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Jersey Joe's
1628 E. Sixth St.

STAFF PICK: Basta with the roast beef, already! (Although we can't in good conscience let it remain unsaid that these guys make it the old-fashioned way--by marinating a whole, prime roast overnight, and then cooking it right there in their tiny sandwich shop--just to make sandwiches. It's almost a crime.) Anyway, it seems Joey, co-owner of Jersey Joe's, has had a change of heart (maybe a bypass), because he's been pushing the pastas pretty hard this year. In fact, he's been giving the stuff away, to anyone who happens to be waiting for a sandwich. (Another crime, of which we've often been the guilty beneficiaries.) And let there be no mistake: The glass-top tables may not have linen, but these boys simmer a marinara sauce worthy of the Pope in Rome himself. Sweet, juicy tomatoes, pungent basil, mellow, melt-in-your-mouth garlic, and we don't know what the secret is here, but we can't get enough of it. Word on the street is that they make a mean Florentine, too (redolent with spinach, parmesan, romano and spices). And these Jersey boys' penne is always firm. Heh-heh. Don't tell Mama we said that.

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