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A Prince Among Paupers
Andy Roaché fought the law in Oro Valley--and the law lost. (06/22/00)

Workin' For Big Brother
Former U.S. Census Bureau workers speak out about management. (06/08/00)

A Modest Fashion Proposal
For Tucson men stuck here during the sizzling summer, perhaps cleaning up our act is the best revenge. (05/18/00)

Puppy Love
A look at Carl Hiassen's latest tour de farce. (05/18/00)

Nightmare on Saguaro Street
About the only thing more stressful than having triplets is hiring an incompetent contractor to remodel your home. (05/11/00)

Enantidromia In Suburbia
God may favor the pious, but the devil's in the details. (05/11/00)

Quantum Consciousness?
Brilliant thinkers put their heads together for the "Toward a Science of Consciousness, Tucson 2000" conference April 10-15. (04/06/00)

Our Funny, Funny Don
Is Don Diamond's threat to one of our most precious vistas just a tasteless joke? (03/23/00)

Sharp Shooters
Three of its most renowned photographers celebrate "Arizona Highways" at the CCP. (03/16/00)

Arizona's Hysterical Society
A look at what critics claim is an "oligarchy" at the Arizona Historical Society. (03/09/00)

A Conspiracy of Dunces
When all is said and done, Jamie Roinick's offense consisted of being a 14-year-old boy in the wrong place at the wrong time. (02/10/00)

Walkout On Walkup
The El Con battle takes a new twist. (01/27/00)

Suffering The Blues
When a pickup crashed into Laura Sterling's car, her nightmare was just beginning. (01/06/00)

Shootout at Coyote Howls
Fortune turned on old-fashioned hero David Bruce Peckham. (12/09/99)

Land Mine Victim
Gordon Rodgers has the cockamamie idea that people who live in a community should have some say in what it becomes. (11/18/99)

Scum Of The Earth
The Arizona State Land Department is a whorehouse of institutionalized corruption and insider dealing. You want proof? Check out our new rumpus room. (11/04/99)

Board Lord Bites Back
Billboard baron Karl Eller is suing the City of Tucson in the latest in an endless series of skirmishes over Tucson's billboard blight. (11/04/99)

Time Passages
An extensive exhibit of her Davis' recent African work welds the moment and the monumental together in click after click. (10/14/99)

Prurient Palpitations
Assistant City Attorney David Deibel is charged with laying out the two options for Ibarra's anti-smut pitch 'n' putt -- enacting a city ordinance, or enforcing a state law already on the books. (10/07/99)

He Said/She Said
Where are David Franklin's missing children? (09/16/99)

Incendiary Thinking
Is it a hardware store or a chemical factory? Steve Leal asks the tough questions. (09/09/99)

Death From The Skies!
The Y2K firestorm has prematurely burned itself out, but don't tell the Millennium Group. (08/26/99)

Hey, Big Box Man!
El Con's plans to bring in a giant Wal-Mart has neighbors worried-and the City Council is in the middle of the fight. (08/19/99)

Nightmare In Tin
Tucson's slums can be a deadly place. (07/22/99)