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Southwestern Collage
Swain Wolfe blends archeology and adventure with lively characters in his latest work. (05/08/03)

Other Places
A collection of short stories reveals the traveler as well as the travels. (08/22/02)

Civil War Patchwork
Paulette Jiles weaves a tale of love and loss, family history and personal narrative in a compelling new book. (06/27/02)

Voices from the Southwest
A new anthology celebrates the stories, culture and future of our region. (04/11/02)

A Family Affair
Marsha Recknagel's memoir explores the darker side of family obligation. (01/10/02)

Evil a-Plenty
Eerie tales reveal adults wreaking havoc on kids. (09/20/01)

Life Expectancy
Mosley's coming of age novel is truly a life struggle. (08/23/01)

Life Lines
Amy Bloom sketches the boundries of real life. (10/26/00)

Piano prodigy Lang Lang performs in the Old Pueblo. (09/21/00)

Fashion Foe Pas
Andrea Seigel patches together the stories of American clothes lovers. (09/14/00)

Payneful Days
A novel riffs on an intense jazz life. (08/17/00)

The Tyranny Of Ideals
A classic revolutionary tale of lust for power, property and revenge. (08/17/00)

White-Water Writers
Four unlikely women of words take a televised raft ride through the Grand Canyon. (08/03/00)

Earnest Alms
Ondaatje's latest novel explores the nature of truth and humanity. (06/29/00)

Book Smarts
Librarian Claire Reynier throws the book at white-collar crooks in "The Stolen Blue." (04/20/00)

Voices Of Youth
Young Native American poets speak out in "When the Rain Sings." (04/20/00)

Murderous Memories
Sinclair Browning's Apache P.I. unearths another Tucson crime scene in "The Sporting Club." (02/03/00)

In Short Order
Amy Tan compiles a glorious "Best American Short Stories of 1999." (01/27/00)

Amazing Disgrace
Disgrace chronicles not only the consequences of one man's fall, but those of the reordering of an entire society. (12/09/99)

Into The Wilderness
For most kids, Broyles was the only grown-up they ever knew eccentric or inquisitive enough to drink his own pee. (11/11/99)

Ecstatic Appeal
Roberts' novel is imaginative, disturbing and thought-provoking. (08/05/99)

From Bluegrass To Sagebrush
"Thirsty Woman" won't make any Great Books lists, but it's a natural Zonie read. (07/15/99)