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Deep in the Canyon
A look at the famed 1869 exhibition from the mouths of the explorers themselves. (07/24/03)

Loving Arms
Looking for America's gun-rights heartland? Look no further than Tucson. (07/17/03)

Making History
Glenn Boyer's latest novel highlights conflict as it happened in the Old West. (06/12/03)

All-Encompassing Arizona
Thomas Sheridan's history of the state fills the palate with comprehensive information. (04/10/03)

Give War a Chance!
The anti-war protesters get all the ink--but those in favor of the war are more prevalent. (03/27/03)

False Premise
Think metro government will save us? Think again. (03/20/03)

Transparent News
The "Star" takes a creative look at Arizona's tax burden. (03/06/03)

Above the Law
The exploits of a little known but infamous Old West outlaw. (12/12/02)

Tough as Nails
Jane Candia Coleman introduces us to some real Western women. (07/25/02)

Feathers from Heaven
Departed mothers communicate with their daughters in a new compilation of true stories. (05/09/02)

Trade Secrets
The fourth installment in Sinclair Browning's Southern Arizona-based mystery series is the best yet. (02/14/02)

Wire Service
Back by popular demand--the top 6 fixes of the year! (12/27/01)

Color Blind
Ethnicity is no longer relevant to voters. (12/13/01)

Taking Council
Tucson's leading political piranha chomps into the city election's real winners and losers. (11/15/01)

Love, Art and Music
This reviewer doesn't read 'chick books.' (10/11/01)

Wake Up, Walkup!
If the Mayor continues to distance himself from citizens, he'll have a long road to reelection. (09/27/01)

Mob Squad
Critiquing the Fourth Avenue riot critique. (08/02/01)

Trenchant Governance
Tom Volgy writes about politics from the inside. (07/19/01)

Woman On Top
"Desperate Acts" highlights hope for abused women. (04/26/01)

Order Arms
Why target gun shows? (03/22/01)

Truth or Consequences
Sinclair Browning captures the spirit of the hard life on the range. (02/08/01)

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch
The whole Canoa mess explained! (11/25/99)

Mob Rules
This slice of high-level Mafia existence definitely belongs on the shelves of two different libraries--collections on organized crime and those on the Kennedy assassination. (11/11/99)

No On Prop 100
The Tucson City Council is and should remain a part-time job. (10/28/99)

Show Me The Money
Politicians, take note: A penny saved... is one you'll have to spend later. (10/21/99)

Bursting Budgets
The reason county and city and school district budgets keep growing is simple: the number of people they serve keeps growing. (08/12/99)

State of Inequity
Why are local governments feeling a budget pinch? Maybe because the state is hanging on to all our money. (07/29/99)

Cluttered Layout
Maybe the problems with the Board of Supervisors could be solved with a little Oriental wisdom. (07/22/99)