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Cowboys and Roman Columns
Despite heated disagreements, the residents of Patagonia say community comes first. (07/03/03)

Troubled Home on the Range
Ranchers face a battle against environmentalists for prime grazing land. (06/19/03)

Drinking Problem
Vandals strike at water stations designed to save migrant lives. (05/29/03)

Keeping Tabs
UA's SEVIS program takes a "Big Brother" approach to tracking foreign students. (04/24/03)

Fear and Loafing
Despite promises of heightened security, nothing seems different in Nogales. (03/27/03)

This Land Is Our Land
A move is afoot to extend--and even increase--fees to access public lands. (03/27/03)

Rights of Passage
O'odhams and Yaquis face obstacles when crossing the border to visit the reservations where they were born. (02/27/03)

Access Denied
Is it constitutional for Arizona to block prisoners from posting information online? (01/23/03)

Skirting Pain
A private investigator plies his trade turning up workers' comp cheats in Tucson. It's big business. (01/16/03)

Sea of Trouble
Flagging sea studies at the UA create angry cross-current. (01/16/03)

In the aftermath of the UA shooting, it's hard to feel safe. (12/12/02)

Love, recovery and the everlasting mission at San Xavier. (10/17/02)

Stamp of Disapproval
Caroline Gilbert battles the feds for disability benefits. (09/19/02)

On the Edge of Disaster
With minimal funding and staff, park rangers grapple with drug traffic and illegal immigrants while striving to protect the ecology. (08/15/02)

Politics of the Wolf
Lobo program plods through a thicket of contention. (06/20/02)

Writing on the Rainbow
Two books provide insightful information and beautiful photography of the resplendent hummingbird. (06/20/02)

Power Pique
Governmental agencies and environmentalists disagree over the expansion of electric power lines. (05/16/02)

Art Imitates Nature
Students gain a greater appreciation of wildlife at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. (05/09/02)

Borderline Hope
It faces long odds, but Corredor Colibrí (Hummingbird Corridor) offers an opportunity to preserve wildlife and boost the Mexican economy. (03/21/02)

A Load Off
Truckers have entered a brave new world after 9/11. So have we all. (02/28/02)

Power Pack
Electricity companies have a less direct current to big new plants and lines. (01/17/02)

High-Caliber Comfort
September 11 has triggered a boom in gun sales. (01/10/02)

Teed Off
Women golfers hit divots of discrimination. (11/29/01)

Routine Haz-mat
Trauma care may be in trouble, but if you're exposed to anthrax, help is just an inflatable tent away. (11/22/01)

Confidential Controversy
The UA handed the FBI private student records, even before required to by an intrusive new law. (11/08/01)

War—and a Piece of the Action
The United Way is cleaning house, and that includes firing a political activist. (10/25/01)

Big Box Break
Monster shopping centers enjoy a state tax advantage denied their competitors. (10/18/01)

Sharkey Attack
The UA journalism head warns that if wartime press freedoms fall, yours may be next. (10/11/01)

Friend or Foe
The Border Patrol embraces a humanitarian role. (09/06/01)

Keep on Truckin'
Border towns face an uncertain future as the truck debate rolls on. (08/30/01)

Ranger Danger
Increasing crime is turning park rangers into an understaffed police force. (08/09/01)

Two-Pronged Approach
Two powerful ranching families and their cronies conspire in secret to determine the fate of endangered antelope. (08/09/01)

The Next Generation
Twenty potentially harmful proposed electricity plants jolt Arizona into a new era of power politics. (07/05/01)

Profit Surge
Utilities race to make Arizona a nursery for power plants Arizonans don't need. (06/07/01)

Fear and Loathing in Wolf Country
Arizona Game and Fish continues its campaign against returning wolves to their homeland. (05/24/01)

Power Charge
TEP's greed will have it slicing through Southern Arizona, one way or another. (05/17/01)

The Price of Doing Business
After eight years in federal prison, former Navajo Tribal Chairman Peter MacDonald has returned to the reservation. (05/10/01)

A tawdry tale of dial-up bondage and customer 'service.' (03/29/01)

Torch Song
Activists ignite fiery protests. (03/22/01)

Poetic Injustice
The fired director of the UA Poetry Center learns he shouldn't build an audience faster than a bankroll. (03/15/01)

Indecent Proposal
Cud-happy commissioners are doing their best to make the Game and Fish Department serve ranchers first. (02/15/01)

Enthralled with Enlibra
The latest property-rights buzzword nearly sawed through an important wildlife document. (02/01/01)

Power Brokers
Tucson Electric Power's proposal to run lines to Mexico may merely be a scheme to force a competitor out of the state. (01/18/01)

Moral Offensive
Border activists take the high ground. (12/28/00)

New Year's Rhapsody
2001 ways to ring in the new year. (12/21/00)

Between The Lines
"Border to Border" gathers the community for a human rights summit. (12/07/00)

Pilgrims' Progress
Samaritans straddle the legal line. (11/09/00)

Decisions, Decisions, 2000
Our brain trust doles out advice on ballot propositions facing local voters. (11/02/00)

Going Ape
The Chimpanzoo Program enables more scientists to join the Goodall fight. (10/12/00)

Super Dupers
The backers of the wildlife supermajority referendum are too powerful to care about campaign finance laws. (09/28/00)

Trading Freedom
Sending electricity to Nogales won't empower the people in this polluted borderland ghetto. (09/21/00)

Power Charge
Tucsonans could get an unwelcome jolt from TEP's proposed link to Sonora. (09/07/00)

Passport Purgatory
Border tribes cross an uncertain line. (08/17/00)

Unfair Game
Ranchers are stampeding the wildlife commission. (08/10/00)

Bus Load O' Blues
TUSD's proposed depot has neighbors yelling 'Hold the bus!' (07/20/00)

Chasing Dreams On The Mother Road
A cruise down fabled Route 66. (07/06/00)

Hidden Charge
Just what does TEP's guarantee program guarantee? (06/29/00)

Silent Spring Session
Environmental organizations grade state lawmakers. (06/08/00)

Wolf Attack
Arizona Game and Fish Commissioners work to undermine the wolf reintroduction program. (06/01/00)

Party Power
How green is our valley? (06/01/00)

Game Playing
On March 30, the Senate passed a bill asking voters to require a two-thirds public vote for any wildlife initiative to become law. (04/13/00)

The Consumer's Candidate
Presidential hopeful Ralph Nader makes a campaign stop in Tucson. (04/06/00)

Toxic Tower
Do the physical and environmental disturbances in Cumpas, Sonora, stem from the processing plant? (03/23/00)

Controversial Contests
The Game and Fish Commission holds a public meeting to reconsider hunting contests. (03/16/00)

Wrestling With Wildlife
The Arizona Game and Fish Commission tries to straitjacket citizens' ability to influence wildlife policy. (03/09/00)

Bruin Trouble
Is Arizona Game and Fish out to give Mount Lemmon bears the boot? (02/17/00)

Bless The Beasts
Kim Stallwood lectures on "Human Potential and Animal Rights: Exploring the Connections" on Thursday, February 17. (02/10/00)

Cut Rate
Yanked from their longtime home on North Campus Drive, a string of century-old olive trees are the worse for wear. (01/27/00)

Wolfman Jacked
The politics behind wolf guru David Parsons' ouster. (01/13/00)

Associated Troubles
Living in a homeowner association sure can suck. (12/16/99)

Gas Attack
Political pork heats up at Southwest Gas. (12/02/99)

Food Fight
Is produce labeling a greed-driven crusade that could leave consumers feeling the bite? Or an attempt to squelch foreign competition, and drive up food costs for everyone? (10/07/99)

Hard Rock, Hard Times
Life isn't getting any better across the border in Cananea, Mexico. (09/16/99)

Guilt By Association
You'd better be careful what color you paint your gate in Monterra Hills. (09/09/99)

Blues And Green
TPD's off-duty program has the officers' union squawking. (07/22/99)

Unjust Bust
Following a painful SWAT raid, an elderly Native American couple sues the City of Tucson. (07/15/99)