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Brush Off
The Tucson Museum of Art dumps a popular, respected curator. (08/21/03)

Pioneering Women
Local author Wynne Brown highlights the trailblazing women who came to Arizona to help build it. (08/14/03)

Going Platinum
Gary Auerbach's old technique creates photos for the future. (07/31/03)

Picturing Frida
San Diego's museums display Kahlo photos, Degas bronzes, earth art and more. (07/17/03)

Friendly Gathering
Raices Gallery brings artists together in one diverse show. (07/17/03)

Up and Atom
Tony Price hammers atomic bomb paraphernalia into artistic ploughshares. (07/10/03)

Saints and Sinners
Eriks Rudans, a monk for art, sculpts the real world. (06/26/03)

The Fruits of Summer
Orts' annual "Baked Apple" show goes way beyond the core repertory. (06/19/03)

Small World
Out-of-towners join the usual locals in the Davis-Dominguez small works invitational. (06/12/03)

Radical Demonstration
TMA's 'Biennial '03' defines Arizona art as avant-garde. (06/05/03)

Bird Brains
Four choreographers put their heads together for a modern-dance treatment of 'The Firebird.' (06/05/03)

Dance Mix
Tucson hosts two diverse dance companies that offer a taste of Israel and Americana. (05/29/03)

Lovers in the Air
Ballet Tucson leaps into "A Midsummer Night's Dream." (05/22/03)

Capturing the Borderlands
Mario Morena Zazueta paints the Sonoran Desert's spiritual geography. (05/22/03)

Glass House
Tom Philabaum gives glass-art education a new home. (05/15/03)

Color Barrier
Tucson artists try thinking in black and white at the Temple Gallery. (05/15/03)

"Spring Collection" gets UA dancers off the rack and onto the stage. (05/01/03)

Need a Lift?
ZUZI's spring dance performance takes to the air and delves into the self. (04/24/03)

Dutch Treat
Nederlands Dans Theater II figures prominently in a dance-rich week at Centennial Hall. (04/17/03)

Family Values
The Harris clan produces three generations of artists. (04/17/03)

The Spirit Moves
Modern dance marries New Orleans brass in a celebration of African-American history. (04/10/03)

A Painter's Photographer
Celebrate the centenary of Aaron Siskind, the first Abstract Expressionist lensman. (04/03/03)

Beneath the Painted Surface
Tucson native Monika Rossa's domestic scenes feature ominous accents. (04/03/03)

Consumer Concern
Small Tucson businesses--except for those selling war-related wares--say the conflict has hurt them. (03/27/03)

Tucson and the War Biz
Since some of Tucson's largest employers are linked to defense, the area could reap an economic windfall. (03/27/03)

Step Back
Choreographer Michael Uthoff returns to Tucson with a new troupe. (03/27/03)

Love Conquers All
It doesn't take a U.N. resolution for Stuttgart Ballet's "Romeo and Juliet" to unite nations. (03/27/03)

Shock of La Noue
Eclectic, inscrutable mixed-media paintings at TMA dare to be beautiful. (03/27/03)

Myth Anthrope
Nasty human dramas take mythic proportions in a Michael Cajero installation. (03/20/03)

Valley of the Sundance
Phoenix dominates the Arizona Contemporary Dance Festival. (03/20/03)

Return of the Master
Lang Lang makes a triumphant return to Tucson. (03/20/03)

The life of Timothy H. O'Sullivan
The story of the Irishman who helped shape American--and Arizonan--photography. (03/13/03)

Focused Unexcellence
The UA School of Landscape Architecture fights to stay alive in the face of possible extinction. (03/13/03)

Spirited Dance
"Premium Blend" celebrates the life of UA student Desiree Berke and the choreography of her professors. (03/06/03)

Picture Windows
Betina Fink frames realistic landscapes with architectural abstraction. (03/06/03)

Embracing the Dance
The Limón Dance Company celebrates the works of its late founder. (02/27/03)

Mile High
Denver-based Cleo Parker Robinson Dance grooves to one nation. (02/20/03)

Prints in the Sand
A beachfront photo fair focuses on the West and beyond. (02/13/03)

Double Pleasure
Ballet Tucson offers dance and dessert at its annual Valentine's fest. (02/13/03)

Forging Ahead
The Plaza Palomino sculpture show goes way beyond wind chimes and garden gnomes. (02/13/03)

Simon Donovan
One of Tucson's best-known artists is a renowned joker--but he's serious about his art. (02/06/03)

Ballet, eh?
Royal Winnipeg Ballet flees the frozen prairie with "Sleeping Beauty." (02/06/03)

Regeneration Through Dance
Eiko & Koma's performances are deliberate, distinctive and sometimes difficult. (01/30/03)

Moving in Tandem
Orts and NEW ARTiculations both dance the weekend away. (01/23/03)

Pot Heads
Bodies, birds and animals pervade the Casas Grandes pottery at TMA. (01/23/03)

Making Contact
Susan Stroman's Broadway "dance play" gives everyone a lift. (01/16/03)

Hue and Cry
Two artists make color shout with joy. (01/16/03)

Hall Monitor
Shut up, wouldya? (12/26/02)

Through a Lens, Darkly
Etherton shows photos of dreams and nightmares. (12/19/02)

Nollaig Shona
Find out how the Irish define a "Merry Christmas." (12/19/02)

Photographer Louis Carlos Bernal's work sheds light on the life of the barrio. (12/12/02)

Out of Africa
The Ivory Coast's Tchétché dance troupe is thoroughly modern. (12/12/02)

Consuming Passions
Ads from the '50s trigger "Retro-Angst." (12/12/02)

Leaps and Bounds
UA dancers offer something far beyond the usual holiday fare. (12/05/02)

All That Glitters
Fritz Dreisbach helps set the gold standard of glass art. (12/05/02)

Hard Nut to Crack
Ballet Arizona is just a shell locally, but other companies fill the bowl with "Nutcrackers." (11/28/02)

Precision Peccadillos
Modern dance's bad-boy perfectionist returns. (11/21/02)

Unfamiliar Road
Tile muralist and transit activist Stephen Farley turns to mail-slot panoramas. (11/14/02)

Beyond Modern
This week's dance programs kick aside notions of genre and style. (11/14/02)

Return of the Native
American Indian Art is back in style as two big shows open here in Tucson. (11/07/02)

A whirlwind tour of the week's dance events, past and future. (11/07/02)

Rite Turn
Ballet Preljocaj makes a feminist detour with "The Rite of Spring." (10/31/02)

Where the Girls Are
Nymphets stand one step away from strippers at a disturbing Lauren Greenfield photo show. (10/24/02)

Friends Indeed
The Arizona Friends of Chamber Music pal around with prime players. (10/24/02)

Junkyard Dogs
The Second Hand dancers look like new. (10/17/02)

All the Right Moves
UA dancers tiptoe toward a new home in a week abounding with dance performances. (10/10/02)

Road Show
A Warren Anderson retrospective finds art along the American highway. (10/03/02)

Breathing Space
Bill T. Jones to perform solo and in company at Centennial Hall. (10/03/02)

Descry the Beloved Country
The UA Museum of Art explores the imagery of post-apartheid South Africa. (09/26/02)

Rufe Rules
When aliens at TMA say "Take me to your leader," here's who they meet. (09/05/02)

Georgia on His Mind
Washington's National Gallery showcases work by Alfred Stieglitz, who changed American photography. (08/29/02)

American Dream
W. Eugene Smith's novelistic panorama of Pittsburgh captures the essence of a bygone era. (08/01/02)

Flowers for Lou
The Drawing Studio holds a fundraiser celebrating the work of the late Lou Bernal. (07/18/02)

Cool and Wet
The photographers of Flashflood deluge downtown. (07/11/02)

Convento or 'Invento'?
Years before the time of Christ, humans chased after deer and bighorn sheep through the trees along the Santa Cruz River. What is to become of the site of Tucson's birth? (06/27/02)

Desert Fever
Orts Theatre of Dance presents a cool compendium of arts performances to beat the heat. (06/27/02)

Sky View
Things are looking up for NEW ARTiculations dancers. (06/06/02)

Breach Birth
After 20 years, financial woes close birth center, leaving pregnant women in the lurch. (05/23/02)

New Visions, Antique Lens
Etherton Gallery features the art of old-time photography. (05/23/02)

Cheeky Chicano
At 85, singer Lalo Guerrero celebrates the struggles, successes and humor of a Mexican-American life that began in Tucson. (05/16/02)

A Smokin' 'Cinderella'
An enhanced production of the beloved tale comes to Tucson. (05/16/02)

Flesh and Blood
Harmony Hammond's art explores dismemberment and division. (05/09/02)

Remains of the Day
Kate Breakey finds monumental beauty in "Small Deaths." (05/02/02)

If You Knew ZUZI
The intrepid little dance company spreads the word about its spring show. (04/18/02)

Wall Eyed
Two experts look askance at Tucson architecture. (04/11/02)

The Phantom Menace
'Phantom of the Opera' stalks Tucson for the first time. (04/04/02)

Through the Looking Glass
Dancers mirror the reality of the past, present and future. (03/21/02)

Clearing the Eire
Maureen Dezell and Tom Hayden honestly explore what it means to be both Irish and American. (03/14/02)

Blood Memories
Alvin Ailey's troupe dances the roots of a culture. (02/28/02)

Genetic Engineering
Can Orts' dancing DNA survive the swinging box of death? (02/28/02)

Box Score
V-Day, as in vagina (02/21/02)

Root Bound
Acclaimed young choreographer Ronald K. Brown finds his inspiration in Africa. (02/07/02)

Home Cooking
Several innovative cohousing projects are simmering in Tucson. The first results are already dished up. (08/02/01)

What's Love Got to Do with It?
Chax Press presents a poetic lovefest. (07/26/01)

Naked Truth
Dinnerware's show of nudes explores form, not bodily function. (07/26/01)

Many Nations, Indivisible
The Center for Creative Photography chronicles community crusaders. (07/19/01)

Gnat King Cool
Holy Ripoff! Gaslight goes batty in its latest superhero spoof. (07/12/01)

Cherry on Top
Elizabeth Cherry takes over the Museum of Contemporary Art. (07/05/01)

Flora in Bloom
Obsidian Gallery opens the first of its two-part show. (07/05/01)

Arts District Downturn
What's supposed to be the city's cultural hub is a nest of bars, tattoo parlors and empty storefronts--just like any other downtown. (06/28/01)

Capital Ideas
Visual and performance art launch a month-long exhibit by Phoenix's ARTLAB 16. (06/21/01)

Taking Route

The Shock of the Few
TMA's Arizona Biennial offers more compact provocation than before. (06/14/01)

Orts Exports
Orts stops at home in the middle of some world travel. (06/14/01)

Back in Step
This time, NEW ARTiculations concentrates strictly on modern dance. (06/07/01)

Concrete Commentary
Realism has its day at the UA. (06/07/01)

Invisible Theatre's trailer-trash comedy spends too much time face-down in the dirt. (05/31/01)

Snap Judgments
Rosana Salonia and other Tucson photographers ponder natural and human landscapes. (05/31/01)

Hot in the City
This summer's provocative art exhibitions are guaranteed to make you hot under the collar. (05/24/01)

Night Crawlers
The fun starts when the sun sets. (05/24/01)

Tender Mercies
Horton Foote's '1918' steps deftly from tragedy to redemption. (05/17/01)

The Wild West
Etchings of Gene Kloss and recent watercolors of Farzad Nakhai paint different views of the Western landscape. (05/17/01)

Story Book
Two companies dance around age-old tales and familiar stories. (05/17/01)

At the Temple of Shakespeare
Tucsonans get a glimpse of the "Greatest Living Hamlet." (05/10/01)

Adios Amigos
Downtown arts leaders are off to seek fame and fortune in the City of Angels. (05/10/01)

A River Ran Through It
Hot, dusty Tucson was founded in a lush river valley. Will a band of green grace us again? (05/03/01)

Troubled Waters
There's no way to understand the Tucson piece of the Santa Cruz without understanding the whole river. (05/03/01)

Barbie Doll Fantasy
Shinako Sato undresses the Barbie myth. (05/03/01)

Women On the Edge
The Urban Bush Women jump on it. (04/26/01)

Stilled Life
Lorie Novak's photos meld old family snapshots with contemporary landscapes. (04/19/01)

The world's greatest modern-dance troupe brings its carefully crafted work to Tucson. (04/12/01)

Modern Times
Parisian geometries and pure paint define "modernism" at the Davis Dominguez Gallery. (04/12/01)

Goodbye, Columbus
The Tucson Museum of Art opens a grand new gallery of pre-conquest and historic regional art. (04/05/01)

A Short History of the Stevens House
The sweep of history in the Tucson Museum of Art's exhibitions echoes the history of the patchwork Stevens house. (04/05/01)

The Few, the Proud
The Marines drilled balletic sense into John M. Wilson, who's kicking up one of three ambitious dance programs this weekend. (04/05/01)

River Rebirth
A weekend conference looks at efforts to restore the Santa Cruz. (03/29/01)

Reign in Spain
Arizona Opera wraps up the season with "Don Carlo." (03/29/01)

Pas de Deux
Two performances bring Tucson's best dancers to the stage. (03/29/01)

Stages of Sin
A triple play of dance performances steam up the desert. (03/22/01)

Garden Party
Artist Janet Miller opens her Armory Park home for an outdoor show of her work. (03/22/01)

Poetry and Prayer
Marge Piercy joins Temple Emanu-el for four unique events. (03/22/01)

Arizona Irish
Diarist Mim Murphy Walsh cultivated a bit of Ireland in the young state of Arizona. (03/15/01)

Joesler Jostle
A Salute to Joesler opens the doors of eight Joesler homes around town. (03/15/01)

Industrial Strength
Alice Briggs' installation steers us in New Directions. (03/08/01)

Open Spaces, Intimate Places
Greg Benson and Cynthia Miller conjure the spirit of America and the soul of home. (03/01/01)

Bad to the Bone
The Bad Girl Storytelling Brigade fleshes out color and connection. (03/01/01)

Statuary Rape
San Xavier may recover from vandalism faster than you think. (02/22/01)

All in the Family
Husband and wife John Osborn and Lynette Tapia grace the stage for La Fille du Regiment. (02/22/01)

Roleing Around
David Dorfman invites the UA community to recreate themselves as dancers. (02/22/01)

Sweet Feet
Ballet Tucson entices an audience with ten pieces and lots of dessert. (02/22/01)

Triple Score
Dance around town this weekend to three very distinct performances. (02/15/01)

Space Odyssey
Catherine Eyde's new work is out of this world. (02/15/01)

Tucsonans take to the streets and stage to stop violence against women. (02/08/01)

Take Back the Fight
Local V-Day activities include the award-winning 'Vagina Monologues.' (02/08/01)

Only the Lonely
Solitude suffuses the photos of Rocky Schenck, while unease creeps through paintings by Daniel Martin Diaz. (02/08/01)

Turning a Prophet
Joel-Peter Witkin takes an unusual look at Catholic images of the sacred and profane. (02/01/01)

Of Water and Air
Dance troupes Riverdance and Aeros pour into Centennial Hall this week. (02/01/01)

Take A Bow
Arts Odyssey 2001 pays tribute to Tucson's great dancers. (01/25/01)

Twistin' to the Oldies
Pilobolus joins forces with the traditional klezmer music of Eastern Europe. (01/25/01)

The Power of Myth
Cristina Cárdenas draws on the past. (01/18/01)

Spaghetti Western
A Texan takes charge in Puccini's "Girl of the Golden West." (01/18/01)

Don't Look at Me Different
A new book by Tucson's teenagers documents life in the city's projects. (01/11/01)

The Village People
"Rent" takes a realistic look at the costs of being an artist in New York. (01/11/01)

Let It Roll
Light Motion introduces wheelchair dance. (01/11/01)

Thirteen Ways Of Looking At An Old Year
Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee: We review the year's arts in poetry. (12/28/00)

Room To Move
Two new art galleries open on opposite ends of town. (12/21/00)

How the Dean Stole Christmas
The UA Library head flattens Jim Sinski's pop-up book shows. (12/21/00)

Playing Along
Christmas is coming, the theater's getting hot. (12/14/00)

Altarpiece Theater
Joanne Kerrihard's paintings wed medievalism to the surreal. (12/14/00)

When The Saints Come Marching In
Folklorist Big Jim Griffith gives them due respect. (12/07/00)

No Strings Attached
Local artists find new inspiration in the ageless craft of puppetry. (11/30/00)

In A Nutshell
Five dance companies take a crack at the classic holiday ballet. (11/30/00)

Close To Home
"Ragtime" travels into the historical heart of America. (11/23/00)

Political Abstractions
Rudolf Baranik painted with a palette of protest. (11/23/00)

Face Value
Van Gogh's portraits capture the common man. (11/16/00)

Quad Rant
Four women get the last laugh in "Why We Have A Body." (11/16/00)

Decisions, Decisions, 2000
Our brain trust doles out advice on ballot propositions facing local voters. (11/02/00)

Black Eye
Beverly McIver's masterly paintings hijack racist stereotypes. (11/02/00)

Stepping Up
Tucson finally gets a glimpse of the 20th century Carmen. (11/02/00)

Photo Finish
A vicious political battle at the UA threatens the Center for Creative Photography. (10/26/00)

Balancing Act
Orts gets edgy with dance, video, music, words and flight. (10/26/00)

Night Of The Living Celts
Celebrate All Hallow's Eve Irish style. (10/26/00)

Death-Defying Feet
Ballet Arizona survives financial disaster and returns to Tucson. (10/19/00)

Balanchine Bonanza

The Big Build-Up
Our readers chose the latest Tucson Architectural Landmarks. (10/12/00)

Out Of The Box
Ubiquitous artist Herb Stratford uncrates his latest project. (10/12/00)

A Saint Among Us
Katharine Drexel's career was a prism of race relations in America. (10/05/00)

Poles Apart
Two Figaros give contrasting cuts to "The Barber of Seville." (10/05/00)

Urban Might
Willie Bonner's boisterous paintings capture black post-modern America. (09/28/00)

State-Line Dancing
Charlotte Adams hones her cross-country organizing skills with Tenth Street Danceworks. (09/21/00)

The Big Picture
A new gallery association gives a panoramic view of Tucson's contemporary art. (09/14/00)

Sign O' The Times
From Masteroff to Mendes: Cabaret continues to shock and fascinate audiences after 30 years. (09/14/00)

Silver Prints
The Center For Creative Photography celebrates its first quarter-century. (09/07/00)

Off the Wall
Central Arts returns with an outrageous three-dimensional show. (08/31/00)

The Master Builder
The UA Museum Of Art's new head aims to assemble fresh programs, and maybe a new building. (08/17/00)

The Death of Silverio Huinil Vail
A Guatemalan's demise in the desert raises questions about U.S. border policy. (08/03/00)

Earth Tones
Ulrike Arnold's earthbound art. (07/27/00)

Size Wise
The 8th Annual All Tucson Small Works Invitational proves size doesn't matter. (07/20/00)

Thorn In The U.S.A.
Artist Eriks Rudans celebrates 50 years of pricking American mores. (07/13/00)

Hooray for Hollywood
Invisible Theatre does 80 years of film tunes. (07/13/00)

Space Case
Obsidian Gallery's lighthearted invitational revolves around Tucson in--and out of--space. (07/06/00)

Identity Crisis
Performances soar over the earthbound "Woman Who Fell From The Sky." (07/06/00)

A Contemporary Future
Julie Sasse joins the TMA team. (06/29/00)

Director's Decade
Bob Yassin marks ten years heading up the TMA. (06/29/00)

State Of The Arts
Is downtown taking a downturn? (06/22/00)

Third-Degree Turns
Orts dancers and friends offer up an evening of "Improv in the Baked Apple." (06/15/00)

Refuge In Refuse
A collection of art from Motor City alludes eerily to our own dispirited downtown. (06/08/00)

Heavens Apart
Clara Gutsche reveals images of intimacy and insight in The Convent Series at the Center for Creative Photography. (06/01/00)

The Itinerant Artiste
From pliés to prêt-à-porter to pottery, painter and gallery owner Richard Zelens has done it all. (05/25/00)

Painting By Wonders
Mike Stack's painted deserts are landscapes fantastical by nature. (05/25/00)

Hot Stuff
Once that blistering sun goes down, the night is ours. (05/18/00)

Good-Night, Boon
The wild rumpus comes to an end at Raw Gallery. (05/18/00)

To Preserve And Protect
On the eve of national Preservation Week, two local restoration projects serve up arts events inspired by their historic architecture. (05/11/00)

Flesh Photography
Etherton Gallery hosts "The Nude: A Photographic Survey." (05/11/00)

Hitting Home
A mesmerizing show of paintings and sculpture settles into Dinnerware Gallery. (05/04/00)

Examining The Exam
Will the AIMS test improve education -- or just lower graduation rates? (04/27/00)

How To Ace AIMS

Between The Lines
A show at UA Special Collections celebrates book designer Nancy Solomon. (04/13/00)

Facing The Music
"Show Boat" docks at Centennial Hall. (04/13/00)

Common Wheels
Swiss installation artist Sylvie Fleury takes women for a joy ride in She-Devils on Wheels. (04/06/00)

Modern Classics
The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre alights at Centennial Hall for two performances this weekend. (04/06/00)

Heart Of The Matter
The Beth Braun Dance Partnership stages a benefit for the UMC Heart Transplant Fund. (03/30/00)

Dead Reckoning
Quintessential Theatre digs into Martin McDonagh's "A Skull in Connemara." (03/30/00)

Roaring Twenty
Three venues help Dinnerware Gallery celebrate two decades of stellar contemporary art. (03/23/00)

Through The Looking Glass
A new troupe takes a fun-house approach to modern dance. (03/23/00)

About Faces
Chris Rush captures members of the arts troupe Third Street Kids in radiant, classical portraits. (03/23/00)

Up From Desperation
Margaret Regan recounts 150 years of her family's history-from Ireland to Philadelphia. (03/16/00)

Verdi Variety
Arizona Opera sets "Un Ballo In Maschera," Verdi's dark tale of political intrigue and ill-fated love, in steamy New Orleans. (03/09/00)

Prophet Sharing
Community members join the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange on stage at UA Centennial Hall for "In Praise of Ordinary Prophets." (03/02/00)

Deconstructing Desire
Mother and daughter examine "The Anatomy of Desire" at the UA Arizona Gallery. (03/02/00)

Voices From Beyond
Meredith Monk and the Vocal Ensemble explore non-traditional sounds in Magic Frequencies, a "science fiction chamber opera." (02/24/00)

Tulle Time
Ballet Arts Ensemble cooks up a feast of classical ballet and modern dance works. (02/24/00)

El Conclusion
Residents of the neighborhoods surrounding El Con Mall will soon discover if good fences truly make good neighbors; Home Depot and a yet-unnamed big box are moving in. (02/17/00)

Memory As Muse
DC Harris and Raw galleries host shows by two young painters. (02/17/00)

Troupes To Action
NEW ART stages The Fourth Wall, an interactive dance performance, and Orts offers Millennium Opener, a show of new and classic works. (02/17/00)

Staging Steinbeck
Arizona Opera's tackles a 20th-century American work for the first time with "Of Mice And Men." (02/10/00)

Northern Exposure
David Boxley, Evelyn Vanderhoop and Michael Kabotie explore cultural heritage through traditional art forms. (02/10/00)

Letting Saigon Be Saigon's
Centennial Hall hosts an 11-day run of the Broadway sensation Miss Saigon. (02/10/00)

Master Builder
Architect Judith Chafee melded sleek modern design with the Sonoran desert. (02/03/00)

Brush Fire
Tucson artist Michael Longstaff discovers the joy of painting. (02/03/00)

Remembering Rockfellow
"Pioneer co-ed" Annie Graham Rockfellow designed many of Tucson's important public buildings. (01/27/00)

Latin Roots
Ballet Hispanico returns to UA Centennial Hall. (01/20/00)

Tough Luck Of The Irish
The best of Frank McCourt's writing mingles with stark visuals in Alan Parker's adaptation of "Angela's Ashes." (01/20/00)

In Their Own Images
Just as the Group for Photographic Intentions is going under, a new Tucson photography group is getting afloat. (01/13/00)

Novel Approach
Pushkin's treasured tragedy comes to the Arizona Opera stage for the first time ever. (01/13/00)

Book Marks
Women of the Book: Jewish Artists, Jewish Themes explores the Jewish experiences of diaspora, immigration and Holocaust. (01/06/00)

Ode Lang Syne
The end of the century drawing near in time
It's the hour to ponder the arts in rhyme. (12/30/99)

Gifts Of Sight
Images for an Age: Art and History at the Center for Creative Photography showcases masterpieces from the Center's own vast holdings. (12/23/99)

Painterly Peaks
Historians believe the Gottliebs' time in Tucson was crucial for Adolph's future work as an artist. (12/16/99)

Mistle Toes
A look at holiday dance performances. (12/16/99)

Glass Houses
Artists break the glass ceiling at Philabaum Gallery. (12/09/99)

Mahler Time
The Tucson Symphony Orchestra performs Mahler's Symphony No. 5 this weekend. (12/09/99)

Class Struggle
Dunbar School has a rich history, and one group is working to ensure it has a bright future. (12/02/99)

Visions Of Sugar Plums
Satisfy your sweet tooth with this week's productions of The Nutcracker. (12/02/99)

Not 'The Nutcracker'
Break the ballet blues with dance performances from modern and Irish troupes. (12/02/99)

Interior Motive
Myriam Babin showcases large and sumptuous symphonies of line and light at Elizabeth Cherry Contemporary Art. (11/25/99)

Royal Flush
Though she was interested in art all her life, Barbara Kennedy created her best works after the age of 66, inspired by a close encounter with handmade paper at a San Francisco gallery in 1977. (11/18/99)

Suite Surprises
This weekend alone offers three concerts covering modern, ballet and jazz, as well as dance theatre drawing on African sources. (11/18/99)

Pop And Circumstance
Perry's hip-hop, homely collection is like a folk-art reflection on commercialism, a kitchen-table counterattack on craft and guile. (11/11/99)

Based on the 1784 Beaumarchais play, in French, Figaro examines naughty goings-on in an aristocratic household. (11/11/99)

Images Of Arcady
A snapshot of a lost America, the paintings herald a time before the mandate of Manifest Destiny had gobbled up so much of the nation's beauty. (11/04/99)

String Sensation
A half dozen Beethoven programs scheduled throughout the winter. Why so much Beethoven, and why now? (11/04/99)

Downtown Debut
Since October 1, the old Yikes! space has been occupied by a brand-new gallery, and the artists in its premiere show are no slackers. (10/28/99)

Spanish Acquisitions
Musicians and singers of the University of Arizona collaborate this weekend for an "Una Noche de Ballet y Opera Española." (10/28/99)

Screen Savers?
Plans to refurbish the Fox Theatre get under way. (10/21/99)

From Earth To Sky
Judy Davis' trees and Bailey Doogan's clouds bring nature indoors. (10/21/99)

A Woman's Touch
WomanKraft mounts a memorial exhibit to Susan Chambers-McGregor. (10/21/99)

Historic Opportunity
Tucson has not been kind to its birthplace. Will that change with Proposition 400? (10/14/99)

Coming Attractions?
Representatives of four museums have hopes of getting their projects on the Rio Nuevo agenda. Only two of them already exist. (10/14/99)

Family Matters
Rossa draws on subjects close to home -- in fact, inside her home. (10/07/99)

Feet Forward
The dance styles in October shows circle the globe. (10/07/99)

Store Wars
Mayor and council voted 5-2 to approve a new ordinance--Tucson's first--that puts some limits on new superstores. (09/30/99)

Thinking Outside The Big Box
Fort Collins, Colorado, knows a few things about dealing with megalomarts. (09/09/99)

Papier Tiger
Hacienda Del Sol's walls reverberate with Cajero's outrageous figures in papier-mâché and clay stoneware. (09/09/99)

Ship To Shore
Al Price and Denis Gillingwater mount a spectacular show of light and shadow. (09/02/99)

Downtown Showdown
The Tucson Downtown Alliance's Business Improvement District is under close scrutiny after one year of operation. (08/26/99)

Artistic Machinations
HazMat Gallery's new show highlights three-dimensional contemporary works in materials as diverse as steel, grass, cloth, and paper. (08/19/99)

Perfect Composition
One of Tucson's favorite painters, McGrew was a crossover artist whose work appealed both to lovers of traditional landscape and to proponents of pure painting. (08/19/99)

Buff Paper
Throughout history, no image has been more consistently etched into rock, sketched on paper or painted in oils than the human body. (08/12/99)

BID Skid
The Downtown Alliance has had a tumultuous year since it was charged by the City Council to help revitalize downtown. (08/05/99)

Art Of Illusion
Pictures with chocolate at the Center for Creative Photography. (08/05/99)

How German Is It?
Six German artists explore their national identity. (07/15/99)

La Vida Local
Muralist David Tineo gets personal with an exhibition of smaller works. (07/08/99)

Small World
The idea at Davis Dominguez is to give a snapshot of Southern Arizona's variety of artistic styles, each distilled into its tiny essence. (07/01/99)

Tohono Titan
The MacArthur Foundation praised Zepeda for her unusual cluster of activities on behalf of native languages. (07/01/99)