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The Virtues of Laziness
Slow down--there's no need to live life at a breakneck pace. (08/14/03)

Word Wealth
Certain words from other languages express meanings that no English words can. (07/31/03)

Summer Lovin'
Forget the heat; look at the positives of our fair city. (07/17/03)

Freedom Lost
The Patriot Act must have our nation's founders turning in their graves. (07/03/03)

Free Ride
Many corporations get tax breaks at the expense of individual taxpayers. (06/19/03)

Tips for the Long Journey
Here is some general advice to help smooth the bumpy road of your life. (06/05/03)

The Empire Strikes
The United States faces collapse if we don't stop our arrogance and corruption. (05/22/03)

Options Overload
Our society's belief in "choice" as a hallowed ideal is a dangerous thing. (05/08/03)

Troops for Hire
We've done so well in Iraq, why stop there? (04/24/03)

Meaty Matters
PETA raised holy cow with its latest exhibition but could have made its point less graphically. (04/10/03)

Prayer for Tucson
Maybe some regular prayer could help solve numerous Old Pueblo problems. (03/27/03)

Dignified Life & Death
Learning to embrace life and the dying process creates compassionate, fuller lives. (03/13/03)

Enlightened Education
It's time for Arizona to enact a new way of educating our children. (02/27/03)

We the Misogynists
War talk shows that Western civilization is going down the tubes. (01/23/03)

Two local shops offer toys and recreation for kids of all ages. (11/28/02)

Sex Sells
The pornography industry continues to saturate our society but ultimately not satisfy it. (11/14/02)

Working Stiff
Looking for a job feels like a continuous dead end, even for an embalmer. (11/07/02)

What could have been, had America reacted differently to 9/11. (09/05/02)

Human gene tampering is for the welfare of all humankind. Yeah, right. (07/25/02)

Overdue Recognition
Tucson's Afro-American Heritage Museum acknowledges the rich history of black Americans. (07/04/02)

Memorial Slay
What is buried in our country's past should inspire no waving of flags. (05/23/02)

Home-Schooling: A Primer

Hidden Poets
Five poets from the almost underground. (04/04/02)

Citizens under Siege
The greatest new threat to our civil rights is our own government. (01/31/02)

Color Bars
Minority youth are locked up at a higher rate than whites. (12/13/01)

Animal Welfare, Animal Warfare
From vegetarianism to sabotage, animal advocates are sending a message you might consider as you slice into that turkey. (11/22/01)

Call Me Wish Meal
The Community Food Bank celebrates 25 years of feeding impoverished Tucsonans. (11/08/01)

Enclosed Minds
Fences around schools do kids more harm than good. (09/06/01)

Student Bodies
Exploring the lives of high-school students. (05/24/01)