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Working Blue
The smutty business of pop music through the eyes of the New Pornographers. (06/05/03)

Rhythm & Views

Metal Disorder
Radio festival celebrates hair, humanity. (05/22/03)

Rhythm & Views

Unhappy Trails
No Depression Radio ends up really, really depressing. (02/06/03)

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Pernice Brother
Joe Pernice is surprisingly not glum. (11/01/01)

Ahoy, Maties!
Victory at Sea comes ashore. (10/18/01)

Brotherly Love
Is G. Love the real deal or a cultural carpetbagger? (09/06/01)

Eatin' Raw Bacon
Ween is once again a band on the run. (08/16/01)

Is it Him?... The creepy crawlies are out... And other niblets. (08/16/01)

Minders? Keepers!
Portland's pooh-bahs of pop poke the Pueblo. (08/02/01)

Black Sun Rising
Leader Jesus Acedo emerges from a long eclipse. (07/26/01)

Cut the Crap!
A compendium of spectacular musical failures, part one. (07/05/01)

Just Add Teens
Disney/Buena Vista achieve mathematical precision in audience-targeting with teen-seeking missile "Crazy/Beautiful." (06/28/01)

KFMA Day II is upon us... Billy Idol is still a punk... The dulcimer sings sweetly... and more! (06/14/01)

Love/Hate Relationship
Courtney Love turns labor leader. (05/31/01)

Shake Your Thang
Al Foul and the Shakes give us some real booty-smackin' fun. (11/02/00)

Calm Waters
The Sea and Cake's sound is easy like Sunday morning. (10/19/00)

The Burden of Spoof
Prince of parody Weird Al Yankovic polkas into the TCC on March 1. (02/24/00)

Rhythm & Views
Wise words on a tribute to Gram Parsons. (11/25/99)