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Best Taco & Hot-dog Stand

BK Hot-Dogs
5118 S. 12th Ave.

STAFF PICK: It was just a few short years ago that folks caught their first glimpse of Bennie Galaz pushing his bright-red hot-dog cart along the streets of Tucson's south side. His Sonoran hot-dogs were addictive--large frankfurters wrapped in crispy bacon, fresh chopped onions and tomatoes lovingly placed inside the doughy cleft of a specially made bun. Topped with a patriotic striping of ketchup, mayonnaise and green chile salsa, who could resist? Now the tubular meat entrepreneur has permanent digs on South 12th Avenue. He's expanded the menu slightly to include his secret recipe for carne asada. Rumor has it that Galaz goes through nearly 3,000 pounds of ribeye steak every month in his attempt to meet the insatiable demands of his customers. BK's fresh salsa bar always includes at least three varieties (don't bother trying to determine which one is hottest--they're all fiery but delicious); shredded cabbage, sliced cucumbers, pickled red onions and a snappy guacamole. The crimson hot-dog stand still stands at the front of the establishment and the same marvelous wieners are still served from it. No single item at BK's exceeds two bucks. Sit back, pop open a Mexican soda and let your digestive juices tango to the strains of salsa music. To review: BK's is delicious, BK's is cheap and BK's is fun. Why go anywhere else?

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