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Park Producers
Tucson Q&A with Barbara Kiernan (08/21/03)

Stuck, Broke and Scared
A family stranded in Tucson finds itself in the middle of a crime. (08/21/03)

Seeking Asylum
Marcia Rocha tried to get help for her mentally ill son. Now he's behind bars and facing assault charges. (07/24/03)

Metro Makeover
Tucson Q&A with Corky Poster. (07/24/03)

Meet Heads
The local Howard Dean machine gets into gear. (07/17/03)

Cash Stash
Council candidates show us the money. (07/10/03)

Lawyers, Guns and Money
Tucson Q&A with Vince Desi. (07/03/03)

Light rail proponents fail to win over the City Council, vow to deliver petitions. (07/03/03)

Unsteady Balance
The state scrapes by with a new budget, but financial problems loom in the future. (06/26/03)

City Hall Brawl
Can Tom knock Bob's block off? (06/19/03)

Rookie Season
Knocking out an incumbent is never easy. (06/19/03)

Tucson Q&A with Lorie Anderson. (06/19/03)

Artistic Licensing
After the Mountain Avenue debacle, city officials look to tighten the public art process. (06/12/03)

The Silent Treatment
Candidates increasingly dodge Project Vote Smart's detailed political exam. (06/05/03)

Teen Titan
Tucson Q&A with Nicole Cullen. (05/29/03)

Power of Attorney
Tucson's lawyer lets us know what we can say in this year's council races. (05/29/03)

Capital Crapshoot

Recommended Reading
Tucson Q&A with Jeff Yanc. (05/22/03)

Capital Crapshoot

Expect Delays
With little money available, plans for better roads and more buses remain stalled. (05/15/03)

Capital Crapshoot

Open Space Case
Will county voters be asked to approve a $250 million bond for preservation this November? (05/08/03)

Capital Crapshoot

Strike Two
Critics complain the new GOP budget plan is still unbalanced. (05/01/03)

Free to Good Home
In the market for a concrete sculpture of brown liquid rock flowing through pipes? You might give the Tucson Department of Transportation a call. (04/24/03)

Everybody's A Critic

Capital Crapshoot

Capital Crapshoot

Judgment Day
Anti-war protestors "convict" Bush, Cheney of war crimes. (04/17/03)

Capital Crapshoot

Back From The Dead
Bad bills live again at the Arizona Legislature. (04/10/03)

Capital Crapshoot

Squirmin' on the Mount
The fog of war envelops Sentinel Peak. (04/03/03)

Blackened Blues
The Tucson Blues Society goes from riches to rags. (04/03/03)

Baghdad Blowback
Will the Bush Administration's Iraq war haunt us for years to come? (03/27/03)

Capital Crapshoot

These Bills Really Blow!
Dispatches from the Draconian Legislature. (03/20/03)

Capital Crapshoot

Capital Crapshoot

Shop Talk
Campbell Avenue merchants band together to boost the neighborhood. (03/13/03)

Capital Crapshoot

Give and Take
Is HB 2411 a principled fight over property rights--or another attempt to undermine Pima County's Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan? (03/06/03)

Capital Crapshoot

Trailer Trashed
Tucson police investigate an alleged hate crime at a northside mobile-home park. (02/27/03)

Building Costs
Second Thoughts on Students First. (02/13/03)

Back to the Future?
Democrat Tom Volgy wants to grab his old job from Mayor Bob Walkup. (02/06/03)

Screen Test
The digital age arrives as KUAT debuts HDTV signal. (02/06/03)

Balanced Approach
Napolitano wins over the business community, but GOP lawmakers aren't so easily charmed. (01/23/03)

City officials OK removal of mesquite tree at firehouse because it blocked view of billboard. (01/02/03)

Review 2002
A last look at the loons, losers and lowlights of the year. (12/26/02)

Predictions for a new millennium

You Don't Say

The Dubious Political Correction Watch

Season's Readings
Local authors offer great last-minute gift buys. (12/19/02)

Shoot To Thrill
Better find cover -- the Postal Dude is coming back. (12/12/02)

Mock Terror
Be glad it's only a drill. (11/21/02)

UFOver and Out
A local space odyssey reaches the final frontier. (11/14/02)

Hit and Run
Leaders of political attack committees hide in the shadows, but the contributors finally stand revealed. (10/24/02)

Figure $kating
Janet and Matt promise better education and health care... but the state's finances remain on thin ice. (10/17/02)

See Dick Run
Independent gubernatorial candidate Dick Mahoney is fond of taking moments from his opponents' past and declaring them unfit to serve in the governor's office. (10/17/02)

High Stakes
Handicapping the gambling propositions on the November ballot. (10/10/02)

The Most Happy Fella
Mayor Bob Walkup (09/27/02)

Culling The Herd
Your quickie guide to the September 10 primary election (09/05/02)

Reform School
Appointed Supervisor Richard Elias faces challenger Frank Felix, who promises to change the way Pima County does business. (08/29/02)

Off and Running
Early voting begins in the September primary. (08/08/02)

Sweeney Wins!
No, not an election. The perennial candidate beats Oro Valley in court. (08/01/02)

Democratic Dominatrix
Janet Napolitano is breezing past her primary opponents. But the general election is a whole different story. (07/25/02)

Three for the Money
Republican hopefuls complain the state is spending too much money. But they don't say what voters will have to do without. (07/25/02)

Political Party
Hightower's Hell-Raisin' Hootenanny is Here! (07/25/02)

Cash Crunch
The Southern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault needs your help. (06/20/02)

Cuckoo for Coconino
Northern Arizona offers tall pines, cold beer and maybe even a UFO or two. (06/06/02)

The Grade Depression
The city's long-term plan for Grant Road will take decades to complete and cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Hope you don't mind waiting in traffic until 2030. (04/18/02)

Road Map
What's in this plan, anyway? (04/18/02)

Rush Hour
Chasing votes in next month's special election. (04/18/02)

Candid Camera
Smile! If the city's sales tax proposal passes, you may be under the watchful eye of a video enforcement program. (04/04/02)

Odds & Ends
Place your bets on the future of gambling in Arizona. (03/28/02)

Balancing Act
As the city's budget gets squeezed, Mayor Bob Walkup has got a proposition for you. (03/14/02)

Street Fight
The campaigns are squaring off over May's sales-tax proposition for road improvements. (02/28/02)

Growing Concern
The new director of the Arizona League of Conservation Voters works to expand the organization. (02/21/02)

Street Sweep
Business owners at Grant and Campbell say a proposed grade-separated intersection would doom their Midtown commercial district. (02/14/02)

Clean Breaks
Is Arizona's experiment in campaign-finance reform washed up? (02/07/02)

Lawmaking for Dummies
The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Arizona Legislature. (01/31/02)



Washed Up
A local homebuilder gives a whole new meaning to "infill development." (01/24/02)

Political Almanac 2002
Your very premature guide to the candidates and chaos of the upcoming year. (01/10/02)

Lacking Initiative

Sales Tax Drive

Clean Machine

What A Riot!
Remembering all the fun in 2001. (12/27/01)

The Great Brown Hope
Why the GOP loves new state schools chief Jaime Molera. (12/13/01)

Under a Tax
With its half-cent sales-tax proposal, the city plans an end run around the Neighborhood Protection Amendment. (12/06/01)

Downhill Path
No matter what we do, travel in Tucson is bound to get worse. (11/29/01)

Street Sweep
Will mass-transit improvements get shortchanged in the city's sales-tax campaign? (11/29/01)

Lacking Initiative
Don't look for big environmental issues on next year's ballot. (11/22/01)

Track Meet
Is light rail in Tucson's future? (11/15/01)

Asphalt Jungle
An impending sales-tax increase for transportation faces a rocky road. (11/15/01)

Welcome to Wonderland
Down the rabbit hole of Tucson politics. (11/01/01)

Rash of Cash
Tucson's council campaigns are turning into a money pit. (11/01/01)

Road Show
Council candidates tackle transportation. (10/25/01)

Taking Liberties
In Ward 3, a third-party candidate offers "a little more straight talk." (10/25/01)

Trail Mix
Following the campaigns of the council candidates (10/11/01)

Don't Get MAD
In this war, Mutually Assured Destruction can only be bad for us. (10/04/01)

War Torn
What's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding? (09/27/01)

That Championship Season
No other sporting event has ever felt like that win. (09/13/01)

Candi Store
Presenting a perspicacious plethora of points worth pondering apropos the pending primary. (09/06/01)

Southside Smackdown
Can Jesse Lugo knock off Councilman Steve Leal? (08/23/01)

Virgin Territory
Both Paula Aboud and Vicki Hart are making their first run for public office. (08/23/01)

Parkway Prognosis
Making the grade-separated intersection. (08/16/01)

Polls Open
You've got Vote by Mail! (08/09/01)

Fish Tricks
The legendary Fish Karma blesses fans with a collection of long-lost recordings. (08/09/01)

Petition Repetition
Another referendum drive is launched in Oro Valley. (08/02/01)

The Crossroads
What direction will transportation take in Tucson? (07/12/01)

Seeking Council
You probably didn't notice, but the city elections are officially underway. (06/21/01)

Test Flight
Minority students are failing the AIMS test at a disturbing rate. (06/14/01)

Democratic Doldrums
Will new leadership prove to be the life of the party? (05/17/01)

State of the Party
Arizona Democratic Party Chairman Jim Pederson makes a lot of promises. Can he deliver? (05/17/01)

Health Scare
As HMO rates continue to soar, local jurisdictions look for alternatives. (05/03/01)

Star of Texas
Jim Hightower talks about W.'s upcoming sex scandal, Democratic sell-outs and globaloney. (04/26/01)

Kukdong Crackdown
Your UA sweatshirt may have been made in a sweatshop where the workers were fed rancid meat and paid less than the already low Mexican minimum wage. (04/12/01)

Sweat Equity
The University of Arizona's contract with Nike has a controversial history. (04/12/01)

Hornet's Nest
The latest development plan near Honey Bee Canyon leaves Oro Valley activists buzzing. (04/05/01)

Trigger Happy
The City Council's call for checks on all gun buyers is headed for court. (03/22/01)

Pay As You Grow
The City is developing a sprawl-control plan that skips over boundaries but sticks on impact fees. (03/08/01)

Delayed Impact
A development fee for schools is bottled up in a legislative committee. (03/01/01)

Streets of Ire
Hang onto your wallets. Your growth bill is due again. (02/22/01)

What About Bob?
The Church of the SubGenius seeks to save your Slack at the first-ever Tucson Devival. (02/15/01)

Yesterday's Blues
Even as Mayor Bob Walkup looks to the future, he's haunted by problems from the past. (02/01/01)

The Kumbaya Legislature
This year, the capitol's conservatives have been whipped like dogs. (01/25/01)

Prop and Circumstance
Initiative and referendum campaigns cost more than $19 million last year, but the biggest checkbook didn't always win. (01/18/01)

Healthy Prognosis
Can't afford health insurance? By the end of the year, the state may have you covered. (01/18/01)

Freeze Play
Once state officials sort out the details, low-income seniors may see a property tax break. (01/18/01)

Wretched Recall
An explosive look at Y2K's dubious achievements. (12/28/00)

Backlogged Labs
Victims hold their breath while crime labs drown in DNA samples. (12/21/00)

Monetary Mirage
Is the federal surplus evaporating? (12/07/00)

The Big Chill
A local ice cream parlor fights a cold-hearted corporation. (11/30/00)

Prop Wrap
Voters swing the ballot mallet. (11/09/00)

Decisions, Decisions, 2000
Our brain trust doles out advice on ballot propositions facing local voters. (11/02/00)

Schoolyard Scuffle
Three reformers face two challengers in the Amphi School District. (11/02/00)

Full House
Four candidates run a tight race in District 13. (10/26/00)

Swing Shift
Two House members go head-to-head in the District 13 Senate race. (10/26/00)

Land War
County Supervisor Sharon Bronson Faces A Challenge From Republican Barney Brenner. (10/19/00)

Same Difference
Republican Ann Day and Democrat Byron Howard sound awfully similar. (10/19/00)

Five's Alive
Supervisor Raúl Grijalva faces a challenge from Republican Rosalie López (10/19/00)

Man Of Tomorrow
Dave Perkins unleashes another penguin attack on America. (10/19/00)

The Lying Game
Will the growth lobby's misinformation campaign defeat the Citizens Growth Management Initiative? (10/12/00)

Prop Slop
The Growth Lobby pitches more than $2.1 million into the fight against the Citizens Growth Management Initiative. (09/28/00)

Primary Post-Mortem
Crunching the numbers in the legislative races. (09/21/00)

House Party
In District 13, four Democrats are fighting for two Democratic nominations in the state House of Representatives. (09/07/00)

Super Sized
The primary looms for the county board. (09/07/00)

Early Warning
Here's a sure-fire way to attract junk mail at election time. (08/31/00)

Smart Asset
Project Vote Smart continues its work to save democracy--and it doesn't cost you a penny! (08/24/00)

Shadow Boxing
Sharon Bronson is ready to campaign, but where's her opponent? (08/17/00)

Beating Raúl
In District 5, it all comes down to getting past incumbent Grijalva. (08/17/00)

Opposite Pols
The District 1 Democratic primary pits a political consultant against a political radical. (08/17/00)

Day And Night
District 1's Republican contenders sit on opposite ends of the GOP seesaw. (08/17/00)

Statehouse Stashes
Legislative candidates show us the money. (08/10/00)

Money For Nothing
And your checks for free: Arizona's new publicly financed campaign program gets a shakedown cruise. (08/03/00)

Ballot Bucks
Proposition players raise millions of dollars. (07/27/00)

Social Capitalist
Former Tucson Mayor Tom Volgy talks about the dangers to democracy. (07/20/00)

Baffling Buffer
One woman's battle for a peaceful retirement. (07/20/00)

Political Almanac 2000
Your one-stop-shopping guide to this year's candidates. (07/13/00)

Clown Time Is Over
The Weekly endorses Mary Schuh, Mike Prout and Kent Barrabee for the Amphi School Board. (05/11/00)

Recall And Remembrance
An in-depth look at the upcoming recall election in the Amphi School District. (05/04/00)

The Good News About Income Taxes: The Bite's Not As Bad As You Think.
As April 14 comes around, let's remember that income taxes really do soak the rich. (04/13/00)

Sprawl Brawl
What's in a name? Find out with Growing Smarter Plus. (03/02/00)

Big Box Blocks Knocked
Can Wal-Mart win over Tucsonans at the ballot box? (02/03/00)

What About Bob?
A look at where Tucson's headed in 2000. (01/20/00)

Campaign Brief
The rumors, half-truths and delusional ambitions of the men and women who would be candidates in the year 2000. (01/06/00)

You, Too, Can Run For President!
If Donald Trump can do it, you can, too! Your Do-It-Yourself Presidential Campaign Starter Kit! (12/16/99)

Negative Balance
Mayor Bob Walkup's supporters spent $50,000 on attack ads targeting Democrat Molly McKasson. (12/09/99)

Boot Suit?
Ken Smith faces a legal fight to retain his seat on the Amphi school board. (11/18/99)

Westside Story
Councilman José Ibarra faces Republican Ray Castillo in the Ward 1 race. (10/28/99)

Eastside Opening
Democrat Carol West faces Republican Rick Grinnell in Ward 2. (10/28/99)

The Final Stretch
In less than two weeks, Tucsonans will choose a new mayor. Will it be Molly McKasson or Bob Walkup? (10/21/99)

Nothing To Celebrate
More scandal bubbled to the surface in the Amphi School District last week, and the outgoing Amphi Superintendent is right in the middle of it. (10/14/99)

Rising Dough
Democrat Betsy Bolding spent more than $100,000 in her unsuccessful mayoral run. (09/23/99)

Campaign Crunch
The get-out-the-vote effort becomes key-and money could play a big role in inspiring voters to go to the polls. (09/16/99)

Tap Dance
Where the mayoral candidates stand on water, annexation, smoking in restaurants, garbage pick-up, big-box stores and the other burning issues facing our community. (09/02/99)

Water Scare Tactics
Tucson Water's radon hoax is pure politics. (08/26/99)

Flow Chart
Water is the third rail of Tucson politics. (08/19/99)

City Hall Showdown
Four Democrats battle for the nomination in Tucson's mayoral contest. (08/05/99)

Satanic Majesty
The way it goes for high school teachers these days is you generally don't want to chitchat with kids you've given a D, particularly strapping lads who work for an organization to whom you owe money for narcotics. (07/08/99)

Underdog's Day
During a press conference with his three supporters, Bradley sidestepped an opportunity to talk specifics. (07/01/99)