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Running With The Wolves
Los Lobos return. (08/23/01)

Rhythm & Views

Biting Remarks
Watch out! It's almost the "Time of the Rabies." (06/07/01)

Hot Time in the Old Pueblo
The Hot Club of Cowtown serves up a set of Western swing. (04/19/01)

Haïdouks Live!
Gypsy band Taraf de Haïdouks brings authentic Romany music to the Tucson stage. (02/22/01)

Tom Russell Turns up the Volume
Folk singer Russell crosses the border into the realms of the electric. (02/15/01)

Man of Constant Sorrow
Banjo legend Ralph Stanley has been finding new listeners in the wake of Joel and Ethan Coen's new movie "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" (02/01/01)

Rhythm & Views
U2 can't leave it all behind. (02/01/01)

True Believers
World Music pioneer Shakti is recharged. (11/09/00)

Dracula Rises
Philip Glass and the Kronos Quartet bring a restored classic film and their new score to Centennial Hall. (10/19/00)

Look Out
"Tower" is a highly charged spiritual memoir, in the course of which Bill Henderson rekindles faith, not only in God but also in himself. (08/03/00)

Growing Up Nuclear
A meditation from Ground Zero. (07/27/00)

Acting Up

Walking Backward
Alvin Josephy has packed an extraordinary range of experience into a long life. (07/13/00)

Place Aliens
A review of Pico Iyer's The Global Soul. (06/01/00)

For The Birds
A look at Rob Nixon's strange history of the ostrich. (05/25/00)

Suburban Burden
Welcome to suburbia, the modern no-man's-land of the soul. (05/04/00)

Idle Curiosity
Monty Python's Eric Idle regales audiences at Centennial Hall. (04/27/00)

Abominable Encounters
Hunting the humanoid inhabitant of the high Himalayas. (04/27/00)

Half-Truths And Consequences
Biographer Nicholas Shakespeare uncovers the fictions in travel writer Bruce Chatwin's life and work. (04/13/00)

Rhythm & Views
A look at the latest by June Tabor. (03/23/00)

Among the Earthlings
Mr. Spaceman is an entertainment that covers a lot of ground-and sky. (02/10/00)

Rhythm & Views
The Groobees. (02/03/00)

Making Tracks
John Man details the significance of wildlife and wild places in Mongolia. (12/30/99)

Southern Accents
William Gay spins a story of Southern evil in "The Long Home." (12/23/99)

Trail Happy
Singer/songwriters Dave Alvin and Tom Russell perform two shows at the Border Beat celebration. (11/11/99)

Mondo Vegas
Las Vegas is a city of signs. (09/30/99)

Plundered Province
The concept of Western American literature may be misleading. (09/02/99)

Tracing The Mexican-American Past
Manuel G. Gonzales reveals what's in a label and more in "Mexicanos: A History of Mexicans in the United States." (09/02/99)

Drowning In Junk
Consuming Desires assembles a stellar cast of contributors to argue against consumerism in a collection of essays. (08/26/99)

How The West Was Run
Far from the movie ideal, cowboys turn out to be an unromantic but interesting lot. (08/19/99)

A Life By Design
Frederick Olmsted changed the face of America's cities. (08/12/99)

Ecological Uprising
Cardenal has written more than 400 songs to date--with many more in progress; catch a portion of his estimable repertoire at the Southside Presbyterian Church. (07/29/99)

Peltier Bound
In a collection of essays that's part manifesto and part memoir, Leonard Peltier, an inmate serving two life sentences, asserts his innocence. (07/29/99)