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Cutting Edge
A hilariously horrible childhood is celebrated in a new, and different, memoir. (09/12/02)

Off Camera
Filmmaker Ethan Coen's new poetry collection combines small-press attitude with big-name marketability. (03/21/02)

Plastic Fanastic
Art Spiegelman pays tribute to a surreal superhero and his comics-crazed creator. (01/24/02)

Small Wonder
Cult novelist Jonathan Lethem finds out if good things really do come in small packages. (11/08/01)

Unreel Cinema
Celebrating the cinematic surrealism of Luis Buñuel. (10/04/01)

Historical Hysteria
Reveling in the flaky splendor of oddball geniuses lost to history. (06/14/01)

Viper Vibrations
Normalcy sheds its skin in the ultra freaky "Cobralingus." (05/10/01)

Deconstructing Dummies
Two new books find fascination in the wacky world of ventriloquism. (04/26/01)

Maul Rats
Eric Bogosian puts a bullet into the brain of Middle America. (03/08/01)

Frip Frap
Who is George Saunders and why is he unleashing his inner Gappers? (02/15/01)

Drugstore Cowboys
Larry Clark shoots up and heads out to "Tulsa." (01/25/01)

Keep On Truckin'
Can a boy named Sarah find happiness as a truck stop hooker? (11/30/00)

Angst In My Pants
David Boring proves that comics aren't just for kids. (11/09/00)

Famous And Heinous
Cintra Wilson punctures the bloated carcass of celebrity in 'A Massive Swelling'. (10/19/00)

Boogie Rites
Cultural scholars hustle to discover whatever happened to the '70s. (08/24/00)

Home Sweet Horror
A postmodern, time-warped, creepy cult classic. (07/27/00)

Cruel Intentions
Neil Labute raises the shock-bar with his latest play "Bash." (07/13/00)

Bitch's Brew
All you ever wanted to know about "All About Eve." (05/11/00)

Aural Examination
The Spacewurm catapults voyeurism into the 21st century. (03/02/00)

Sin Cine
Schaefer's study is as timely as today's headlines, and of course, for Adults Only! (01/20/00)

Stealing Beauty
In "Invisible Monsters," Fight Club author Palahniuk proves that the cultural terrorist sensibility which fueled his earlier work is still intact. (12/16/99)

Madman, P.I.
Lethem creates a conventionally satisfying thriller while simultaneously transcending the well-worn genre. (10/07/99)

Simply Hideous
His characters may be twisted, but Wallace conveys true joy is in his exhilarating experimental writing style. (07/29/99)