Best Radio DJ

Spyder Rhodes
KFMA 92.1-FM

READERS' PICK: We remember when he was just a dogged Club Congress deejay, spinning those silly mod songs we all loved to pretend we hated. But since the inception of alternative rock station KFMA three years ago, Spyder Rhodes has surfed to the crest of the nostalgic New Wave retro-rock trend. His 80-minute "Eat Your Eighties" program, weekdays starting at high noon, has earned a loyal following of unrepentant pop-rock aficionados. The sound of his perpetually young-sounding voice says it all as he eggs on the Old Pueblo's most esoteric requests with an enthusiastic, "I LOVE that song!"

Widely accepted as the arbiter of all '80s rock worth remembering, he brings a panoply of music knowledge and arcane trivia to the airwaves. The glorious, synthesized sounds of every '80s icon from The Cure to the Thompson Twins has found its way into his arachnid archives. Die-hard Duranies and "Kiss Me Deadly" Gen Xers (the band, not the buzzword) search no more...Spyder is in the house! (During the rest of his time on the clock, he spins the requisite '90s alterna-hits and banters with Suzie Dunn; but it's his encyclopedic knowledge of the millennium's most forgettable rock that sets him apart from the herd...and for that, God bless him!)


Case History

1998 Winner: Chuck Roast
1996 Winner: Kidd Squidd
1995 Winner: Kidd Squidd

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