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A look at some things that are askew in our society. (08/21/03)

Lunch Crunch
Some schools allow students off campus for lunch--causing tie ups and dangerous streets. (08/14/03)

Off the Sidelines
Salpointe basketball coach Brian Peabody is out of a job--despite a winning record. (08/14/03)

Milking the NFL
An open letter to the widow of former Minnesota Viking Korey Stringer. (08/07/03)

Coulter Club
Of all the recent liberal-bashing books, New Right Babe Ann Coulter's is the worst. (07/31/03)

I Like Bike
The Tour de France fills Tom's void during the summer TV downtime. (07/24/03)

Reefer Madness
Chewing the fat with Damon Stoudamire--sort of. (07/17/03)

Out of Bounds
Are club teams and unrealistic expectations ruining the sports experience for kids? (07/10/03)

New Era
European players are bringing back old-school basketball and a breath of fresh air to the NBA. (07/10/03)

Deadly Thoughts
Ruminations on how to meet the master. (07/03/03)

Flying High
Local track star Connie Jerz hopes to pole vault her way to Athens. (06/26/03)

The Name Game
"Dick" and "Jane" just don't cut it anymore. (06/19/03)

A Mile in His Shoes
These days, sneakers are expensive, poorly made and full of hot air. (06/12/03)

Guidance Grab Bag
A few words of wisdom for those in need of a wake-up call. (06/05/03)

Tube Tops
Tom likes to watch. (05/29/03)

Rule Violations
Those who don't follow established regulations may be headed down a path of crime. (05/22/03)

Of God and Men
Determining whether we were created or evolved makes for an adult discussion. (05/15/03)

Track Twins
Mountain View High School's Emily and Valerie McGregor are about to embark on a most excellent adventure. (05/08/03)

Entitled to Nothing
Your right to have what you want only goes so far. (05/08/03)

Picture Unperfect
Catching red-light runners by camera would make our streets much safer. (05/01/03)

Dim Bulbs
A look at some recent not-so-bright behavior from the masses. (04/24/03)

Iraq Inquiries
A look at some unanswered questions about the war. (04/17/03)

Baby Boom Bungles
Our entire generation should regret this list of unfortunate occurrences. (04/10/03)

Adventures in Jury Duty
Being civic-minded has its challenges. (04/03/03)

Bush-League Baseball
By canceling their opening series in Japan, baseball players showed what cretins they are. (03/27/03)

Impaired Thinking
Society still takes an approach with drunk drivers that's much too lenient. (03/20/03)

Coach for Hire
Danehy throws his jock in the ring to become a UA assistant football coach. (03/13/03)

Sunny Side Up
An unexpected look at what's good in the world. (03/06/03)

Place Your Bets
A few things to wager the farm on (or not). (02/27/03)

The Golden Boy
If Luke Walton were any more old school, you'd have to call him William & Mary. (02/20/03)

Oil Whores
Buying Iraq may eliminate high gas prices and prevent a war. (02/20/03)

In the Big Time
Jimmy Kimmel made his way from the Tucson airwaves to a new late-night talk show. (02/13/03)

Needing a Vacation
Common sense isn't always found in the workplace. (02/06/03)

Foul Shots
Coaching high school sports has its rewards, but some parents can be downright offensive. (01/30/03)

Road Trip
The Seven Wonders of Southern Arizona. (01/23/03)

Title Icks
The Bush Administration targets Title IX. (01/16/03)

Coffee Klatch
A bagel and a cup of Joe can be hazardous to your wallet--and SUV. (01/09/03)

Around the Bend
A look ahead at the biggest stories of 2003. (01/02/03)

Knock Knock Knocking on Hell's Door
A list of people you won't find at the pearly gates. (12/26/02)

Santa's Helper
Amanda Vega-Ramos provides a gift to the southside--a new city park. (12/19/02)

Under the Elephant
A look at what's coming with the Republicans in charge. (12/12/02)

Flipping The Bird
An Arizona Cardinals fan comes to his senses. (12/05/02)

180 + 180 = 360
And you thought the UA football program was going in circles? (11/28/02)

Writing Wrongs
Ignorant, fat, bald, disgusting, un-American, racist--and that's just Mom's opinion. (11/21/02)

Electoral Autopsy
Trying to find some bright spots among the rubble... (11/14/02)

Bad Rap
The death of the civil-rights movement is greatly exaggerated--as is the importance of hip-hop. (11/07/02)

Potheads for Debby Boone
If you can't read or do the math, you can still get out and vote. Ya got an opinion, doncha? (10/31/02)

Six Days of Never-Ending War
Two books shed light on Israel's military prowess and need for victory. (10/31/02)

Elysian Fields
A father's dream for the Angels comes true. (10/24/02)

School Daze
A longtime teacher has just about had his fill. (10/17/02)

Indian Givers
Every time native Americans get a leg up, whites try to change the rules. This time, it's gaming. (10/10/02)

Press Code
10 Ways to Improve the Media. (10/03/02)

What you learn after it hits the fan. (09/26/02)

The Bell Tolls
The children of the most selfish generation of parents in history are paying the price. (09/19/02)

Saddle Up
When Jason Gardner goes pro, he'll need a posse. Here's the man to lead it. (09/12/02)

September 11
A few facts you may have missed in the avalanche of press coverage a year later. (09/05/02)

Get Smart
A few school policies that need to be re-thought. (08/29/02)

How about a baseball announcer who calls a good game well? (08/22/02)

Chain of Fools
A shake of a finger--maybe even the finger--at this misbehaving and annoying lot. (08/15/02)

Chewing the Fat
Hold on to your love handles--another ridiculous lawsuit is upon us. (08/08/02)

Going, Going, Gone
A few things we'd be better off without. (08/01/02)

Get Down
There's more to Mass than kneeling for prayer. Even the priests get a little funky time. (07/25/02)

Yak Yak Yak
Don't talk back on those cell phones. (07/18/02)

Snakes and Sidewinders
Summer, inept politicians and corporate greed abound, but baseball is here and autumn is coming. (07/11/02)

No Matches Necessary
Extremists provide plenty of political fireworks this Independence Day. (07/04/02)

Shooting Off at the Mouth
Guns don't kill people. Gun owners do. So is that why we let the NRA decide our gun laws? (06/27/02)

A Kick in the Cup
The TW Sports Desk reviews this week's soccer highlights. (06/20/02)

Girl Power
Women can play just as tough as the boys. (06/13/02)

Hot Air
Don't talk about summer. Do something to make it memorable. (06/06/02)

The Next Big Thing
Kick a soccer ball into the 'Net and become an athletic supporter. (05/30/02)

Meaty Topics
You can toss tortillas, but can you dribble a leather basketball? (05/23/02)

Who Needs Good P.R.?
White American hoopsters, the Catholic Church and Randall Gnant, but not Mike Tyson. (05/16/02)

Mother Knows Best
Times have changed, but mothers still deserve our respect. (05/09/02)

Net Success
The UA men's club volleyball team sets a winning standard for all to follow. (05/02/02)

What's goin' on?
These days it's hard to tell one political party from the other. (04/25/02)

Not Worth It
Parents living their sports dreams vicariously through their children do them a disservice. (04/18/02)

The Big Man on Campus is a Woman
A half-century ago, Jack Armstrong was radio's All-American Boy. He was swell--not only a terrific athlete but a great guy as well. Like the U of A's Jennie Finch, he didn't smoke, drink, or cuss. But he probably couldn't have hit her best pitch either. (04/11/02)

Reasons to sneer
Oro Valley has its own way of doing things. (04/11/02)

Planes, Trains And Automobiles
He's no wild and crazy guy, but that's not what you want in car repair, now is it? (04/04/02)

Holy Defined
The Gonzales sisters exemplify the true meaning of Easter. (03/28/02)

Nothing for Money
Technology makes it a breeze to download music from the Internet. That doesn't make it right. (03/21/02)

March Musings
In the hoop dreams of incipient springtime dance endless visions of tall young men cutting down nylon nets. (03/14/02)

Breath of Fresh Air
Before cable TV and VCRs, there was the late movie. Back when Tucson TV personalities were real, Hank Lominac was the realest of all. (03/07/02)

Gold Digger
Our personal-finance advisor sums up the Olympics. Want a Canadian dime? (02/28/02)

'Everybody's Doing It'
But when dealing with banks, we're the ones getting screwed. (02/21/02)

On this Day of Love, in this season of Lent, let us suffer the fools. (02/14/02)

Statistics show that most state legislators can't, or don't, count. (02/07/02)

Stupor Bowl
Here are some dark alleys for your mind to wander into during the big game. (01/31/02)

Gun Disease
The number-one killer of teens is turning out to be other teens. (01/24/02)

Chat Room Tempest
Can this be the final word on home schooling and high-school sports? (01/17/02)

Post-Holiday Boos
Humbugs to Ibarra, Arensa and Abu-Jamal. (01/10/02)

Kwanzaa Quandary
Why would anyone celebrate such a bogus holiday? (01/03/02)

The Rake's Progress
Now we know why they claim classical music is "elevating." (12/27/01)

Double Standard
Home-schooled kids don't belong in school sports. (12/20/01)

The White Stuff
A Caucasian Compendium. (12/13/01)

Where's the Beef?
The carnivorous curmudgeon responds to our animal-rights feature. (12/06/01)

Home Team Wins
Jim Fogltance "un-retires" to coach a few more kids. (11/29/01)

Drama Coach
The continuing, gripping saga of a coach who loses even when he wins. (11/22/01)

News Hounds
Coverage of Monday's plane crash shows that journalism has gone to the dogs. (11/15/01)

Booster Rocket
In Sierra Vista, high-school sports benefit from sky-high fund raising. (11/08/01)

Whirled Series
In a spin over baseball overload and other annoyances. (11/08/01)

Paternity Sweat
And whose little girl are you? (11/01/01)

Raising Arizona
What doesn't it take to raise good kids? (10/25/01)

Cat Scratches
John Mackovic's team isn't putting up much of a fight. (10/18/01)

Pointing Fingers
Women stay with creeps because the world sucks. (10/11/01)

Terrorizing Thoughts
What passes for logic in the wake of September 11th. (10/04/01)

Old School
An overage high-school football player gets set to hammer kids who actually belong in the game. (09/27/01)

Rapid Response, Part 2
High schoolers react to the September 11 attack. (09/20/01)

Rapid Response
A self-avowed sensitive guy gets tough on terrorism. (09/13/01)

Penury for Your Thoughts
Angela Nissel's "Broke Diaries" strikes it rich. (09/13/01)

Noetic License
Unmarried couples only think they're equal to their wedded counterparts. (09/06/01)

Riddle Me This
The Answer Dude returns. (08/30/01)

Maturity Leave
Danehy has to settle the score. (08/23/01)

Ball Bearings
Riki Ellison returns to his roots for some life coaching. (08/16/01)

Tom's Kvetch-O-Rama
More of the usual spew from Tucson's most vocal couch potato. (08/09/01)

August, Ick
Inspiring little admiration and even less awe, the eighth month is just plain insufferable. (08/02/01)

Flower Power
Whether or not they work, herbal supplements are hotter than acid at Woodstock. (07/26/01)

Cheese Stands Alone
Kolbe's raising a stink over nothing. (07/26/01)

Tough Calls
Bust your cell phone, and give the cops a break. (07/19/01)

In the summer heat, ASU mirages rise from the asphalt. (07/12/01)

Straw Man
Alas, this summer might not suck. (07/05/01)

Club Footing
The Boys & Girls Club gives everybody a head start, even big-mouthed Italian kids. (06/28/01)

Fleece Academy
Here's a get-rich-quick scheme: Open a charter school. (06/21/01)

Out on a Limb
Doc Robertson's Family Tree flourishes in a harsh environment. (06/21/01)

Tube Boobs
It's Blockbuster versus consumers, but who's taking advantage of whom? (06/14/01)

No Wonder Years
After a long hiatus, The Answer Dude returns. (06/07/01)

Both Sides Now
An inveterate cynic tries the Pollyanna approach. (05/31/01)

Tom Foolery
Reading this column will leave you Danehied. (05/24/01)

Caught in the Middle
Ward 3 City Council candidate Vicki Hart is a nice person; so is her detractor in The Skinny. (05/17/01)

Los Dias de las Madres
Praise the Mamas, but for kids' sake, don't forget the Papas. (05/10/01)

Heart to Heart
Those intensive work-outs sure build up an appetite. (05/03/01)

Idiots Rule
Bald-headed women, Bill Walton and cell phones. Just take me now. (04/26/01)

Alley Cats
Some overweening, not-quite-winning UA players are going out on the prowl. (04/19/01)

Decathlon of Disgust
Here are the top 10 reasons to be pissed off this week. (04/12/01)

Underachievers' Diary
The Wildcats finally came through, even if they didn't ultimately win. (04/05/01)

Four Play
A number of reasons the Cats are headed for a championship. (03/29/01)

Mo's Better Blues
Recounting the life and times of an Arizona giant. (03/29/01)

Out of Bounds
The Arizona Legislature drops the ball. (03/22/01)

This white man gets jumpy at the end of college basketball season. (03/15/01)

Piques in the Valley
Simplify your life and pass your annoyances along. (03/08/01)

And Baby Makes Two
Hollywood bastardizes another aspect of life. (03/01/01)

Bull Market
Yee-hah! Here comes the rodeo! (02/22/01)

Dead Can Dribble
Coolidge would be just a dusty, open grave if it weren't for its crack basketball team. (02/15/01)

Sweat Smell of X-cess
The XFL is the best thing that ever happened to video stores. (02/08/01)

On the Wrong Foot
Tampa's Super Bowl missed the mark by a long shot. (02/01/01)

Gender Bias
Men and women simply disagree on a few essential points. (01/25/01)

Going Postal
Do writers of hate mail have to buy more stamps if they use big words? (01/18/01)

Teed Off
Don't be annoyed by the Tucson Open; golf's a gas. (01/11/01)

More Than Meets the Eye
Behind every lucky man, there's a great woman. (01/04/01)

Wretched Recall
An explosive look at Y2K's dubious achievements. (12/28/00)

Man Of The Century
Time to mop up the 20th century. (12/28/00)

Post Partum Depression
Now that the Electoral System has arduously given birth to a new president, the shock is setting in. (12/21/00)

Most of this election's winners and losers weren't even running. (12/14/00)

Full Court Press
Certain justices and sportswriters are held in contempt. (12/07/00)

Reversal Of Fortune
Searching for what it takes to wake up to life. (11/30/00)

Giblets and driblets for your post-turkey haze. (11/23/00)

The Rap-Up
A study on the evolution of one five-letter, four-letter word. (11/16/00)

Feeling Bushed
A Democrat makes a long Election Day's journey into night. (11/09/00)

Pyrrhic Victories
Only Danehy can turn a winning streak into defeat. (11/02/00)

Tube Stake
Chickens, ducks and dogs, oh my. (10/26/00)

Mass Confusion
Church shouldn't be like a monster truck rally. (10/19/00)

Wiccan Wonderland
Danehy contemplates fans of full moons and football. (10/12/00)

Jock Radio
All roads lead away from Jim Rome. (10/05/00)

Olympic Flame
Coverage of the Sydney Games is rating high on the Suck-o-Meter. (09/28/00)

Equi-Noxious Fumes
The weather may be changing, but Danehy stays the same. (09/21/00)

Doggerel Days
It doesn't take much In these placid times to make us wax poetic. (09/14/00)

Charter Flight
Not content to piss off only the home-schoolers, Danehy mocks the other alternative ed. (09/07/00)

Frosh Heir
A former UA Wildcat bears down on his alma mater. (08/31/00)

Crystal Football
Answer Dude, who's never been right about the Cats, predicts the best of times, the worst of times. (08/31/00)

Dem Bones
Dorkiness triumphed at the Democratic convention. (08/24/00)

Kind Hearts & Epithets
What it boils down to is either we have free speech or we don't. (08/17/00)

Philly Cheese Stakes
Those "inclusive" Republicans will just shred their tent into costumes for a toga party. (08/10/00)

The Whores of Summer
At the annual college basketball meat market, can Lute avoid being just another john? (08/03/00)

Splurge Or Purge?
The diet's gonna kill ya, one way or another. (07/27/00)

Random Notes
Ruminations on the Diamondbacks, cell-phone users, the U.S. men's soccer team and Emil Franzi's radio audience. (07/20/00)

Flesh Wounds
Tattoos and triple-digit IQs don't mix. (07/13/00)

Foul Shot
Let's not be in such a rush to forgive Jason Terry. (07/06/00)

V For Victory
Bob Vielledent is one of the best coaches in Arizona, even if he can't complete a sentence. (06/29/00)

Solstice Searching
It's time to get off our axis and get on with our lives. (06/22/00)

Bird Watching
The Cardinals are coming--big whoop. (06/15/00)

Road To Nowhere
Long-form follows function in a southbound sedan on S.R. 90. (06/08/00)

Tube Tied
Presenting the Tommies, year 2000. (06/01/00)

Night Moves
Hangin' with the homies on the southside. (05/25/00)

Dynamite Diamonds
The UA women's softball team looks toward another championship. (05/25/00)

Huddle Up
Let's tackle the question of a football program at PCC. (05/18/00)

Speaking Volumes
Recommended reading for the lazy days of summer. (05/18/00)

Fight Club
You could throw in space aliens and pirates and it wouldn't make boxing any less reputable. (05/11/00)

Hoops Scoops
Tom ponders the NBA playoffs. (05/04/00)

Adiós, Amigo
Tom bids farewell to outgoing editor/publisher Douglas Biggers. (04/27/00)

Delightful Dee Dinota
Canyon Del Oro's Dee Dinota is the best softball coach in town. (04/20/00)

No Justice
Drunk driver Marissa Rodriguez got off way too easy. (04/20/00)

Rattle And Hum
Sidewinders' owner Jay Zucker is making baseball fun again. (04/13/00)

Rhythm & Views

Tokyo Doze
Tom's notes on major league baseball's season opener in Tokyo. (04/06/00)

Agreeable Disagreement
Why Tom's a little different from the rest of the TW gang. (03/30/00)

All-Star Bloopers
Tom offers some suggestions to the Star's editorial staff. (03/23/00)

Power Of A Tourney
A half-page comprehensive guide to the NCAA competition. (03/16/00)

Hearing Problems
Tom endures the unhappy inevitability of overheard conversations. (03/09/00)

Close Minded
The open-primary system is wreaking havoc on the American political process. (03/02/00)

Sports And Politics
Tom muses about the AIA, John McCain, and grumpy Sam Hughes residents. (02/24/00)

Ladies First
You have no excuse for not catching the UA women's basketball team on the court. (02/17/00)

Soccer Tom
Tom endures a lesson in the fine art of offsides. (02/10/00)

Impossible Dream
So The Rams have won a Super Bowl. What next? (02/03/00)

Emcee Glamour
Tom chats with the undisputed king of Tucson radio. (01/27/00)

A Friend In Need
The circumstances surrounding the mysterious death of a New West clubgoer. (01/20/00)

The Danehy Quiz
Conversation pieces for those agonizing lulls. (01/13/00)

Midterm Grades
Tom doles out his annual grades to the Wildcat basketballers. (01/06/00)

Sorry, But...
Tom backs off a bit from his earlier position on home schooling--but just a bit. (12/23/99)

Barkley's Last Basket
Barkley was one of the last links to a league where winning used to be more important than shoe deals. (12/16/99)

Trouble In Paradise
Dave Barry delivers a scandalously funny look at a few days in the lives of some South Floridans. (12/16/99)

Odds And Ends
Things you might have missed due to the Tryptophan epidemic a couple weeks back. (12/09/99)

Color Bind
The black alumni of Dunbar School gather in a reunion to remember the days when they weren't considered good enough to attend school with white kids. (12/02/99)

Just Joshin'
Josh Pastner, for those who have managed to avoid UA basketball the past four years, is one of the truly unique college athletes of our time. (12/02/99)

Speed Kills
Every street in America is a law-enforcement zone, and drivers should always abide by the law. (11/25/99)

World Beat
It's National Geography Week, and this one is way more important than, say, National Pickle Week, which most of you probably missed last month. (11/18/99)

Natural Selection
"Isaac's Storm" is Eric Larson's haunting retelling of America's worst-ever natural disaster, the super-hurricane of 1900 which destroyed most of Galveston, Texas. (11/18/99)

Poor Sports
Let me make this as clear as possible. I hate home schooling. (11/11/99)

Bowl Challenge
We have to deal with six billion idiots who think this New Year's Eve is somehow special. (11/04/99)

Tomey's Inferno
If I live a normal life span, I should be able to see man land on Mars, a cure for cancer, and maybe even the Second Coming of Christ. But no Rose Bowl Cats. (10/28/99)

Taking The Heat
Takin' care of some correspondence. (10/21/99)

Rosie The Riveting
Rosie Garcia will jump on any bandwagon if it's headed in the right direction, and if a needed bandwagon doesn't exist, she'll start one. (10/14/99)

Cat Fight
Notes on the biggest high-school football game of the season. (10/07/99)

Bored To Run
Comments on a cross-country meet. (10/07/99)

Love/Hate Relationship
Brian said he knew immediately that she was the one when he saw that she could go to her left. (09/30/99)

Best Bets
Tom's 10 local-sports must-sees. (09/23/99)

This And That
Tom's thoughts on everything from Arizona politics to Joan and Melissa Rivers. (09/16/99)

Huddle Up
A few things to fear this NFL season. (09/09/99)

Hot To Trot
There’s no stopping 16-year-old spitfire Michael Smith. (09/02/99)

Penn State Of Mind
Decisive commentary on this weekend's Wildcats-Penn State game. (08/26/99)

Man-Made Controversy
Pennock provides an informative look at the history of the anti-evolution movement. (08/26/99)

Pigskin Mania
The Wildcats tear up the turf at Cochise College. (08/19/99)

Divine Intervention
Jerry and God talk shop. (08/12/99)

Future Schlock
How the Amphi Panther football team came to win the 2003 5A state championship game by the score of 84-0. (08/05/99)

Cactus Spine-Tingler
J.A. Jance's latest mystery is a perfect airplane read-entertaining, if not exactly challenging. (08/05/99)

Talkin' Baseball
We've only got a couple more months before the games start meaning something. (07/29/99)

Sean's Blues
In the face of a kidney transplant, Sean Elliot displays characteristic courage. (07/29/99)

French Press
Van De Velde brought life, spirit and emotion to the most boring sport on earth. (07/22/99)

Dear Billy
Billy, it's not too late. You can straighten out. (07/15/99)

My Chat With Charlton
Charlton Heston lets his work speak for him. (07/08/99)

By Dawn's Early Light
Mornings suck. And pre-mornings suck geometrically. (07/01/99)