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Conrad Joyner

Conrad Joyner is a retired UA political science professor, and has served on both the Tucson City Council and the Pima County Board of Supervisors. His national political career spanned every presidential administration from Eisenhower through Reagan. Currently, he's on safari in Africa, taking photos for his second career as a photographer. In addition to infrequent gallery exhibits, his work is on display in his home studio-gallery.

Best Trio Of Restaurants

There are three restaurants I like very much. I'd put as number one Robert's on Grant. They serve "farm" food. It costs about five dollars for breakfast and five dollars for lunch. Then I like Salvatores Italian Restaurant, because after my stroke Salvatore brought some food to me. He's a great guy. Another place I like is the Kingfisher, which we enjoy because my wife Walis loves mussels...and I like mussels, too. It also has some half-assed Cajun food, and I like that. There are others, but those are the three which I go to most often. The fourth one, which is not so bad but it costs too much, is Le Rendezvous. I say, "Claude, it costs too much!" But the food is great.

Best Thing About Coming Home To Tucson

An old guy that I worked with, Ford, the President, used to say that when he would come home into New York or Boston, or wherever he was, he'd feel, "Dear God, I'm home"--and pray right there. "I'm home!" I do the same thing when I come in from Phoenix. There's a sign about 25 miles from Tucson. I look over there and it says, "Pima," and I feel that I'm back. After 37 years, every time I come back I feel the same way. And I look down the street and see the University and go to the Rincon Market where some of my old friends are having coffee--this is just home.

Best Political Cronies

I'd put George Miller way at the top as a great man, a wonderful person. George and I have been friends for many years, working for transportation and all sorts of things; and right now he's not very happy with me. But that's OK; we're friends and it will come back together. In fact, when he became mayor, I said, "George, now remember, when you're finished with all these years as a mayor, we'll still be together as friends." And we will. I feel good about him. Now, another good man is Jim Kolbe. I don't see Jim that often. I don't have to. But if there's any problem, I just call. And Jim and I have been friends for 30 years. Jim, to me, is a remarkable man. He handles all the negative comments about being a gay man and things like that, so I have a great respect for him and I hope that he can stay around for a long, long time. Walis and I have talked about this, and she's asked, "What politicians do you like?" And I said, "With the exception of Ed Moore, I just like politicians."

Best Place In Tucson To Take A Memorable Photo

It's about cactuses and sunsets, no question. I know, because I've sold them! At Oracle and Ina (is a great site): I walked around there and somehow I got it. A great friend was with me and she said, "This is it, this is it!" Sunsets are the best, if you can do them, and I believe that. Another one is the County building. In fact, I've sold many of the old courthouse.

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