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Best Way To "Waste-Water"

Tucson Water's Sweetwater Wetlands
Prince Road and Interstate 10

STAFF PICK: It might be downwind, sometimes, from a stinky waste-water treatment plant, but the birds sure love it--and we should, too, considering it naturally purifies the yucky water we produce--and supplies recharge basins--while providing a happy habitat for all kinds of wildlife. The Sweetwater Wetlands near Prince and I-10 opened in March 1998, with park-like facilities for the public (benches, sidewalks, bridges, restrooms and interpretive signage) after countless species of birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals had already moved in. Someday, we Westerners (as in the whole sorry hemisphere) will recognize the folly of defecating in water purified for drinking, and get a clue about the really basic science involved in safely converting our organic waste into super stuff for the soil. In the meantime, enjoy the ducks.

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