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Best Chicago-Style Hot Dog

Steve's Hot Dogs
El Presidio Park

STAFF PICK: The good people of Chicago have a propensity for putting fresh produce on their hot dogs. They dispense with ketchup and replace it with a tomato wedge; they forsake relish in exchange for a kosher pickle spear. Hey, they just want to be different. Just like that whole deep-dish pizza thing. The Chicago-style hot dog has its day locally at Steve's Hot Dog Stand, appropriately located downtown in El Presidio Park (Alameda Street and Church Avenue, behind the Pima County Courthouse). On weekdays and during special events, he piles whole peppers, mustard, chopped onions, tomato and pickle slices onto his steamed dogs, finishing strong with a dash of celery salt. Steve doesn't just make Chicago-style dogs; he builds them. The whole production is somehow contained in a single poppy seed bun. Two hands are needed for this unwieldy but delicious meal. We recommend devouring your dog at a discreet distance from the park's resident pigeon patrol. These brazen birds also know a good thing when they see it.

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