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Rainbow Guitars
2550 N. Campbell Ave.

STAFF PICK: Perusing other music stores in town, one finds a preponderance of those angular, sharp, pointy guitars like the guys in Van Halen play. Expectations go up in inverse proportion to blood pressure when in the presence of rows of Fenders, Gibsons and Martins, which is why all roads eventually lead back to Rainbow Guitars. The real epiphany at Rainbow is when you come across one of those beat-to-blazes but still playable '50s Telecasters, with the lacquer worn off the maple fretboard and initials carved in the finish. You can only gaze and imagine the warrior years of twang emanating from such tarnished strings and single-coil pickups. Working musicians get the best advice at Rainbow, not only about guitars, but about women, clothes, sound systems, drums and repair options. They have all the groovy pedals, two-for-one strings, cheap cables, and those retro, nine-volt DanElectro batteries that are cool enough to give out as party favors. And just think, Rainbow has moving up the street to a new location with even more room for all those great guitars.

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