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Here Comes McBride
After a decade of backing the greatest artists in jazz, 27-year-old Christian McBride has attained a rare status as a player. (10/28/99)

Pocket Watch
Zeitgeist productions brings Pocket Brass to the Mat Bevel Institute. (10/07/99)

Dynamic Duo
Those who doubt the ability of a duo to sustain interest over an entire evening need only listen to guitarist Joe Beck and flutist Ali Ryerson to get a lesson in the new math, one plus one equals three! (09/23/99)

Curious Cat
Octegenarian guitar legend Dickie Thompson flies in the face of "retirement" with two performances this week. (09/09/99)

Contemporary Event
Spyro Gyra's laid back funky grooves and Latin-tinged rhythms come to the Rialto. (08/05/99)