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'Uptown' Blues
Brittany Murphy's latest film crashes and burns. (08/21/03)

Tactical Failure
S.W.A.T.'s best asset is its theme song. (08/14/03)

Just Another Friday
Disney's rehash of the parent/child switcheroo doesn't fare any better than the original. (08/07/03)

Not Enough Dimension
"Spy Kids 3-D" doesn't suck as bad as other 3-D movies, but it still sucks. (07/31/03)

Bay Trip
'Bad Boys II' is occasionally hilarious despite Michael Bay's best efforts. (07/24/03)

Broken Curse
"Pirates of the Caribbean" ends the run of bad pirate movies with an entertaining romp. (07/17/03)

Cyborg Cinema
The third Terminator installment is moderately good, but the franchise clearly misses James Cameron. (07/03/03)

Dead On
"28 Days Later" is a great zombie flick that does the horror genre justice. (06/26/03)

Stupid Movies Shouldn't Breed
"Dumb and Dumberer" shouldn't have made it to theaters. (06/19/03)

2 Lame 2 Watch
Director John Singleton embarrasses himself with "2 Fast 2 Furious." (06/12/03)

Spectacular Seascape
Pixar produces yet another fine film with "Finding Nemo." (06/05/03)

An Amusing Retread
"The In-Laws" remake is fun, but it doesn't stand up to the original. (05/29/03)

Loaded With Blanks
"The Matrix: Reloaded" takes cheap shots and pilfers the goods from other films. (05/22/03)

Doris and Rock Revisited
"Down With Love" convincingly plays homage to the light sex comedies of the Sixties. (05/15/03)

Ample Assurance
"Confidence" offers a solid story with humor while boosting Edward Burns' career. (05/01/03)

Didn't Dodge the Bullet
"Bulletproof Monk" gets hit with an unoriginal script, bad one-liners and poor acting. (04/24/03)

Unlikely Pair
Sandler and Nicholson don't save "Anger Management" from mediocrity. (04/17/03)