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Beyond Oprah
Michael Franzen's 'The Corrections' quite simply is an amazing novel about family trauma. (02/28/02)

To the Moon, Alice!
Ralph and Norton try their hands at, er, writing. (12/06/01)

Drive-By Art
Several public art project are in the works for drivers (and, gasp, pedestrians) to admire. (11/08/01)

New stories by Barry Lopez chart inner environments. (11/01/01)

Confessional Woes
A curmudgeon swims in the deep waters of the soul. (10/11/01)

Sisters Are Doin' It
Evil battles good in Regina McBride's debut novel. (09/27/01)

Rubrik's Cuba
"Dirty Havana Trilogy" is an intricate, frustrating, fascinating puzzle. (08/02/01)

Little Italy
Rita Ciresi explores her dreams in her latest. (04/26/01)

Birth of a Nation
Even an emerging utopia can't erase the past. (04/12/01)

In the Red
Mildred Harnack's involvement in the Red Orchestra earned her the distinction of being the only American woman to be executed by Hitler. (03/22/01)

'Cherry' On Top
Mary Karr's second memoir is a superb blend of poetry and autobiography. (02/22/01)

Annes Across the Sea
Perrin Ireland's first novel centers around tragedy and catharsis. (01/18/01)

Behind The Curtain
"The Lily Theatre" offers a glimpse of China during the Cultural Revolution. (12/14/00)

Grief Encounter
Denis Johnson's latest confronts the loss that comes of living. (11/16/00)

Garden of Delight
Two strong Southwestern voices grace the botanical gardens. (11/09/00)

Green Light
Barbara Kingsolver's new novel fights for life and love in the natural world. (11/02/00)

In The Flesh
Being Dead explores death to a new extreme. (10/19/00)

Local Flavor
Elizabeth Evans reads from her newest novel. (10/12/00)

Rule Books
"Rowing In Eden" captures the nuances of growing up normally. (10/12/00)

Dysfunction Junction
Another of Atkinson's unforgettable dysfunctional families. (09/07/00)

Manifest Destiny
Jim Paul guides the UA Poetry Center into new territory. (08/24/00)

Marriage À La Mode
Diane Johnson walks down the aisle with another comedy of Franco-American manners. (08/10/00)

Forbidden Fruit
Charles Baxter's latest novel is testament to the illusory nature of love. (08/03/00)

Taking Life
Two takes on the late Richard Brautigan. (06/22/00)