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Cashing in on Casualties?
Humane Society's new fees have other pet rescue groups scrambling. (08/07/03)

Train to Mexico
Trips could soon be departing for Copper Canyon from downtown Tucson. (07/17/03)

Cruel and Unusual
Animal cruelty cases are high priority, but tough to prosecute. (06/12/03)

Tales of Animal Abuse

On Track?
Is Rio Nuevo moving too slow with its downtown trolley plans? (05/15/03)

Nuke Dump
One proposed UA program cut leaves some expensive questions. (04/17/03)

Under One Roof
A local homeless relief organization reorganizes into a super-agency. (03/27/03)

All Aboard?
Talk about a commuter train between Tucson and Phoenix gains new life. (02/20/03)

The 'New' Economy?
Fast-growing 'underground economy' plays a larger role in tough times. (01/02/03)

Weathering GTEC's Storm
Is Steve Weathers a maverick, or has he been duped by a micro-managing board? (10/10/02)

Campus Safety
With the anniversary of 9/11 looming and a rash of sexual assaults, is UA any safer? (08/15/02)

The state bets $92 million on bioindustry leadership while the UA takes a $28 million hit and its new biotech institute is overshadowed. (07/25/02)

Loco Motion
Will Tucson really lose Amtrak service? (04/25/02)

Shelter Skelter
Tucson's attempt to help the homeless drawing a crowd? (12/06/01)

High Hopes for Hemp
Industrial hemp farming takes a hit in Arizona. (11/29/01)

Gambling on Sovereignty
Arizona's tribes face new obstacles as they continue negotiations for renewed gaming compacts. (05/31/01)

Railroad Blues
How long will it be before Tucson deals with a major train wreck? (01/11/01)

Banking on Optics Valley
The Old Pueblo has high hopes for high tech, but little time. (01/04/01)