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A Social Zin-ger
Bistro Zin is the coolest place to be this summer. (08/10/00)

Chain Reaction
P.F. Chang's blends the trends of Asian cuisine and the bistro scene. (08/03/00)

Joe Scordato Scores Again
Trattoria Giuseppe keeps the family tradition alive. (07/13/00)

A Silver Platter
Dish it out; we'll take it. (06/29/00)

Sea Change
Sushi Saga tosses a Mexican flavor into the sushi scene. (06/22/00)

Unfavorable Forecast
Soleil isn't shining these days. (06/15/00)

Come And Get It
Wild West fare at Tucson McGraw's. (06/08/00)

Sky Highs
The Red Sky Café takes Western nouvelle cuisine onward and upward. (05/25/00)

Special Treatment
Summertime--and the dining is easy. (05/18/00)

Incendiary Incentives
Playing with fire at the eastside's La Fonda. (05/11/00)

Going The Distance
The gods have been smiling on Marathon Gyros for over 20 years. (05/04/00)

Old Pueblo Panache
Bob McMahon's new Old Pueblo Grille is a Southwestern thrill. (04/27/00)

The Art Of Eating
The TMA's new neighbor is the masterful Café à la C'Art. (04/20/00)

La Cosa Brava
Café Poca Cosa brings the vibrant flavors of Central Mexico to downtown. (04/13/00)

In Lieu Of The Bayou
The French Quarter brings the spirit and flavor of New Orleans to midtown. (04/06/00)

Oh, Baby!
Baby Beluga reels 'em in with unerringly fresh seafood and reasonable prices. (03/23/00)

Going Native
Local chefs give the dish on desert foods at Native Seeds/SEARCH's Flavors of the Desert. (03/16/00)

Going Global
Café El Mondo offers lattes, curries and gyros, all under one roof. (03/09/00)

Last Resort
Who would've guessed The Ventana Room at Loew's Ventana Canyon is a four-star restaurant? (03/02/00)

Cause For Celebration
Primavera Foundation raises funds with a local cookbook. (02/24/00)

Hail Ale!
A look at Nimbus Brewing's taproom. (02/17/00)

Mood Food
The top 10 restaurants for a romantic rendez-vous. (02/10/00)

The Whole Enchilada
If you're ready to blow this taco-stand town, consider cooling your heels at La Pianola. (02/03/00)

Success In Excess
Casanova is a feast for the senses. (01/27/00)

Health Benefits
Delectables celebrates the glory of whole foods that have been prepared simply but elegantly. (01/20/00)

Second Sight
What can one say? Janos Wilder has done it again. (01/13/00)

Morning Glory
With its rustic side-of-the-road diner ambience and proudly prepared comfort food, Frank's is a real classic. (01/06/00)

Grand Empire
Thanks to folks like Empire State owners Christine and Marc DiOrio, authentic Italian food is a local possibility. (12/23/99)

True Blue
Blue Willow's back, and so is the chocolate du jour. (12/16/99)

New Year's Eats
Plan ahead with this selection of New Year's Eve activities at local restaurants. (12/09/99)

Buy The Book
Cooks and foodies are sure to delight in these surefire winners. (12/02/99)

Continental Shift
Indochine deserves congratulation for forming a menu that is distinctly its own. (11/25/99)

Uncorking A Controversy
It's rumored that threats of a champagne shortage are contributing to an increase in incidents of what is being called Millennial Anxiety Disorder (MAD). (11/18/99)

Pure Inn-dulgence
The Arizona Inn exudes class out of every chink between mortar and brick. (11/11/99)

By Hook Or By Cook
When dining at Pirate's Cove, you're in line for a fine dining experience. (11/04/99)

Czech, Please!
When the craving for schnitzel hits, you'll know where to go. (10/21/99)

Top Nosh
Bob's elevates bar food to stunningly new heights, and every item comes in under $10. (10/14/99)

Roll Models
Sushi addicts and non-sushi fans alike have reason to rejoice at the opening of two Japanese eateries. (10/07/99)

World Cup
Travel around the world in four menus at downtown's eclectic Cup Café. (09/30/99)

Moor, Please!
At Nomads, not only is the food delicious in every conventional sense, it's a magnum opus of unusual tastes, textures and smells, a dining experience unlike any other in Tucson. (09/16/99)

Sub Standards
The lowly sandwich reaches heroic heights at two local eateries. (09/09/99)

Samurai Sitcom
Iron Chef blends the disparate elements of game show, cooking tutorial and sporting event into a single package of unique entertainment. (09/02/99)

Virtually Delicious
KUAT's cooking shows are a tempting diversion. (09/02/99)

Last Of The Dinosaurs
Home cooking with a Mexican twist is the decidedly delicious theme at Omar's. (08/26/99)

Glowing Praise
Scrumptious and sophisticated, Lume lights up downtown dining. (08/19/99)

Tilting Windmills
Molina's enormous platters will keep you happy and stuffed for days. (08/12/99)

Sailing The Pacific
Every dish sampled at Café Pacific resonates with robust flavor and authenticity. (08/05/99)

New Prospect
The Ranch House Grill, one of Tucson's newest and most charming restaurants, caters to the general public. (07/29/99)

Joe Cool
Things are looking up in our fair city when it comes to coffee. (07/22/99)

A Tale Of Two Eateries
Michelangelo's masterful cuisine leaves Café Sole in the shadows. (07/08/99)

Saucy Talk
Barbecue is as individual and varied as DNA. (07/01/99)