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At Home With New Grange
This six member folk-fusion supergroup is all sound and no fury. (06/08/00)

Aural Enlightenment
Ambient artist Steve Roach redefines the sound of music. (05/25/00)

River Stance
Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt warns Sierra Vista to manage its rapid growth--or the federal government will. (05/04/00)

All The Fine Folk
The 15th annual Tucson Folk Festival infiltrates downtown for two frolicsome days. (05/04/00)

Northern Lights
Swedish trio Frifot brings Nordic folk to the International Arts Center. (04/13/00)

Vox Moxie
Troubadour and noted fingerstyle guitarist Dave Van Ronk serenades audiences at Unitarian Universalist Church. (03/02/00)

Worldly And Wise
Veteran performer Bruce Cockburn appears in Tucson this week. (02/17/00)

Patchwork Plot
Staged well but without dazzle, Quilters is an earnest program that's unlikely to play well for those who aren't in sync with its heavy-handed plot. (08/26/99)

Nifty Knack
Set in the swinging '60s, "The Knack...and how to get it" is like watching original source material for "Austin Powers." (08/12/99)

Goofy Goethe
Bousel's ambition is laudable, although he strays into excess in his far reach. (08/05/99)

A Persistence of Vision
American Theatre masters Lanford Wilson and Marshall Mason bring their golden touch to the Copper State. (07/29/99)

Underground Upheaval
The people who tend to be able to cope with the situation are the ones who have financial reserves, reserves of social support, like a supportive spouse, family and friends, and reserves of self-efficacy, of being able to handle personal adversity. (07/15/99)

Didgeridoos and Don'ts
Tucson is the digeridoo capital of the Western Hemisphere. (07/15/99)

His-Panic Attack
"Men on the Verge of a His-Panic Breakdown" is a giddy, tender, satirical and wry delight. (07/15/99)

Lord Have Mercy
Mendelssohn's crowning achievement, Elijah, brings fire and brimstone to UA Crowder Hall. (07/08/99)

Not Dead Yet
"The Cemetery Club" remains a delightful comedy at heart. (07/01/99)