7: It's a Jungle Out There. (08/29/02)

The Picture Dims
Local TV isn't what it used to be. (08/22/02)
By Bob Richardson

An Epidemic of Fat Kids
Our kids eat too much food, get too little exercise, whether they're at home, at school or at play. (08/15/02)
By Richard Bruner

Gastric-Bypass Surgery
By Richard Bruner

La Pistolera
Eva Antonia Wilbur-Cruce was a fighter. She went to prison herself for rustling, and she kept her pistol close at hand right to the end of her life. Part 2. (08/08/02)
By Leo W. Banks

La Pistolera
The Wilbur Ranch near Arivaca was 'beautiful, cruel country,' and its owner--Eva Antonia Wilbur-Cruce--lived a hard, romantic life there. Not to mention the cattle rustlers, machine-gun killers of horses, pistol-toting assassins and other agents of a violent 20th-century cattle war. This was still the Wild West, and La Pistolera gave as good as she got. (08/01/02)
By Leo W. Banks

Democratic Dominatrix
Janet Napolitano is breezing past her primary opponents. But the general election is a whole different story. (07/25/02)
By Jim Nintzel

Three for the Money
Republican hopefuls complain the state is spending too much money. But they don't say what voters will have to do without. (07/25/02)
By Jim Nintzel

Married Priests?
In the wake of the sex abuse crisis, is it time for the Catholic Church to allow priests to marry? (07/18/02)
By Michelle Chihara

Abuse in Tucson

On The Bus
What a long, strange trip it is on SunTran. Is it time you took the ride? (07/11/02)
By Andrew Kornylak

Convento or 'Invento'?
Years before the time of Christ, humans chased after deer and bighorn sheep through the trees along the Santa Cruz River. What is to become of the site of Tucson's birth? (06/27/02)
By Margaret Regan

The Old Barrio
The legendary Lalo Guerrero remembers growing up in downtown Tucson. (06/13/02)

Pick A Flick
Our annual discerning guide to summer cinema. (06/06/02)
By Zachary Woodruff

More bounce per ounce
Lowriding has fans pumped up in the Old Pueblo. (05/30/02)
By Cristián A. Sierra

Barrio Viejo, Barrio Nuevo
Change is taking place in Tucson's historic barrio, with more to come. For some, particularly newcomers, gentrification appears to be good. But what about the families who have lived there for generations? (05/23/02)
By Dave Devine

Art Follows Money
"Scottsdale Invasion" Adds to Concentration of Galleries in Foothills (05/16/02)
By Pamela Portwood

Rise and Fall of the Ostrich Industry
A personal account of a business in southeastern Arizona that took flight briefly only to hit the ground with a thud. (05/09/02)
By Karen Weston Gonzales

The Top 5 Reasons To Vote NO On The Sales Tax
Kick the tires on this vehicle before you buy it. It's a lemon. (05/02/02)

Home-Schooling: A Primer
By Connie Tuttle

The Grade Depression
The city's long-term plan for Grant Road will take decades to complete and cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Hope you don't mind waiting in traffic until 2030. (04/18/02)
By Jim Nintzel

Road Map
What's in this plan, anyway? (04/18/02)
By Jim Nintzel

Rush Hour
Chasing votes in next month's special election. (04/18/02)
By Jim Nintzel

The Big Man on Campus is a Woman
A half-century ago, Jack Armstrong was radio's All-American Boy. He was swell--not only a terrific athlete but a great guy as well. Like the U of A's Jennie Finch, he didn't smoke, drink, or cuss. But he probably couldn't have hit her best pitch either. (04/11/02)
By Tom Danehy

Hidden Poets
Five poets from the almost underground. (04/04/02)
By Connie Tuttle

Odds & Ends
Place your bets on the future of gambling in Arizona. (03/28/02)
By Jim Nintzel

Borderline Hope
It faces long odds, but Corredor Colibrí (Hummingbird Corridor) offers an opportunity to preserve wildlife and boost the Mexican economy. (03/21/02)
By Tim Vanderpool

Balancing Act
As the city's budget gets squeezed, Mayor Bob Walkup has got a proposition for you. (03/14/02)
By Jim Nintzel

Bar Wars
State officials say private prisons need tighter regulation. A look inside the Florence Correctional Center suggests they may be right. (03/07/02)
By Dave Maass

Working Poor, Living Poor
Thousands try to make it on minimum wage, or less, in Tucson. That's why they call it hand to mouth. (02/28/02)
By Richard Bruner

An Army of Poor Women

High-wage, High-tech Mirage

Catholic Worker Movement

Promises, Promises
Has NAFTA Helped or Hurt Tucson? (02/21/02)
By Dave Devine and Molly McKasson

Jobs Lost in Tucson Due to NAFTA

Foreign Trade from Tucson

NAFTA Trade Ranking Among Southwestern Cities

Love is a many-splintered thing
Will polyamory ever be fully accepted? (02/14/02)
By Tish Haymer

Where to Get More Info on Polyamory

A Polyamory Glossary

Pride of the South Side
A skinny basketball player who has paced the region in scoring this season, setting a state record along the way, is the latest in a long line of Pueblo High School stars. (02/07/02)
By Chris Limberis

Lawmaking for Dummies
The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Arizona Legislature. (01/31/02)
By Jim Nintzel

By Jim Nintzel

By Jim Nintzel

Dagger of the Mind
People with both addiction and mental health disorders must cut through the bureaucracy of treatment before their troubles hack away their sanity. (01/24/02)
By M.F. Munday

Healing Holiday
Tu B'Shevat focuses desert-dwelling Jews on environmental ethics. (01/17/02)
By Deborah Mayaan

Political Almanac 2002
Your very premature guide to the candidates and chaos of the upcoming year. (01/10/02)
By Jim Nintzel

Lacking Initiative
By Jim Nintzel

Sales Tax Drive
By Jim Nintzel

Clean Machine
By Jim Nintzel

Loan Rangers
Who is that masked man offering you cash against your next paycheck? (01/03/02)
By Richard Bruner

What A Riot!
Remembering all the fun in 2001. (12/27/01)
By Leo W. Banks and Jim Nintzel

Wire Service
Back by popular demand--the top 6 fixes of the year! (12/27/01)
By Emil Franzi and Chris Limberis

Gross Out!
Don't read this part! (12/27/01)

Brew-ha-ha, Tucson Style
Whether dressed up or dressed down, there's plenty to do on New Year's Eve. (12/20/01)

Extreme Eckstrom
He Keeps South Tucson's Political Machine Purring And Growling. (12/13/01)
By Chris Limberis

Shelter Skelter
Tucson's attempt to help the homeless drawing a crowd? (12/06/01)
By D.A. Barber

Speed Traps
Driven to distraction at traffic school. (11/29/01)
By Chris Limberis

Animal Welfare, Animal Warfare
From vegetarianism to sabotage, animal advocates are sending a message you might consider as you slice into that turkey. (11/22/01)
By Connie Tuttle

On the Bus
Life Without a Car in the Naked Pueblo. (11/15/01)
By Dave Devine

Fare Market
Sun Tran, and VanTran and RideShare, oh my! (11/15/01)

Track Meet
Is light rail in Tucson's future? (11/15/01)
By Jim Nintzel

Booster Rocket
In Sierra Vista, high-school sports benefit from sky-high fund raising. (11/08/01)
By Tom Danehy

Welcome to Wonderland
Down the rabbit hole of Tucson politics. (11/01/01)
By Jim Nintzel

Rash of Cash
Tucson's council campaigns are turning into a money pit. (11/01/01)
By Jim Nintzel

Where the council candidates stand on a few selected issues. (11/01/01)

Tinseltown's Tombstone
A look at the real and reel Wyatt Earp. (10/25/01)
By Ed Rampell

.Nomads of a Desert City.
Tucson's homeless denizens tell their own stories. (10/18/01)
By Barbara Seyda

Trail Mix
Following the campaigns of the council candidates (10/11/01)
By Jim Nintzel

Desert Mothers
Three women nurture engaged spirituality in Tucson. (10/04/01)
By Mae Lee Sun

Shadow Wolves
Tracking the drug war, 36 inches at a time. (09/27/01)
By Shane DuBow

Toro! Toro! Toro!
Ten years ago, there was joy in Mudville. (09/13/01)
By Dave Devine

That Championship Season
No other sporting event has ever felt like that win. (09/13/01)
By Jim Nintzel

Friend or Foe
The Border Patrol embraces a humanitarian role. (09/06/01)
By Tim Vanderpool

Drivers In A Box
Bond money for major-road improvements is increasingly diverted to neighborhood projects. (08/30/01)
By Chris Limberis


Southside Smackdown
Can Jesse Lugo knock off Councilman Steve Leal? (08/23/01)
By Jim Nintzel

Virgin Territory
Both Paula Aboud and Vicki Hart are making their first run for public office. (08/23/01)
By Jim Nintzel

Radio daze
KXCI is ensuring its survival, critics say, by gutting itself. (08/16/01)
By Stephen Seigel

Ranger Danger
Increasing crime is turning park rangers into an understaffed police force. (08/09/01)
By Tim Vanderpool

Home Cooking
Several innovative cohousing projects are simmering in Tucson. The first results are already dished up. (08/02/01)
By Margaret Regan

Flower Power
Whether or not they work, herbal supplements are hotter than acid at Woodstock. (07/26/01)
By Tom Danehy

Catch a Falling Star
Vapid content, turgid circulation, declining ad revenue and a depressed staff make for one plummeting newspaper. (07/19/01)
By Lee Allen

The Crossroads
What direction will transportation take in Tucson? (07/12/01)
By Dave Devine and Jim Nintzel

The Road Not Taken
A glance in the rearview mirror (07/12/01)
By Dave Devine

Quiz the Candidates
Under what conditions would you support a half-cent sales tax dedicated to transportation? (07/12/01)

The Next Generation
Twenty potentially harmful proposed electricity plants jolt Arizona into a new era of power politics. (07/05/01)
By Tim Vanderpool

Arts District Downturn
What's supposed to be the city's cultural hub is a nest of bars, tattoo parlors and empty storefronts--just like any other downtown. (06/28/01)
By Margaret Regan

Seeking Council
You probably didn't notice, but the city elections are officially underway. (06/21/01)
By Jim Nintzel

Wolf Whistle
Many rural Arizonans regard wolves as the enemy, and they're winning little battles in the war against wolf reintroduction. (06/14/01)
By Tom Jackson King

Charter Chatter
City governance may need reform, but are the proposals of Tucson's business elite the reform we really need? (06/07/01)
By Chris Limberis

Doo Wop Daze
Old-time rock-and-rollers never die; they just retire to Tucson. (05/31/01)
By Lee Allen

By Lee Allen

Hollywood Confidential
Here come the summer movies! Run for your cineplex! (05/24/01)
By Zachary Woodruff

Democratic Doldrums
Will new leadership prove to be the life of the party? (05/17/01)
By Jim Nintzel

State of the Party
Arizona Democratic Party Chairman Jim Pederson makes a lot of promises. Can he deliver? (05/17/01)
By Jim Nintzel

The Price of Doing Business
After eight years in federal prison, former Navajo Tribal Chairman Peter MacDonald has returned to the reservation. (05/10/01)
By Tim Vanderpool

A River Ran Through It
Hot, dusty Tucson was founded in a lush river valley. Will a band of green grace us again? (05/03/01)
By Margaret Regan

Troubled Waters
There's no way to understand the Tucson piece of the Santa Cruz without understanding the whole river. (05/03/01)
By Margaret Regan

Too Hot to Handle
Project Censored names the top stories buried by the mainstream media in 2000. (04/26/01)
By Gabriel Roth

Top 10 Junk Food News Stories of 2000
Here's what the mainstream media covered while they ignored Project Censored's top 10 stories. (04/26/01)

Project Censored 2000 National Judges

How the West Was Filmed
Tucson's movie industry, like the Western lifestyle it popularized, seems a little unreal and gone forever. (04/19/01)
By T.R. Hull

The Cinematic Life of Black Jack Young
No one person represents the film subculture more than 74-year-old production manager Black Jack Young. (04/19/01)
By T.R. Hull

Kukdong Crackdown
Your UA sweatshirt may have been made in a sweatshop where the workers were fed rancid meat and paid less than the already low Mexican minimum wage. (04/12/01)
By Jim Nintzel

Sweat Equity
The University of Arizona's contract with Nike has a controversial history. (04/12/01)
By Jim Nintzel

Goodbye, Columbus
The Tucson Museum of Art opens a grand new gallery of pre-conquest and historic regional art. (04/05/01)
By Margaret Regan

A Short History of the Stevens House
The sweep of history in the Tucson Museum of Art's exhibitions echoes the history of the patchwork Stevens house. (04/05/01)
By Margaret Regan

Novel Approach
Leo Sonderegger may one day be seen as the backyard scribbler who turned an industry upside down and brought legitimacy to print-on-demand publishing. (03/29/01)
By Leo W. Banks

Trigger Happy
The City Council's call for checks on all gun buyers is headed for court. (03/22/01)
By Jim Nintzel

Weapons Check
Gun buyers at the Tucson Convention Center should pass a background review. (03/22/01)
By Elliot Glicksman

Order Arms
Why target gun shows? (03/22/01)
By Emil Franzi

Arizona Irish
Diarist Mim Murphy Walsh cultivated a bit of Ireland in the young state of Arizona. (03/15/01)
By Margaret Regan

The Engine and the Engineer
Locomotive #1673 and Connie Weinzapfel rode Southern Arizona's rails for 50 years; both finally came to rest in Tucson. (03/15/01)
By Dave Devine

Conspiracy Theory
Tucson's Food Conspiracy Co-op celebrates 30 years of taking protest from the street to the kitchen and back again. (03/08/01)
By Kari Redfield

Your Cultural Creativity Quotient

Empowering the People

Diamond in the Rough
Pima County got taken, out at the ballgame. (03/01/01)
By Chris Limberis

The Bright Stuff
What really lurks inside the Mensa mind? (02/22/01)
By Lee Allen

Mensa mini-quiz
Find out if you are Mensa material. (02/22/01)

How to score the mini-quiz

What About Bob?
The Church of the SubGenius seeks to save your Slack at the first-ever Tucson Devival. (02/15/01)
By Jim Nintzel

Tucsonans take to the streets and stage to stop violence against women. (02/08/01)
By Margaret Regan

Take Back the Fight
Local V-Day activities include the award-winning 'Vagina Monologues.' (02/08/01)
By Margaret Regan

Help Hotlines

Yesterday's Blues
Even as Mayor Bob Walkup looks to the future, he's haunted by problems from the past. (02/01/01)
By Jim Nintzel

Persian Mosaic
Two decades after the hostage crisis, Americans still have trouble piecing together an accurate picture of Iran. (01/25/01)
By Dave Devine

What About Iran?
Holding 52 American hostages is the unfortunate image most in U.S. still have of Iran. (01/25/01)
By Dave Devine

Prop and Circumstance
Initiative and referendum campaigns cost more than $19 million last year, but the biggest checkbook didn't always win. (01/18/01)
By Jim Nintzel

Healthy Prognosis
Can't afford health insurance? By the end of the year, the state may have you covered. (01/18/01)
By Jim Nintzel

Freeze Play
Once state officials sort out the details, low-income seniors may see a property tax break. (01/18/01)
By Jim Nintzel

Proposition Campaign Spending
What, how much, and by whom. (01/18/01)

Don't Look at Me Different
A new book by Tucson's teenagers documents life in the city's projects. (01/11/01)
By Margaret Regan

Banking on Optics Valley
The Old Pueblo has high hopes for high tech, but little time. (01/04/01)
By D.A. Barber

Wretched Recall
An explosive look at Y2K's dubious achievements. (12/28/00)
By Leo W. Banks, Tom Danehy and Jim Nintzel

New Year's Rhapsody
2001 ways to ring in the new year. (12/21/00)
By Tim Vanderpool

New Year's Eve
Where to spend the big night. (12/21/00)

Spin Cycle
El Tour de Tucson gives financial life support to a troubled hospice. (12/14/00)
By Chris Limberis

Death By Misadventure
An excerpt from "Jack Ruby's Kitchen Sink: Offbeat Travels Through America's Southwest." (12/07/00)
By Tom Miller

No Strings Attached
Local artists find new inspiration in the ageless craft of puppetry. (11/30/00)
By Margaret Regan

And So Ye Shall Reap
Collecting leftover crops puts food on the plates of hungry Arizonans. (11/23/00)
By Lee Allen

Seeing The Forest For The Trees
The Mexican rainforest is disappearing and the coffee you drink has a lot to do with it. (11/16/00)
By Kari Redfield

The Novelist Who Shaped The City
Harold Bell Wright's Tucson legacy combines eastward sprawl with desert passion. (11/09/00)
By James L. Sell

Decisions, Decisions, 2000
Our brain trust doles out advice on ballot propositions facing local voters. (11/02/00)
By Dave Devine, Jim Nintzel, James Reel, Margaret Regan and Tim Vanderpool

Photo Finish
A vicious political battle at the UA threatens the Center for Creative Photography. (10/26/00)
By Margaret Regan

Land War
County Supervisor Sharon Bronson Faces A Challenge From Republican Barney Brenner. (10/19/00)
By Jim Nintzel

Same Difference
Republican Ann Day and Democrat Byron Howard sound awfully similar. (10/19/00)
By Jim Nintzel

Five's Alive
Supervisor Raúl Grijalva faces a challenge from Republican Rosalie López (10/19/00)
By Jim Nintzel

The Lying Game
Will the growth lobby's misinformation campaign defeat the Citizens Growth Management Initiative? (10/12/00)
By Jim Nintzel

Trick Or Treat?
The Governor says Prop 100 will help preserve open space. So why are 70 conservation groups across the state opposing it? (10/12/00)

Who's Who
Major contributors to Arizonans for Responsible Planning. (10/12/00)

A Saint Among Us
Katharine Drexel's career was a prism of race relations in America. (10/05/00)
By Margaret Regan

Trading Freedom
Sending electricity to Nogales won't empower the people in this polluted borderland ghetto. (09/21/00)
By Tim Vanderpool

Greek Tragedy
Two angry people collide on a Tucson street. (09/14/00)
By Chris Limberis

House Party
In District 13, four Democrats are fighting for two Democratic nominations in the state House of Representatives. (09/07/00)
By Jim Nintzel

Frosh Heir
A former UA Wildcat bears down on his alma mater. (08/31/00)
By Tom Danehy

Irate Lakes
After so much use and abuse, Southern Arizona's lakes have turned nasty. (08/24/00)
By Lee Allen

Shadow Boxing
Sharon Bronson is ready to campaign, but where's her opponent? (08/17/00)
By Jim Nintzel

Beating Raúl
In District 5, it all comes down to getting past incumbent Grijalva. (08/17/00)
By Jim Nintzel

Opposite Pols
The District 1 Democratic primary pits a political consultant against a political radical. (08/17/00)
By Jim Nintzel

Day And Night
District 1's Republican contenders sit on opposite ends of the GOP seesaw. (08/17/00)
By Jim Nintzel

Splitsville On The Santa Cruz
Today's breakaway burgs could learn from the early tribulations of South Tucson. (08/10/00)
By Dave Devine

When South Tucson Was Really South Of Tucson
Was South Tucson's fight to survive as a town worth the struggle? (08/10/00)
By Dave Devine

The Death of Silverio Huinil Vail
A Guatemalan's demise in the desert raises questions about U.S. border policy. (08/03/00)
By Margaret Regan

Growing Up Nuclear
A meditation from Ground Zero. (07/27/00)
By Gregory McNamee

Joiners No More
America is a land of lonely bowlers. (07/20/00)
By Tamara Straus

Social Capitalist
Former Tucson Mayor Tom Volgy talks about the dangers to democracy. (07/20/00)
By Jim Nintzel

Political Almanac 2000
Your one-stop-shopping guide to this year's candidates. (07/13/00)
By Jim Nintzel

Chasing Dreams On The Mother Road
A cruise down fabled Route 66. (07/06/00)
By Tim Vanderpool

A Contemporary Future
Julie Sasse joins the TMA team. (06/29/00)
By Margaret Regan

State Of The Arts
Is downtown taking a downturn? (06/22/00)
By Margaret Regan

X-Rated eBay
Making the best of your dirty laundry. (06/15/00)
By Deborah Picker

Tree Of Life
Why we need to protect the ironwood. (06/08/00)
By Gary Paul Nabhan

Facts And Fables (06/08/00)

Murderous Madam
In the first half of the 20th century, Gabriell Dollie Wiley left a long line of bodies in her wake. (06/01/00)
By Leo W. Banks

Night Moves
Hangin' with the homies on the southside. (05/25/00)
By Tom Danehy

A Modest Fashion Proposal
For Tucson men stuck here during the sizzling summer, perhaps cleaning up our act is the best revenge. (05/18/00)
By Dan Huff

Nightmare on Saguaro Street
About the only thing more stressful than having triplets is hiring an incompetent contractor to remodel your home. (05/11/00)
By Dan Huff

Recall And Remembrance
An in-depth look at the upcoming recall election in the Amphi School District. (05/04/00)
By Jim Nintzel

See Ya in Court
A recap of Amphi's recent legal adventures. (05/04/00)
By Chris Limberis

Final Exam
Three candidates seek to unseat Amphi's ruling majority. (05/04/00)
By Chris Limberis

Examining The Exam
Will the AIMS test improve education -- or just lower graduation rates? (04/27/00)
By Margaret Regan

How To Ace AIMS
By Margaret Regan

Delightful Dee Dinota
Canyon Del Oro's Dee Dinota is the best softball coach in town. (04/20/00)
By Tom Danehy

The Good News About Income Taxes: The Bite's Not As Bad As You Think.
As April 14 comes around, let's remember that income taxes really do soak the rich. (04/13/00)
By Jim Nintzel

Quantum Consciousness?
Brilliant thinkers put their heads together for the "Toward a Science of Consciousness, Tucson 2000" conference April 10-15. (04/06/00)
By Dan Huff

Silent Sting
Project Censored's annual list of the year's top 10 censored stories. (03/30/00)
By Carrie Ching, Tate Hausman, Don Hazen and Tamara Straus

Urban Watershed
A wash full of homeless people and a quagmire of local politics raise vital questions about our city's future. (03/23/00)
By Mari Wadsworth

Up From Desperation
Margaret Regan recounts 150 years of her family's history-from Ireland to Philadelphia. (03/16/00)
By Margaret Regan

Privacy Under Attack
Author Simson Garfinkel Explores A Chilling Vision Of The Future In An Excerpt From His New Book, "Database Nation: The Death Of Privacy In The 21st Century." (03/09/00)
By Simson Garfinkel

Your Number's Up
How local governments routinely abuse the federal Privacy Act. (03/09/00)
By Dave Devine

Sprawl Brawl
What's in a name? Find out with Growing Smarter Plus. (03/02/00)
By Jim Nintzel

Haunted By Spirits
A look at John McCain's bootlegging in-laws, and the senator's loyalty to them. (02/24/00)
By John Dougherty and Amy Silverman

Bruin Trouble
Is Arizona Game and Fish out to give Mount Lemmon bears the boot? (02/17/00)
By Tim Vanderpool

A Conspiracy of Dunces
When all is said and done, Jamie Roinick's offense consisted of being a 14-year-old boy in the wrong place at the wrong time. (02/10/00)
By Dan Huff

Master Builder
Architect Judith Chafee melded sleek modern design with the Sonoran desert. (02/03/00)
By Margaret Regan

Remembering Rockfellow
"Pioneer co-ed" Annie Graham Rockfellow designed many of Tucson's important public buildings. (01/27/00)
By Margaret Regan

What About Bob?
A look at where Tucson's headed in 2000. (01/20/00)
By Jim Nintzel

Soldier Of Fortune
Ceramist and former teacher Wendy Timm believes in "arming the innocent." (01/13/00)
By Mari Wadsworth

Suffering The Blues
When a pickup crashed into Laura Sterling's car, her nightmare was just beginning. (01/06/00)
By Dan Huff

Man Of The Millennium
In our little corner of the universe, could it be anybody other than legendary land speculator Don Diamond? (12/30/99)

The End Of The Year As We Know It
Still wondering what to do for the big night? Here's your best guide to fun, fun, fun! (12/23/99)
By Mari Wadsworth

You, Too, Can Run For President!
If Donald Trump can do it, you can, too! Your Do-It-Yourself Presidential Campaign Starter Kit! (12/16/99)
By Jim Nintzel

Shootout at Coyote Howls
Fortune turned on old-fashioned hero David Bruce Peckham. (12/09/99)
By Dan Huff

Color Bind
The black alumni of Dunbar School gather in a reunion to remember the days when they weren't considered good enough to attend school with white kids. (12/02/99)
By Tom Danehy

Class Struggle
Dunbar School has a rich history, and one group is working to ensure it has a bright future. (12/02/99)
By Margaret Regan

Conservation Conflict
Gov. Jane Dee Hull is giving environmentalists the silent treatment. (11/25/99)
By Amy Silverman

Royal Flush
Though she was interested in art all her life, Barbara Kennedy created her best works after the age of 66, inspired by a close encounter with handmade paper at a San Francisco gallery in 1977. (11/18/99)
By Margaret Regan

Flights Of Fancy
Finding new life for old planes. (11/11/99)
By Mari Wadsworth

Scum Of The Earth
The Arizona State Land Department is a whorehouse of institutionalized corruption and insider dealing. You want proof? Check out our new rumpus room. (11/04/99)
By Dan Huff

Molly For Mayor
Well, good golly, why not give Ms. Molly a shot this time around? (10/28/99)

The Final Stretch
In less than two weeks, Tucsonans will choose a new mayor. Will it be Molly McKasson or Bob Walkup? (10/21/99)
By Jim Nintzel

Historic Opportunity
Tucson has not been kind to its birthplace. Will that change with Proposition 400? (10/14/99)
By Margaret Regan

Coming Attractions?
Representatives of four museums have hopes of getting their projects on the Rio Nuevo agenda. Only two of them already exist. (10/14/99)
By Margaret Regan

Cat Fight
Notes on the biggest high-school football game of the season. (10/07/99)
By Tom Danehy

Mondo Vegas
Las Vegas is a city of signs. (09/30/99)
By Gregory McNamee

He Said/She Said
Where are David Franklin's missing children? (09/16/99)
By Dan Huff

Guilt By Association
You'd better be careful what color you paint your gate in Monterra Hills. (09/09/99)
By Tim Vanderpool

McKasson For Mayor
We’re voting for Molly McKasson on Tuesday, September 7--and you should, too. (09/02/99)

Downtown Showdown
The Tucson Downtown Alliance's Business Improvement District is under close scrutiny after one year of operation. (08/26/99)
By Margaret Regan

Hey, Big Box Man!
El Con's plans to bring in a giant Wal-Mart has neighbors worried-and the City Council is in the middle of the fight. (08/19/99)
By Dan Huff

Food Chain-Gang
As big agribusiness companies eliminate genetic diversity in our food crops, a local organization fights to preserve seeds from vanishing crops. (08/12/99)
By Kay Sather

City Hall Showdown
Four Democrats battle for the nomination in Tucson's mayoral contest. (08/05/99)
By Chris Limberis and Jim Nintzel

State of Inequity
Why are local governments feeling a budget pinch? Maybe because the state is hanging on to all our money. (07/29/99)
By Emil Franzi

Nightmare In Tin
Tucson's slums can be a deadly place. (07/22/99)
By Dan Huff

Unjust Bust
Following a painful SWAT raid, an elderly Native American couple sues the City of Tucson. (07/15/99)
By Tim Vanderpool

Satanic Majesty
The way it goes for high school teachers these days is you generally don't want to chitchat with kids you've given a D, particularly strapping lads who work for an organization to whom you owe money for narcotics. (07/08/99)
By Jim Nintzel

Mat Rats
Great local pro-wrestling is more than just a battle of words and wits. There are also the costumes. (07/01/99)
By James DiGiovanna