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Sensei and Sensibility
Two outsiders take readers inside Japan. (08/08/02)

Life on the Line
A new CD and photography book provide a glimpse of life on the U.S.-Mexico border. (05/30/02)

Musical Underworld
An American explores the gritty world of the "narcocorrido." (04/25/02)

Maverick Matadors
American men and women buck the system to risk life and limb in the bullring (04/04/02)

Gut Buster
Jim Harrison indulges huge appetites, displays tough-guy charm and a warm heart and drops names aplenty in his new collection of essays. (02/28/02)

Hoods and Whores
William T. Vollmann and Nick Tosches talk tough. (01/17/02)

Get Lit
At the SW Literature Project, word junkies rejoice. (12/13/01)

Catalog of Kink
"The Gourmet Club" is sexy and strange. (12/13/01)

The Power of Pedro
Denise Chávez's Girls are 'Loving Pedro Infante.' (09/06/01)

Prison Poet
Jimmy Santiago Baca's school of hard time. (08/23/01)

Villa and Varmints
Jane Coleman's characters ride the line. (08/09/01)

Oprah's Bull Club
Finally, a bullfight book for women. (05/03/01)

Jotos and Hangings
"Another Mexico" covers the real Mexico. (04/05/01)

Nude Awakening
Photographers Jock Sturges and Fabio Cabral create images that are sensual but never pornographic. (03/15/01)

Great Gonzo
Hunter Thompson's letters thrill and enthrall. (03/01/01)

Femme Fisticuffs
Fighting writers knock themselves out. (02/15/01)

El Paso Paseo
Dagoberto Gilb carves "Woodcuts of Women." (02/01/01)

Crones and Crazies
There's nothing wrong with El Puente's stereotypes. (01/04/01)

Burning Down The House
Dave Alvin brings his flame thrower to El Casino. (12/28/00)

Hapless Hippies Foul The Frontier
Does free love deserve a free lunch? (12/21/00)

Cockfights And The Kitchen Sink
Tom Miller's reportage is lively and lustrous. (12/07/00)

You Talkin' To Me?
A new study of Taxi Driver isn't perfect, but it's close. (11/09/00)

Old Dudes And Derriere
Jim Harrison's new collection sparkles with humor, heartache and a bit of butt. (11/02/00)

Into The Wild
Greg McNamee's latest explores the American wilderness. (10/05/00)

Raising Morales
The Sisters Morales come home to Tucson. (08/24/00)

Ríos Grande
Ríos' writing is quiet, graceful, often luscious, but never sentimental or cloying. (12/02/99)

Smoke Alarm
Some local restaurateurs want the city to butt out of their business. (09/30/99)

Books' Cover
Robin and Kathryn Smiley give starved bibliophiles something to savor. (09/16/99)

Territorial Testimony
Morality play disguised as genre potboiler, "The Difference" is a thinking-man's Western. (08/12/99)

Dead Reckoning
Tucson writer and photojournalist John Merino retraces the footsteps seared into El Camino Del Diablo, The Road of the Devil. (07/22/99)