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Blind Man's Bluff
Bureaucratic confusion within the Border Patrol shortchanges the visually impaired. (03/22/01)

Charter Chatter
A largely non-resident elite is pressing for city election reforms that could reduce voter turnout. (02/08/01)

Annexed Generation
Proposed changes to the city charter could transfer more power to white Foothills fat cats. (01/18/01)

Getting the Shaft
A wrongful-death lawsuit suggests deep deficiencies in the state mine inspector's office. (01/11/01)

Fringe Benefit
The city tries an edgy plan for controlling sprawl. (01/04/01)

Dead Line
Who's responsible for the increasing deaths of illegal border crossers? (12/21/00)

Border State
Here's a list of improvements the Border Patrol's upwardly-mobile local chief might propose. (11/23/00)

Bad Company
Are the INS's critics really as dangerous as the KKK? (11/16/00)

Pilgrims' Progress
Samaritans straddle the legal line. (11/09/00)

Night Of The Hunter
A border vigilante sniffs out reward money, but risks getting a noseful of bullets. (11/02/00)

Sneak Eaters
Neighbors complain that a country snack bar caters to illegal aliens. (09/14/00)

Walking The Line
Thanks to prosecutors and lawmakers, the Border Patrol's job just got harder. (08/24/00)