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Magical Nihilism
The alarming absence of good Mexican literature in translation. (07/06/00)

That's Life
'Destiny,' English ex-pat Tim Parks' 10th novel, is a darkly humorous metaphysical satire. (06/15/00)

Son Exposure
A look at George W. Bush's "A Charge To Keep." (06/01/00)

Rough Guide
David Lida gives southbound gringos a grim view in "Travel Advisory: Stories of Mexico." (04/13/00)

Warrior Without A Cause
A disconcerting blood lust drives author Anthony Loyd's "My War Gone By, I Miss It So." (03/09/00)

Bordering Cultures
"Places Left Unfinished at the Time of Creation" is one minority family's balance sheet of the American 20th century. (02/17/00)

Heir Pressure
With a family legacy such as he has, Dubya just has to succeed. Or does he? (01/27/00)

The Spider And The Fly
Angelika Raubal's entanglement with Adolf Hitler is the repellent, yet insidiously alluring, story Ron Hansen tells. (01/06/00)

Up In Smoke
Is the perception of Native Americans as intuitive, spiritual ecologists an accurate one? (12/23/99)

Old Pueblo Passage
Holden Caulfield's spirit lurks everywhere in Naked Pueblo. (11/11/99)

The Wanderer
Niven managed to keep safe in a world of violence and intrigue by nothing more (nor less) than an ironclad sense of honor and sober industry. (10/14/99)

Crime With Passion
"Gods Go Begging" is a work so ambitious thematically and stylistically, and so timely in its interests, that it surely deserves a broad readership. (09/09/99)

Dual Success
With considerable art Arturo Pérez-Reverte integrates obscure knowledge with a rousing narrative. (07/08/99)

Option Overload
Tedium and confusion finally outweigh "One Hundred and One Ways' " other merits. (07/01/99)