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Monsoon Sadness
Lamenting the loss of our rainy season. (08/21/03)

And Then There Was Fire
In 'Smokechasing', Stephen Pyne compiles essays that take a new look at wildfires. (08/21/03)

True Colors
The right-wingers in charge say they follow God. Which one? (08/07/03)

The News in Review
While things have been all quiet on the local front, national news is picking up. (07/24/03)

Give Me Shelter
Refugees in Tucson face an uphill battle gaining asylum. (07/17/03)

Angry Computer Gods
Switching Internet providers can be hell. (07/10/03)

Return of the Grammar Goddess
Run for cover--the English language is falling apart. (06/26/03)

I Can See Clearly Now
How I learned to stop worrying (and love George Bush). (06/12/03)

Bulldozers and Bullets
Notable local women mow down century-old mesquites, arm their sisters. (05/29/03)

Street Walker
Tucson takes on a different hue when you aren't in your car. (05/15/03)

The Boob Tube
Bad television is affecting our sensibilities and judgment. (05/01/03)

In Search of Some Good Amusement
When you don't want to watch war coverage, there's plenty to keep you entertained. (04/17/03)

A Fine Line
Are we liberators or invaders of Iraq? (04/03/03)

War Games
Do we really know what we're in for? (03/20/03)

All That Glimmers
A profile of Louis Bernal's work shows the photographer's grasp of life's fragile beauty. (03/13/03)

It's a Dog's Life
Running and playing at Reid Park, chasing tennis balls and meeting new friends--life is good. (03/06/03)

In Style
"Southwest Kitchen Garden" elegantly captures Tucson's character and taste. (02/27/03)

Texas Two Step
Sometimes a Lone Star murder trial is more interesting than the national news. (02/20/03)

Visitor's Treat
La Fuente is great for out-of-towners, but locals might want to look elsewhere for more zesty Mexican fare. (02/13/03)

Selective Satisfaction
Some aging rockers benefit from the media glare, but others find it a menace. (02/06/03)

Just call the bee guys, write a check and all will be as before. (01/16/03)

A Lott to be Thankful For
What a great new year it would be if the "guys" finally got theirs. (01/02/03)

Wicked Food Hell
During the holidays, it's easy to be tempted by the dark side. (12/19/02)

Shower of Gold
Poetry--and weather--that incite and soothe our passions. (12/05/02)

Fit for a King
New Delhi Palace serves classic Indian cuisine to thrill your palate. If they would only lighten up. (11/21/02)

The Age of Chatter
To avoid information overload, it helps to narrow your vision. (11/14/02)

Best o' Ernesto
Oh, to be a star columnist three mornings a week. (11/07/02)

Long Shot
A sniper strikes more fear into part of America than invading Iraq. (10/17/02)

Tucson hasn't aged gracefully. (10/03/02)

All the World's a Stage
Forget Iraq. See a movie instead. (09/12/02)

Innocence Lost
September 11 put the long American childhood to rest. (09/05/02)

Feast to Go
Feast Tasteful Takeout combines the best of a deli, specialty food and wine store and laid-back neighborhood joint. (09/05/02)

Rising Damp
The monsoons make life more sticky. But it could be worse. (08/22/02)

Show Us the Money
Make the corporate criminals give their fair share back to the investors they suckered. (08/15/02)

If only real life was as refreshing as a computer game. (08/08/02)

Our Friend the Mesquite
It will outlast storms, drought and even us. (07/25/02)

French Bliss
Did I tell you about the last time I saw Paris? (07/11/02)

Salad Days
Martha Stewart is a self-made woman, and now she has to eat her own cooking. (07/04/02)

Pill Box
A new crop of TV commercials promises pain relief and pleasure. Why do you think they call it dope? (06/20/02)

Of Course It's Hot. What Did You Expect?
Basic survival tips for summering in Tucson. (06/06/02)

The Fire This Time
This could be the summer from hell in the drought-ridden Southwest. (05/30/02)

Auto Erotic
A half-penny is only a fraction of what our love affair with our Almighty vehicles truly costs us. (05/16/02)

Double Take
Our business leaders have our best interests at heart. If you don't believe us, just read the 'Star.' (05/09/02)

Universal wonder
Our feet firmly planted on the ground, we struggle sometimes to explain the heavens. (05/02/02)

Mosquito Whine
The proliferation of weed species, humans prominently among them, is ruining the garden that once was Tucson. (04/11/02)

A Master of Light
A new exhibit reveals Ansel Adams' darkroom dealings. (03/28/02)

Playing in the Street
What's wrong with a neighborhood saying 'Not in my backyard'? Somebody's got to draw the line. (03/07/02)

Diamond in the Rough
The bigger the rock, the better the sex, but the truly precious gem is love. (02/14/02)

The Filth Estate
Joan Didion rips the press -- as only she can -- for its O.J.-like coverage of the Clinton scandals. (02/07/02)

Art Work
A new T/PAC director rolls up her sleeves. (01/03/02)

Wastebasket Warriors
Activists rally around a film about a janitorial uprising. (11/15/01)

Desert Solipsist
A new Ed Abbey biography doesn't quite tell all, but reveals almost enough. (11/01/01)