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Smoke and Mirrors
"Hot Art" sets the UA Museum of Art afire. (08/08/02)

Story Be Told
Need an explanation of every painting? 'Story Lines' draws you a picture. (08/08/02)

The Sharper Image
The Tucson Museum of Art gets real. (07/25/02)

Toole Shed artists celebrate a decade of downtown revitalization. (07/04/02)

Small Wonders
A few pieces stand out amid art of modest size and skill. (06/20/02)

Feminist Testimony
Dinnerware's juried exhibition returns a mixed verdict. (05/30/02)

Muck and Mirrors
Doodled bacteria and self-portraits invade two downtown galleries. (05/23/02)

Art Follows Money
"Scottsdale Invasion" Adds to Concentration of Galleries in Foothills (05/16/02)

Empty Plate
Dinnerware Gallery asks its alumni and friends to fork over much-needed financial help. (04/18/02)

Flagrant Exhibitionism
Small, attractive shows have opened in art galleries all over town. (03/21/02)

Landscape and Myth
A UA retrospective covers all the ground in the career of beloved Tucson artist Bruce McGrew. (03/14/02)

Positive I.D.
Four artists take different paths to mastery of human form and identity. (03/14/02)

You Gotta Move
Shu-Min Lin takes the "hollow" out of "hologram." (03/07/02)

O'odham Colors
Artists with Native American roots show variety within diversity. (02/21/02)

The Writing's on the Wall
Persian calligraphy and mysticism suffuse the art of Kendal Kennedy. (02/07/02)

Depth Penalty
Photographs concerning punishment and execution raise unpleasant questions about our attitudes toward justice. (01/31/02)

This Is Not a Pipe Dream
Gail Marcus-Orlen finds new uses for Magritte and de Chirico imagery. (01/10/02)

The Groundwork Beneath His Feats
Drawings reveal the sources of Jim Waid's style and imagery. (12/27/01)

Mexicali Blues
Latino artists explore border and race issues with very different styles. (12/13/01)

Steely Gaze
The Tucson Museum of Art presents three generations of sculpture in "Iron Maidens." (12/06/01)

Open Sesame
Geoff DeMark finds the extraordinary while dissecting everyday things. (11/29/01)

Fanstastic Journeys
Suzanne Klotz's multi-dimensional sculptures spin around long-held sexist myths. (10/25/01)

Shutter Bug
A new collection raises questions about showing posthumous work. (10/18/01)

Language Becomes Aesthetic
An 'is' is a 'why' in a minefield of art and words at TMA. (10/11/01)

Box Set
Tucson artist enters a broader realm of recognition. (10/11/01)

Long-term Developments
Terry Etherton celebrates 20 years of purveying photos. (09/20/01)

The Pleasure Principle
The Joseph Gross Gallery aims for brainy beauty. (08/30/01)

Time and Time Again
Creative Machines reminds us there are new ways to look at life. (08/30/01)

Character Study
UAMA's latest exhibit explores the nature of contemporary Chinese calligraphy. (08/23/01)