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Howling Mad
Since wolves were reintroduced, some eastern Arizona ranchers claim the animals have destroyed their lives. (08/14/03)

A Fresco in the Chiricahuas?
In a little stone chapel in a lost canyon, Valer Austin re-creates the Creation. (01/09/03)

Review 2002
A last look at the loons, losers and lowlights of the year. (12/26/02)

Predictions for a new millennium

You Don't Say

The Dubious Political Correction Watch

At War on the Border
First drug dealers, next a wave of illegal immigration, then fear of terrorists--and now the rise of vigilantism. It's just a matter of time until blood is spilled in Cochise or Santa Cruz counties. (12/19/02)

The Naked Man of Tombstone
In 1891, a man known only as O Homo bared his soul, and everything else, in the old mining town. (09/12/02)

La Pistolera
Eva Antonia Wilbur-Cruce was a fighter. She went to prison herself for rustling, and she kept her pistol close at hand right to the end of her life. Part 2. (08/08/02)

La Pistolera
The Wilbur Ranch near Arivaca was 'beautiful, cruel country,' and its owner--Eva Antonia Wilbur-Cruce--lived a hard, romantic life there. Not to mention the cattle rustlers, machine-gun killers of horses, pistol-toting assassins and other agents of a violent 20th-century cattle war. This was still the Wild West, and La Pistolera gave as good as she got. (08/01/02)

What A Riot!
Remembering all the fun in 2001. (12/27/01)

Novel Approach
Leo Sonderegger may one day be seen as the backyard scribbler who turned an industry upside down and brought legitimacy to print-on-demand publishing. (03/29/01)

Wretched Recall
An explosive look at Y2K's dubious achievements. (12/28/00)

Murderous Madam
In the first half of the 20th century, Gabriell Dollie Wiley left a long line of bodies in her wake. (06/01/00)

Suicide Squeeze
Spring training has taken the fun out of baseball. (03/16/00)

Cuckoo For Kokopelli
What's behind the flute player's notoriety? (10/14/99)