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Empty Box
The city's open space check-off program has experienced a drought of donations. (08/21/03)

Air Traffic Controls
Should Tucson look to reduce the flights at Davis-Monthan? (08/07/03)

Speeding drivers beware: Photoradar may be coming to Tucson. (07/31/03)

Bye-Bye, GSIs
Could the city be giving up on its long quest to build grade-separated interchanges? (07/24/03)

Unhappy Annexation
A westside neighborhood struggles to maintain its character while fighting the city it joined. (07/10/03)

Hose Job
Eastside residents get in a water fight with the Tucson City Council. (07/10/03)

Taxing Inequities
The city's new use tax will give some car buyers an unwanted surprise. (06/26/03)

Reading the Red Ink
Governmental funding for Literacy Volunteers of Tucson is in jeopardy. (06/19/03)

Blank Walls
Artists may relocate if City Hall approves a rent increase. (06/05/03)

Hung Up
New restrictions on telemarketing may damage Tucson's economy. (05/29/03)

Both Sides of the Border
This Memorial Day, remember our war dead as well as those we killed. (05/22/03)

Transportation Tally
City leaders get failing grades in their efforts to improve transit problems. (05/15/03)

Limited Access
Security measures at City Hall add restrictive measures that some say are unnecessary. (05/08/03)

Art for All
Ajo hopes to revitalize its economy by building an artist enclave. (05/01/03)

Building Up
The debate continues over the plan for a four-story building in the Sam Hughes neighborhood. (04/24/03)

Big Plan On Campus
What's the UA going to look like years from now? (04/17/03)

And the Winner Is ...
Our Second Annual Awards for Replies From Politicians. (04/10/03)

Loathsome Lodging?
Conflict arises in Armory Park between a hostel owner, the city and the neighborhood. (04/03/03)

Illegal Drugs
Some Tucsonan seniors are using the Internet to get prescriptions inexpensively filled overseas. (03/27/03)

War Torn
Local antiwar voices speak out on the Iraqi situation. (03/20/03)

Rocky Road Redux
The debate continues about a rockfall containment project on Route 82 near Patagonia. (03/13/03)

Artistic Living
The opportunity for an artist live/work enclave is brewing in the downtown warehouse district. (03/06/03)

The Toughest Job
On the Peace Corps' 42nd anniversary, Tucsonans reflect on the toughest job they ever loved. (02/27/03)

Portraits From the Past
A glimpse into the life of Anna Box Neal, a prominent African American from Tucson. (02/20/03)

Numbers Racket
The city unnecessarily asks for Social Security numbers, opening itself up to potential liability. (02/13/03)

Housing or Headache?
Opinions differ on the development of more student housing in the Sam Hughes neighborhood. (02/06/03)

More than 1 in 4
Poverty in Tucson is on the rise again. (01/23/03)

Déjà Vu
They said the 1991 Tucson budget crunch was the worst ever. Well, 2003 looks worse. (01/23/03)

Bucks Over Beauty
The county backs a plan to move--not remove--an oversized billboard on the southside. (01/09/03)

Nightmare On 19th Street
A new homeowner grapples with the city to get her "affordable" home repaired. (12/19/02)

Shaping Up
The physical education program at Tucson High Magnet School undergoes a healthy change. (12/05/02)

Big Footprints
Tucsonan reflects on a life's work building structures and friendships. (11/28/02)

Scat Fight
City Council member accuses Sister Cities Association of 'highway robbery.' (11/21/02)

Two of a Kind
A look at the similarities between Saddam Hussein and George W. Bush. (11/14/02)

Close Call
A Republican tries to hang onto his seat in mostly Democratic District 28. (10/31/02)

Pot Shot
Kimberly Swanson hopes to ride a marijuana leaf to election to the state Senate. (10/31/02)

4 candidates seek 2 seats on the acrimonious TUSD board. (10/24/02)

The State Slate
Meet the candidates, from Secretary of State to Mine Inspector. (10/17/02)

Propped Up
Voters will make the decision on medical marijuana, tobacco taxes, education funding and more on November 5. (10/10/02)

Park Maul
Neighbors split over development of eastside open space. (10/03/02)

Time for Rincon City?
Dividing Tucson into two burgs might solve some of our problems. (09/26/02)

Fair Labor
Center for Economic Integrity strives to make work life better for day laborers and others. (09/19/02)

Look Out, America
Have we learned from 9/11? Or are we sowing the seeds for even more terrorism in our future? (09/05/02)

Three To Get Ready
Primary election features races for attorney general, secretary of state and superintendent of public instruction. (08/22/02)

Primary Contenders
Education, health care, the budget top concerns of those running for the Arizona House. (08/08/02)

Big Brother's Neighborhood
Criminal background checks are an upcoming requirement for Section 8 housing applicants. (08/01/02)

Making the Goal
SCORE helps local small businesses on the road to success. (07/18/02)

Mixed Entrance
Debut novel fails to leave a lasting impression, but hints of what's to come from a new talent. (07/18/02)

Brick by Brick
Building new unsubsidized housing downtown is slow going. (06/27/02)

Can't Get Out of Dodge
Longtime residents feel slighted by the city in a dispute over the value of their home. (05/30/02)

Barrio Viejo, Barrio Nuevo
Change is taking place in Tucson's historic barrio, with more to come. For some, particularly newcomers, gentrification appears to be good. But what about the families who have lived there for generations? (05/23/02)

Banking On It
With millions in savings, the city wants to fatten its bank account more. (05/02/02)

Slap Stick
Local residents sued by developer over their objections to new building construction. (04/18/02)

Uneasy Ranch Hands
Opinions vary on the ownership and utilization of local ranch A-7, which is owned by the city of Tucson. (04/11/02)

Chopper Patrol
Dwindling number of critics question costs, benefits of Tucson Police helicopters. (04/04/02)

Building Blocks
Change is coming to downtown warehouse district, which may not be a bad thing. (03/28/02)

Cat Tracks
The UA violated federal law in using Social Security numbers for CatCards. (03/21/02)

Welcoming the Train
The big news in Tucson on 'the 17th of Ireland,' 1880, was the arrival of the railroad. (03/14/02)

The Envelope, Please
We award the first annual 'Phoneies' to those public officials who responded, or not, to a phone call from a constituent. (03/07/02)

Cold as Ice
A new book by Susan Solomon tells us what Robert Scott was willing to sacrifice to win the race to the South Pole. (03/07/02)

Access Limited?
There are no soap operas on Tucson's public-access TV channels. The drama is behind-the-scenes. (02/28/02)

Promises, Promises
Has NAFTA Helped or Hurt Tucson? (02/21/02)

House Call
Tucson City Attorney Michael House faces criticism for legal advice he offers City Council. (02/21/02)

Size Matters
State allows larger billboards on I-10. Is this a sign of the times? (01/31/02)

Garbage In, Money Out
Thanks to composting, City Hall needn't be Tucson's only source of gas. (01/10/02)

Check Out Time
It's becoming a checkless society, whether you like it or not. (01/03/02)

Loose Ends
A look back at stories from the past year or so. (12/27/01)

Call Me

So Long, Sarah
A conversation with outgoing Tucson Arts District Partnership director Sarah Clements (12/06/01)

Downhill Path
No matter what we do, travel in Tucson is bound to get worse. (11/29/01)

Anti-Campoy Ploys
A whistleblower and a gadfly fight City Hall. (11/22/01)

On the Bus
Life Without a Car in the Naked Pueblo. (11/15/01)

Planes, Trains, Not Automobiles
There's more to our transportation conundrum than just cars. (11/08/01)

Downtown Exhibitionism
History returns to the heart of Tucson. (11/08/01)

Plan '98: We're outa Space
Prop 401's revisions to the city growth plan seem better than nothing, which is what we have now. (10/25/01)

Pothole Paradise
While new roads unroll, we can't afford to maintain the existing asphalt. (10/25/01)

Peripheral Problems
Ribbons of roads skirting the city aren't getting tied up in neat bows. (10/18/01)

Finally, traffic cops with (artificial) intelligence. (10/04/01)

Pipe Dreams
A lawsuit may force the city to compensate homeowners further for CAP damage. (09/27/01)

Parallel Barking
Even as officials try to improve downtown parking, critics snarl at the meters and fees. (09/27/01)

Breaking the Mold
Rampaging microbes are driving some people out of their homes, and nobody agrees on how to fight back. (09/20/01)

Toro! Toro! Toro!
Ten years ago, there was joy in Mudville. (09/13/01)

Demolition Derby
Hit the streets in Tucson, and you may just bite the dust. (09/06/01)

Fire Alarm
Snafus with the fire code leave a couple burned. (09/06/01)

Built to Order
The UA's building spree turns next to student housing. (08/30/01)

Road Block
Optimists are elated over depressing I-10. (08/16/01)

Paper Trails
Expensive traffic studies abound, but they rarely pave the way for new asphalt. (08/02/01)

Last Mile Limbo
The final leg of the Barraza-Aviation Parkway still awaits final blessing. (07/26/01)

Drive For Dollars
Why has the cost of the region's transportation plan soared 69 percent in two years? (07/26/01)

Whistle-Blower's Lament
Was a Tucson Water employee fired because she exposed misconduct? (07/26/01)

Navajo Warrior
A new biography recounts the life of the remarkable Annie Dodge Wauneka. (07/26/01)

The Crossroads
What direction will transportation take in Tucson? (07/12/01)

The Road Not Taken
A glance in the rearview mirror (07/12/01)

Pompous Old Farts
Despite its self-promotion, the "Greatest Generation" isn't. (07/05/01)

Taxing Times
The City Council is talking trash. (06/28/01)

Overlay Overload
Will the latest Drachman School controversy cause the City Council to zone out? (06/21/01)

Sand Trap
Filtering CAP water through sand may dramatically improve its quality, but at what cost? (06/07/01)

Board without Bite
Disgruntled patients say that getting help from the Arizona Board of Dental Examiners is like pulling teeth. (05/31/01)

In Search of a Soul
Chinese Nobelist has readers analyze their decisions on life's journey. (05/17/01)

No Escape
Scientists' concerns mount over the health impact of tiny toxic airborne particles. (05/10/01)

Street Sweep
The City Council finds few jobs for the hawkers it boots off medians. (04/26/01)

Swap Meet
The University of Arizona resumes its battle with neighbors over plans for use of Tucson Unified School District headquarters. (04/26/01)

Wave of the Future
CAP water is gradually flooding back into Tucson taps. (04/19/01)

Principal or Principle?
TUSD's 1999 persecution of Tucson High's former head seems about to backfire. (04/05/01)

Ward 3 Retiree
Councilman Jerry Anderson chooses not to run for a second term. (03/29/01)

The Engine and the Engineer
Locomotive #1673 and Connie Weinzapfel rode Southern Arizona's rails for 50 years; both finally came to rest in Tucson. (03/15/01)

Drachman Diary
A chronicle of what may be the last days of a beloved building. (03/08/01)

Down by the River Side
With so much money flowing into Rio Nuevo, adjacent neighborhoods may again be left high and dry. (02/22/01)

Despite Air Force assurances, activists worry that depleted-uranium weapons at D-M may give Tucson a special glow. (02/15/01)

Government agencies break the law by improperly demanding your Social Security number. (02/08/01)

Big Bias Brouhaha
City rules suggest it's OK to discriminate as long as it isn't against your own kind. This is progress. (02/08/01)

Persian Mosaic
Two decades after the hostage crisis, Americans still have trouble piecing together an accurate picture of Iran. (01/25/01)

What About Iran?
Holding 52 American hostages is the unfortunate image most in U.S. still have of Iran. (01/25/01)

Down for the Count
Census workers still haven't been paid for the overtime their bosses pressured them to take. (01/04/01)

That's A Wrap
Let's tie up some of this year's loose ends. (12/28/00)

Toasts To Christmas Past
Remembering Tucson in the holiday seasons of the '40s and '50s. (12/21/00)

Water Woes
If you thought CAP water was bad, try a tap on the south side. (12/14/00)

Walls Come A-Tumblin' Down
HUD and Catholic Community Services demolish an architecturally honorable plan to rebuild the old Drachman School. (12/14/00)

Watery Grave
Bureaucrats thwart a voter-approved clean-water plan. (11/16/00)

Campaign Cameos
Random memories from four months of election coverage. (11/09/00)

Decisions, Decisions, 2000
Our brain trust doles out advice on ballot propositions facing local voters. (11/02/00)

Discord In District 12
State Senate hopefuls Osterloh and Hellon show that not all Democrats and Republicans are alike. (11/02/00)

Dark Horse Race
In Congressional District 5, a Green and a Libertarian run for freedom. (10/26/00)

Crossed Scalpels
Competing propositions duel over health care for the poor. (10/26/00)

Dial 'M' For Monopoly
The phone company wrote and paid for prop 108; Guess who'll gain from its passage. (10/19/00)

Death And Taxes
Props 104 And 105 would benefit the old and the dead. (10/12/00)

Drawing The Line
Prop 106 could make the gerrymander an endangered species. (10/12/00)

Awash In Controversy
Arroyo Chico basins are coming faster than an anti-pollution plan. (10/05/00)

Baggage Check
Prop 400 funds ads luring tourists who'll pay for more ads luring more tourists. (10/05/00)

Stunted Growth
A hungry UA is trying to grow without eating neighborhoods. (09/21/00)

Payday Dismay
The city doesn't abide by its own 'Living Wage' ordinance. (09/14/00)

Different Strokes
District 12 Republicans can actually tell their state Senate candidates apart. (09/07/00)

Is There A Senator In The House?
Two District 10 Housemates vie to switch legislative bodies. (08/31/00)

Musical Chairs
Six District 10 Democrats contend for two empty House seats. (08/31/00)

United In Opposition
District 5's Democratic contenders agree on most things, especially getting rid of Jim Kolbe. (08/24/00)

Keene Criticism
Tucson's new City Manager is no stranger to political factionalism. (08/17/00)

Splitsville On The Santa Cruz
Today's breakaway burgs could learn from the early tribulations of South Tucson. (08/10/00)

When South Tucson Was Really South Of Tucson
Was South Tucson's fight to survive as a town worth the struggle? (08/10/00)

Gimme Shelter
The UA is clearing out Christopher City. (07/27/00)

Dead Man Talking
Tom Berning reflects on his demise as Tucson city attorney. (07/13/00)

Buzz Cuts
City pols may bring a stalled proposal to limit UMC helicopter flights safely to earth. (07/06/00)

Fore Play
In the pampered world of city-subsidized golf, the course just got a lot greener. (06/15/00)

Bonds Away
Voting for the city's bond package is just another way to help subsidize our unrestrained growth. (05/11/00)

Count Downers
Some sensible advice for the local census effort. (04/27/00)

Highway Robbery
The City of Tucson is spending more than $120 million on The Road to Nowhere. (04/13/00)

Rocky Road?
It's birds vs. boulders in a heated battle over a roadside pullout located a few miles southwest of Patagonia. (03/30/00)

Your Number's Up
How local governments routinely abuse the federal Privacy Act. (03/09/00)

Uneasy Street
Speculations on the future of Fifth/Sixth Street. (03/02/00)

Squeeze Play
After three years, Tucson Electric Park is more than $5 million in debt. (02/24/00)

Small Change
What to do about Civano and other issues facing the bond election. (01/20/00)

A look at Tucson a century ago. (12/23/99)

Call For Sprawl
The new bond program is now being hammered at City Hall. (12/16/99)

No Parking
The 231-bedroom Royal Apartment complex will accommodate approximately 140 cars. Neighbors are concerned about the overflow. (11/11/99)

Border Skirmish
Is the UA planning to expand its turf? (08/05/99)

Training Maneuvers
Are people enrolled in JobPath being trained for jobs or the shoe-pounding political tactics for which Pima County Interfaith Council is famous? (07/08/99)