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Best Outdoor Playground

Reid Park
Country Club Road and 22nd Street

READERS' PICK: Two words: paddle boats. The paddle boats at Reid Park are the ultimate way for a parent and child to bond. Pedaling in sync, you and your young 'un can talk, enjoy nature, and even dare to encircle the dreaded Duck Island like crazed pirates. If we had our way, all of Tucson's streets would be filled with water and turned into paddle-boat thoroughfares. C'mon, El Niño! Paddle boats aside, Reid Park has some of the best playgrounds you'll find--especially in the southwest corner of the park, where giant multicolored turtles roam the land, and sand-filled areas ensure that your kids' knees remain unscraped despite the vigors of swing sets and spiral slides. Covered picnic areas are ideal for children's parties, and then there's the zoo--don't get us started on the wonders of the zoo. But wait, we're not finished yet! If you head over to the east side, bordered by Alvernon Way, there's also a terrific skateboarding park and swimming pool at the Randolph Center. Whew!

READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: There are 27 McDonald's locations to choose from, but we imagine it's the Tanque Verde Road location that has kids glued to the backseat window crying, "Pleeeeease, can we go there?" That east-side location is guarded by a larger-than-life Tyrannosaurus Rex with glowing red eyes, which stands vigil next to the drive-thru daring anyone to complain about the toy in his Happy Meal. They also have the standard Mickey D's plastic gymnasium, sort of half-inside, half-outside, which apparently our readers love.

Case History

1997 Winner: McDonald's
1996 Winner: Reid Park
1995 Winner: Discovery Zone Funcenter

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