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Time Market Deli and Pizza
444 E. University Blvd.

STAFF PICK: We gotta say it. When Time Market underwent renovations and a change in their offerings a few years ago, we were worried that it may have "yuppified" itself into oblivion. And now we're gladly eating crow (not on the menu) for our pessimistic thoughts. Time Market is one highly valuable member of our community, for reasons we'll gladly share:

1. The deli was improved by simplifying, and the sandwiches are better than ever.

2. The wood-fired pizza not only tastes wonderful, it makes the neighborhood smell great--and they deliver.

3. The coffee variations are quite respectable (especially the café mocha made with soy milk).

4. We love the gourmet Italian foodstuffs available.

5. The wine selection is impressive.

6. Sweet things from the bakery case.

7. Our favorite: fresh-baked breads. We're currently in love with the Italian table bread.

As a bonus, you might stumble up there on a Sunday for the morning paper, and find yourself greeted by one of our local bicycle racing teams on a pit stop to load carbohydrates. Now that's a sweet visual treat on any day of the week.

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